Landover Baptist Mail Received March 2002  (unedited and in original form)

I being an unsaved person, how am I suppose to know the True Jesus of the Gospels when I am not even invited to church. Where in God's name is an unsaved person suppose to be saved at. You are a bunch of Pharisees, only concerning yourselves with the outer self not the inner heart where God sees. You are not my judge but God, Jesus came for the lost, sick, plain and simple the sinners read Romans 3:23 and 5:8. sinners oh yeah the UNSAVED!!!! ME for you to lay down your man-made laws of how one should dress, look like is beyond me. Jesus did not come for the righteous but for the SINNERS (UNSAVED PEOPLE). HOW DARE YOU CALL YOURSELVES CHRISTIANS, YOU MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH. People like you are the reasons people don't dare go to church or look for God. It only makes the job harder for us christians to evangelize to the people in the streets. How do you comfront drug addicts, alcoholics, gay and lesbian. Do you shut your doors or do you Love them with God's Love so they to can know the truth and be set free from sin. WWJD, do you know what that stands for, What Would Jesus Do? That's how I try to live my life as I walk the streets of San Francisco, a big difference from Iowa. My prayers are with you to wake up and preach the Word of God in Spirit and in truth. Brother in Christ Carlos De La O

Pastor, please tell me where this image is represented for the movie: American Beauty I have attached the original image, untouched. I believe the image on your website is altered and deceptive. The people at Dreamworks productions will be interested in this copyright infringement, unless you can testify to the validity of your image! Gregory W. Bologna

Hello, I am writing you today because of an article I read on your website. The link is Ab Toner Masturbation Epidemic The reason I am writing, is because I am curious as to whether or not this is a joke. I am wondering how any corporation could be blamed for the ignorance of a few kids. If you read the manual, the "Ab Toner" says it achieves it results by sending a series of small electric shocks to the muscle, thus causing the muscle to work. The problem I see is how, any one could see sending electric shocks to their genitalia as sexual. The simple fact of the matter is that those kids were stupid and used a device in the wrong way. You can not blame a corporation for that. Shawn Michels
Joshua Chartier - 

I am sure that you have received several letters concerning you blasphemous web site... But truly you do NOT not believe in God or that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world... You simply hate HIM... Now please repent of this evil mockery and turn towards the Lord! In Christ, B.J. Stagner Jr.


Landover Baptist Church is a fake organization that is doing nothing but taking money from people. For those of you, reading this e-mail, don't be led astray by their webpage. Yes, we do need to be saved to enter the kingdom of heaven, but God welcomes sinners to the church--how else can they become saved? This is a money making scam. There's no price to be saved. Jesus already paid the price when he gave his life on Calvary. But this is what their organization wants is for people to get upset and spread the word of their church so more and more people will view their website and if not careful may be lured into sending them money. No one needs money to be saved--it's free and already been paid in full by Christ.

I can't believe you actually believe the shit that flows from your own mouths. My GOD would never think or act in the ways you say he does. I thought GOD was love, not widespread hate. You guys are retarded and please don't consider yourselves worthy of salvation, for you all, there is none. After the world comes to an end to start anew, you will be left behind for seven years with the cockroaches and tupperware, my friend. So you better start repenting now, before it is too late. Also, I can't believe you actually think it is o.k, to dasheth thy little ones head on stones. CHILD KILLERS!!!! I hope you burn in hell like the rest of your followers will, and I hope it is a long burn at that. Get A FUCKING LIFE!!!

Hello, my feeble minded christian friends. I can't help but notice that you are nothing but bigots and racists that hide behind the shroud of God and religion. I am an atheist, so what if i go to hell. And another thing, you people wear those crosses around your necks, do you think when jesus comes back he's going to want to ever see a cross again. You have the whole idea wrong, you don't have to dress a certain way to "serve God" to the best of your abilities. Those who run this landover church are self-centered, egocentric, and they only want to have money and power. I guarantee you that those pastors who are running the show don't ever get fined or anything like that and they're not perfect, they're human. I would like to see you reply to an unsaved individual. I could be your greatest accomplishment, but you will never succeed because your beliefs are flawed. Good Luck.
Scott Schultze sschultze

....your article entiltled "'The Green Mile' has been added to the road to hell!" is to put in mildly shamelessly inaccurate and an obvivous attack on Tom Hanks' sexual preference rather than his acting ability. The green mile was originally published in six parts called chapbooks. It was not an adaptation of a book entitled "The Black Penis" it was an adaptation of a book entitled "The Green Mile". Tom Hanks does not play a sex obsessed nancy boy he does not take off his clothes once in the entire movie and if the observer would watch the movie closely he/she would notice that the nearest anybody comes to nudity is when John Cofee , the 7-foot tall negro, is shown in his prison overalls with no undershirt. Tom Hanks' character does not have sex with any men. John Cofee's powers are not "mysteriously sexual". There are no rape scenes and no enormous sex-toys. The movie was about John Cofee, a negro during the depression who was one of god's truly great miracles. Gentle and kind he was blessed with the ability to heal to a degree that hasn't been seen since Jesus walked the earth. i am not a christian nor do i believe in your religion, but i think something that is as wildly innaccurate as this article should be removed entirely and the author at the very least banned from publishing on your website again. If you don't take this article seriously rent the movie for 3 dollars and watch it. It was a very well executed movie with a rich amount of feeling and poinant comments about the extreme good and evil man is capable of. In the end i just wish to state that it has nothing to do with homosexuality or whatever "agenda" "they" might have. Thank you for your time. Blessed Be! -Neo
zac copley

I cannot believe what I am reading on this site! And you call yourselves Christians! What I am reading is not only racist and prejudice, but very against God's views. God teaches us to love everyone, yet you talk trash about Jews, Kwanzaa, etc.

I cannot believe your story on the WNBA. I don't know of a single female basketball player who is a lesbian. They don't purposely want to look like males, but train physically for the challenging games. They enjoy what they are doing. I can't believe you can just make up crap (e.g. Lisa Leslie) and it will get published.

I also have to comment on your 'Rap music is to blame' story. You need to get your facts and information right before you post it on your site. The picture is of *NSYNC, not Eminem and his friends! And why do you say caucasians are starting to dress, act, and talk like african americans? How do you exactly 'dress' or 'act' like one? That is stereotyping the African American race.

The article about *NSYNC killing the woman's daughter cracked me up. I was not laughing about the girl's suicide (may she rest in peace, although you completely look over the fact that she was to blame, and killed herself), but about how the mother said he went through so much trouble for her. Excuse me, he does that for EVERYBODY! Just because he wrote her a letter does NOT mean that they are automatically dating. There are millions of 13 year old teenyboppers like the girl in the story who write to *NSYNC every single day. Justin does not have time to choose and pick one of his pre-teen fans to date. *NSYNC's lyrics did NOT kill this girl...she killed herself!! I cannot believe how greedy the mother was...sueing them just so she can get a house in Orlando. And we wonder where our tax money goes. Feel free to email me because I'd love to get a good laugh.

Jennifer R - 

im catholic and your site sucks shit

Is this the same church that advertises a tee shirt that says "Get your Ass to Church"??????? And you think Harry Potter is bad. Shame on you. You may mean it one way, but it comes across very bad, and that's how you meant it to be. Casey - Michigan
Kris Christensen - woodstock1888

Hi, I read your science makes no sense article and I must say that was the stupidest fucking thing I have ever read in my entire life. Not only is the article riddled with idiotic errors, but it was so stupid I was almost on the ground laughing. First, I would like to say that scientists do not say we are made from carbon paper, we are made from the element carbon YOU DUMBASS! What is carbon? An element, just like hydrogen and oxygen, the things that make up water and oxygen. Additionally, science does not state that hurricanes are caused by a man named Nino, but a pattern of moving air (wind to you people with a combined IQ of 3), which pushes air our way, not a man! Why don't you get your fucking facts straight before you begin posting your misinformation bullshit all over your web. Sure, you may fool ignorant Christians who don't bother to see things the way they are but assume an invisible man makes it that way. Another one of your idiotic ramblings is that science says water molecules 'huddle together for warmth'. Nice lying way of putting it, but actually they move slower and the magnetic forces can draw the molecules together easier. But, if you were paying attention during school, maybe you would have learned something. But, I guess you are spending too much time living in a damn fairy tale you can't pull your faces from your own loins and have a gander about. Also, the hole in our ozone layer is there, why don't you go to the beach without suntan and you'll get nice, burning proof. And scientists don't say volcanoes do it, pollution does, and we can prove that. We can prove alot of things. So stop playing with yourselves and instead of lying to people against science. You've been found out! Your little conspiracy is up, and all the more reason for me to not have faith in your invisible man. Thanks, I can keep your page for reference on how jaded your whole organization is and spread the word. I am out to prove there is no God, and if I ever pass by your church, expect a broken window. You may fool the stupid, but I can see through you. Also, why does "Unsaved not Welcome" have a dollar sign as the S? Pretty fuckin suspect. Oh, I have a copy of that too. And, nobody says oil and coal comes from fern trees, dipshit, but the remains and fossils we dig up can be burned (and if we ever find jesus buried somewhere, we are putting him on the stack). And gas clearly makes cars go. Ask the maker of cars, because we certainly know God didn't make em! And what do you think people do at gas stations? FILL UP ON GAS! And what happens when cars run out of gas? THEY STOP! Your little fucking shennanigan is up, and I hope your invisible man rapes you. Get Bent, Anonymous
Scott Murray zevkaistan790

You are a bunch of hippocrites!!!! I'm am a Christian i got this your website from a friend who is unsaved. Do you realize that you may have forever turned her off to Christ? She may go to Hell because of your distgusting beliefs! You say that you belief the whole Bible. Well then what about the Great Comission? Matthew 28:19 says "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost." Those were Jesus words! And you dare say that He doesn't want unbelievers to hear about Him? If you really had the Holy Spirit like you say that you do you would realize what you are doing is wrong. You and your false doctrines leave a bad taste in my mouth. so many will turn their backs on Christ because of you and what you're preaching. I pray that something will cause you to turn from your wicked ways.

As a student at William and Mary I cannot believe the article I just read regarding the ab-toner product. The sheer amount of malicious lies and uncontested accusations is sickening. Truly only ones who have disturbed and morbid minds could possibly find a fitness product as benign as the ab-toner to be pornographic or un-chiristian. Furthermore there is legitimate programming outside of the Christian television network such as PBS and TLC. Im glad I'm a Catholic because you people are sick. Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh

To whom it may concern, I read the article regarding the abdominal exercise machine. The topic discussed in the article is troubling as it relates to childen in your church and others. I live in the Boston area, and the topics related to children are sensative in our area due to the outburst of news that has been released about innocent children being raped by catholic clergy-men. I also, selected the link to your church's web-page from the Yahoo News article because some of the quotes out of the article sparked an interest. It is blantantly obvious that you separate your-self and your congregation from anyone who you consider 'unsaved'. I guess my question is related to this: "If you try so hard to separate your-self from the 'unsaved', and make references to secular demons and the like entering the house from TV, why would you join the secular community of the Internet?" You see, it doesn't make sense to me, with the doctrine you post on this web-site. I can't imagine why you would open your 'members' eyes to the secular world of the Internet. Actually, I clicked your link for 'Women' from the home-page and was directed to the following web-page, which advertised matchmaking and Nascar. I doubt that the Deacon would like for the members to be subjected to and Nascar, both products of secular thinking. Regards, Peter
Peter Sherry

give-me a break, the ab toner is not marketed to young "christian children" to ferment their young minds. i am a college student, and have been raised in church. this is exactly the radical church propoghanda that people use to ricicule christians. These children, who are supposidly very christian oriented, where are their parents? how are they awake at 4 A.M? And no one forces people to subscribe to cable television either. they pay for it, they need to realize that every program that comes over the air waves is not "christian friendly". Finally, it is not against the law to market and sale a masturbation tool, why didnt they just claim thats what it did, dont you think there are many middle-aged men out there who arent married, and who might use such a thing. im sure that they invented this to jump on the band-wagon of modern day "i want to look good w/o working at it" so therefore they created something that supposedly made you look like a model w/o doing anymore than being lazy and watching TV, anyone who knows anything about physical-education knows that this wont work w/o loosing weight first, at most this is false advertising. and if you think that people dont laugh at all christians for this sort of right-wing radicalism, then you are mistaken, b/c i read this article at a collegehumor website, where all they do is post funny articles on their site, and no not just "chistian-bashing" type things, and no they dont put commentary on them, you just read it and by itself its funny. so next time think about what your church says before they make all christians look small, and weak minded. Blake

Blake Gober