December 1999

Hollywood's favorite homo Tom Hank's new movie "The Green Mile" is a shamelessly smutty adaptation of Satanist Stephen King's pornographic novel called "The Black Penis." The story first appeared in the sodomite magazine "Butch Bottoms" accompanied, we are told, by photographs of beefy debauched men in prison uniforms performing unnatural acts on each other and taxpayer purchased brooms and guard batons. Tom "of Finland" Hanks was discovered by Hollywood when he played himself in the queer documentary "Philadelphia." In "The Green Mile," he plays a Nancy Boy who becomes a prison guard just so he can be surrounded by men desperate for his feminine touch. When a 7-foot-tall Negro man (played by Michael Clarke Duncan, typecast as a Negro) arrives to await a, no doubt, much deserved execution, Tom Hanks takes one look at the size of the Negro's hands and spends the next 35 minutes trying to get a look at him naked in the shower. It is rumored among prisoners that the Negro man has magical erotic powers.  The movie implies that just by touching another man he can give a mysterious sexual feeling -- something they call an "orgasm."

Obviously, this piece of secular trash is not for saved Christians; it is not for saved children; and it is not for anyone who entertains any idea of ever being invited to Heaven. The Lord's name is taken in vain exactly 3,492 times. There were countless scenes depicting graphic male rape (often inter-racial!). The star of the film, Tom Hanks, had his clothes on all of 2 minutes. The rest of the 3 hour movie, he spends prancing about wearing only a sodomite's leer and a prison guard helmet (which must be glued to his head because it never budges even though Mr. Hanks spends 1/3 of the movie bent over). Mr. Hank's character terrorizes entire cellblocks with his insatiable homosexual urges and a "solitary confinement play pen" full of enormous sex-toys. By the movie's end, if your stomach is strong enough to still be there, he has had sex with 87 prisoners on 'The Green Mile' (which is a lewd reference to the Negro's enormous gangrened member).

Pastor Deacon Fred of Landover Baptist Church, saw the film in it's entirety at the noon and 3:30pm showing and had to empty out his popcorn bucket 10 minutes into it so he could vomit. "This is a film about damned homosexuals," Deacon Fred commented. "It was made for homosexuals by homosexuals so that homosexuals could push their homosexual agenda." Reminiscing on "It's a Wonderful Life," that Pastor Deacon Fred had seen as a child, he said ruefully, "Jimmy Stewart, by all that is godly, should have been sent to Hell quicker than a lightening bolt for even thinking about suicide. That is Jewish Hollywood for you -- always distorting Christ's truth even on His birthday. But at least when I was a child, we were only subjected to the lie that the unsaved are happy. Now, we have to witness men with penises that are so much larger than anything I've seen that, frankly, I think that George Lucas group is enhancing them digitally. Hollywood has gone from making 'Feel Good' movies to 'Feel A Splintery Broom up Your Bottom' movies and it has got to stop." 

Pastor Deacon Fred has called on saved Christians worldwide to chain themselves to the entrances of movie theaters showing "The Green Mile" and to kick patrons lame if need be to stop them from being able to walk into any theater showing this pornography



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