February 2000

"American Beauty" is anything but. Sure, it takes place in America, but that's certainly not a "beautiful" thing anymore, not since the liberals took over. As every True Christian knows, America is God's country, and this horrible waste of celluloid is the ultimate in blasphemy as this is NOT the vision of America that the Holy Spirit had in mind when He inspired our Christian Founding Fathers to write the inerrant Declaration of Independence and Right To Bear Arms.

"American Beauty" lures innocent filmgoers who believe they are going to see a patriotic tribute to our country, or, at minimum, something about roses. Instead, they get served up a big dish of satanic slop, thanks to the liberal elites in Hollywood.

Nudity is in this film. A teenage girl practices a type of Satanic sign language through her bedroom window to the filthy, perverted boy who lives next door. She is like Lucifer's very own Paul Revere! One bosom means "hello;" two bosoms mean "come and get it!" I don't want anyone who has seen this filth to tell me -- before God -- that they have never seen Kiddie Porn -- because they have. Kevin Spacey spends the whole movie attempting to rape a 12-year-old-girl. Now, this may be good acting, since Mr. Spacey is a well known Hollywood homo (who only just recently found Jesus and woke up one morning straight -- praise the Lord!), but it is not fit for decent eyes. Sex is in this film, in abundance. Militant homosexural activists cavort, attempt to seduce children into choosing their godless lifestyle while they plot against all Christians in this film. Anti-Christian messages, calls for a liberal takeover of the government, disrespect for the Bible, support for the New World Order,
blatant calls to elect godless demoncrat Al Gore to the presidency-suffice it to say that all manner of perversion filled the screen for as long as I could stomach watching it.

And who is really interested in seeing all that underwear? This was the most indecent thing I've seen in a long time, almost as indecent and sickening as hearing Bill Klinton's State of the Union Address last month. Not surprising, since they both originated from the same place!

Stunningly, no one else in the theater seemed too upset about getting fooled into buying a ticket by the deliberately misleading title. In fact, I went from row to row and asked every member of the audience, and you would not believe the reaction I got! The words spoken to me, the names I was called -- I will not repeat them before Christians, but suffice it to say, this was surely a sign of sweeping immorality in our society today. Of course I had my Bible with me, and let me tell you I climbed right up on that stage and read a few passages out of Leviticus and a little out of Revelations, and God gave me a sign by turning off that projector and turning up the house lights! I could hear a lot of whooping and hollering in the audience so I knew that these demon-filled liberals were preparing yet another act of anti-Christian persecution. I knew the LORD was on my side, and stood my ground. Finally a couple of policemen came and showed me to safety, away from the screaming, bloodthirsty liberals, feminazis and militant homosexural activists. Once they get a demon or two in them, they get awfully unruly.

Well, I was glad to be delivered by the Almighty's warrior angels from Lucifer's projection room where I could fall to my knees in front of the Orange Julius store and Praise the Lord for delivering me from such iniquity. My only regret is that I missed the ending. Apparently, in a half-hearted attempt to redeem himself from foisting such filth on God-fearing Americans, the writer threw in a "surprise" Christian ending. At the very last minute, a patriotic Christian U.S. Marine kills the pedophile next door to bring his handsome son back to Jesus Christ and out of a vile homosexual lifestyle. Yes, anytime we see a homo blown to bits in Godly righteousness is an occasion to cheer! (Even though in this age of being "politically correct," we have been told that it is not "polite" to actually vocalize our Godly pleasure in the face of God's swift justice.) Nevertheless, the few moments of happiness you will enjoy watching a homo dispatched to Hell will not make up for the two hour romp by Satan that precedes it!  Trust me.  From God's lips to my keyboard to this page.

Film Review By Landover Lady- Mrs. Judy O'Christian

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