A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received July 2005  (unedited and in original form)

I recently read your online article about bookburning. I live in Mesa, AZ. Please let me know when there will be a bookburning in my area.

Michael Bugia

You will get my Harry Potter books when you pry them from my cold dead fingers.

Patrick Dewees
Birmingham, AL

you all are a bunch of sick freaks, I believe the only people that are going to burn in hell are you that is publishing all this junk on the internet. I am an independent fundamental baptist, and trust me you don't even deserve to call yourself a baptist. This is why we have so much trouble getting the gospel across to people, because of your sick perverted ways. And please don't even take the time to email me back because i wont even read it. I hope God can spare a little bit of mercy and grace on you.


I am currently in a Dress for Cultural Context class at my university and it was called to our attention that your church cut off the fingers of an 11 year old girl for supposedly having sex with men she met off the internet. Your web site address was given to us so I decided to check it out for myself. The fact that you do not "allow" unsaved people near your church or website is appalling due to the fact that if you are really a "Christian" church you would accept them into your house of worship in hopes of spreading the word of God to them so that they may become Christians themselves. Somehow, your church has a selfrighteous view about themselves. The fact that you do not allow the members of your church to interact with Catholics, Methodists, etc. because they are of the occult makes no sense. You are of the occult. You are the church telling your congregation how to live their lives, and making them exist in a seemingly "Holy" world when really you are just dictating to them a false idea of the Bible. The statement of when a girl says "no" she means "yes" sometimes when she is praying to God and this being an excuse for her being raped to be her fault is abhoring. I am appalled at your blatent lack of knowledge of the Bible and your occultish view of life. Those that are seemingly "unsaved" are better off without your services, for if they seek them they will become judgemental and just as evil as the Satan you are convicting them of following. I hope that your "followers" seek out and finally find the true meaning of being a Christian because as of right now they are following a pastor that is leading them to hell.

kim Fondre - olemiss.edu

i read your 2002 article about jesus being of the negroid race. it was the most, total cracker-like, honky-ass, hell bound article that i have ever read in my life....my hope and my prayer to my god, and to the son jesus is that "you people" and all other racist from the caucasian race is that you have eternal life with your father satan....because that's who you serve...not jesus....i think that the white race is the most ignorant and destructive race that the lord my god has ever put here. i forgot to mention greedy (George White Natural Cracker Bush). i really hate to write such messages to people ...but it is in my soul(blood) to dislike folks like you. it's my belief that racism is the caucasian perfection and passion. to add to this.......the negoid race (shem,ham) are the very people that you owe credit , for the sciences and the very use of speech

Stephen Zinnerman

Okay guys... I get the joke. Matter of fact, I got the joke day one! You're a PARODY... r-i-g-h-t! And I guess there are certain people who find what you do, funny.

Still, now here's a challenge ... let's see if you've got any balls. First up, how about you put that word "parody" in nice big capitals on your home page for those innocent (and outraged) types who stumble upon your site thinking that you're legitimate?

Next... and here is where you really show your balls... let's see you make a few "companion" sites making a mockery of: Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism and let's not forget - Atheism! Gp ahead, I dare you! I double-dog-dare you! I doubt you will, though. You'd shit your pants rather than have a go at the Muslims because you know they'd put a fatwa on you and you'd end up with a bullet through your skull.

Not so funny now, is it?

But attacking Christians... oh, that's really clever! (NOT!) You think you're so smart, don't you? Just wait until someone works out that what you're doing really does amount to hate crime - Yeah.. "hate crime"! Respones like "Oh, you guys ain't got a sense of humour!" and "But we're parodying Christian extremism! We're the good guys!!!" won't work in the courts. No-one will care about any of that double-talk bull****. You only attack what you know will not harm you - In fact, it was the Christians who guaranteed your right to be such a pack of assholes. No doubt you think that's all part of the joke, right? You won't be laughing when there's a lawyer with a career to be made or someone with an axe to grind. Nor will you be able to hide behind some twisted version of the Constitutional right to free speech. You'll be caught and your site will be shut down.

Meanwhile, did you really think everyone out there in cyberspace is so intellectually dense? You guys aren't funny. You're cowards.

In no expectation whatsoever of a reply from such a pack of spineless worms,

- Mark Storm

You people are so wonderful. Not. I just read a few of your articles and i must say: You Mother Fucking, Cock Sucking sons of a bitches. I am a devout baptist and know what you people are, you're psychotic cultists! Tampons are made by the devil WHAT THE FUCK!! Tampons aren't made by the fucking devil you fucking morons. You are all raving lunatics, i mean a girl learing sex from brittney spears WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT!!! And you're fucking punishment is cutting her fingers off! Psychotic! You give baptist around the world a terrible name. And even though you seem to have a problem with any type of sexual thing at all you endorse fucking what would jesus do panties! And you talk about what types of books jesus would fucking BURN! You know who else burned books you fuckers, HITLER and i don't know if you idiots would know this but hitler was a monster just like all of you. I swear to god almighty that if i ever meet anyone of you fuckers i will push you in front of a car. As a parting gesture i must say: May god have pity on your poor fucked up souls.

P.S. you can hand out this email address all you want, i use it for junk mail subscriptions.

P.P.S. I hope you all heed my advice, take those "Devil" tampons and shove them up your collective asses. Then get some profesional help. That, or just kill yourselves.

P.P.P.S. The next thing you know you guys will be saying rape is okay you Mother Fuckers.


Nick Hughes

This is a horrible joke and these types of things should NEVER be done. However, you do have your freedom of speech no matter how offensive. I thought the porn online was bad. After seeing this, I know there's something worse out there. Whatever the case, keep in mind this really isn't funny and is VERY offensive to Christians. If that's your goal, congratulations! You've offended us. Remember, the Bible you poke fun at does say that God cannot be mocked.

May God save you if it's right to do so. My heart breaks for you.

In His Love and Grace

Kevin McDaniel

I am absolutely appauled by your website. YOU are exactly what gives Christians a horrible name. You are stereotypical, hypocrital, sick disgusting people. If there is a hell....you will be there for all eternity. God will have no part in your perverted ways of trying to spread the gospel for Him. He is a kind and loving and SAVING God and I can tell you this....you and your church are going straight to the depths of hell to burn when you die. Have you ever read the Bible? Does your church go by Satan's Guide to Being a Sick Hell Bound Evil Being? I think so. I love God with all my heart and I have found myself closer to Him after a recent tragedy. You are seriously sick in the mind and you are the cause of people who refuse to believe in God. I hope the Lord saves you and causes you to realize this is NOT the way to be, Christians are SUPPOSED to be loving and accepting although I have never had the opportunity to meet one like that. You are supposed to want to save souls and get people to believe in the Lord God. All you are doing is causing people to stray from the Lord and turn to evil ways. You are SICK. VERY SICK. And once again I will say...if there is a hell....which im starting to believe there is....because I know theres a Satan, then YOU and your sick sad sorry disgusting church will be meeting Satan and his demons there for all of eternity. There will be no one like you in heaven. God wants REAL people there not brainwashed hypocrites. You are probably the kind of church who rapes little boys in the back room arent you. Yeah I know your secrets you detestable creatures. If Im going to hell for writing a message like this I only have one thing to say...SEE YOU THERE.

Allen Starks

It appears that your supposed church is not a church of God. It is not part of the Church Universal. You are twisting core Christian beliefs for your own gain. You have formed a cult, not a church. There is no way you can be serious about running a real church of God. You have no right to keep the unsaved away, that is why they remain unsaved. I will be spreading the truth about your site and your church locally and around the web. By the way... sending you email is in no way legally binding to anything, PERIOD.

Todd [Elvendude86@ao-.com]

Hello. I, myself, am a born again Christian and I'm excited to see any website that takes the side of the Lord. I do my best to live by God's word ( and yes I believe only in the KJB like yourselves ). I fall short of it everyday..and I offer no excuses. My Lord deserves a better servent of me. I don't like liberalism...especially in the church. So I can appreciate your view on that very much.

I am curious about some things though...one thing that struck me as being odd is that in your beliefs...you noted that no one was allowed to have pornagraphic materials unless they are widowed men....why would pornagraphic material be okay for ANYONE? It strikes me as odd but I'd love to here your scriptural foundation for that rule. I'm not questioning your authority, please don' think I'm trying to do that in any way. Your authority - as stated - is the Bible and I don't question it, just wondering where to find the information about such rule in there so that I may learn it.

I also noticed how church members are required to bring at least one guest to church each week...but can that person be lost? Or would your member only be allowed to go out and seek saved to bring to church.... Oh, and....if they were to invite someone to church...would I need to make a reservation for them first?

I go door knocking on Saturdays with my church - and we go from door to door trying to find those who are lost so that they might learn about the Lord. Do you think that is wrong?

I appreciate any and all guidance you can give me in these areas.

Lord bless you in your efforts for Him. I'll add your ministry to my prayer list.

Amy Williams

As a Youth pastor I have I can only say this "with same measure you judge you will be judged" How could you say as a church unsaved are not welcome here and in your test "wrong you unsaved moron" as a christian I am very ashamed of what you are doing. Didnt christ himself say I did not come to condemn the world but through him the world might be saved. You call your self saved but if yopu judge someone as not saved then you wil be judged that way.

Love in Christ

Doug Jones

Look I just read your article on, How to Spot Atheists and Report Them to the FBI, and was out rightly inraged upon reading that. While I am agnostic and not atheist, I do have plenty of friends that are atheist and your article is while an opinion is so closed minded that it just makes me crazy. I can't even think that there are people in this world that would not see past other peoples beliefs and ideas. I cry to think that you can be so obtuse. Idont care if you trace the email, I dare you to try to put me away for my beliefs.

-A Agnostic that is not going to change his ways

Joseph Jackson

duncan Macintosh

You are so close to hell and you donít even know it. For one thing, Mrs. Betty Bowers, you are such a disgrace to the world.. This church is full of demons and I bind you all in the name of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is against every unclean work that youíve done and it shall all fall within 7 days. You are not a man of God, but a man who has come to deceive and destroy the work of the Lord. Except you repent with a quickness, your life will be deteriorated completely, and those who follow you will fail except they leave you now. God has no place in his kingdom for these kinds of doctrines, man made, and foolish. Iíd love to see you repent and turn your life around today, where God can purge you and truly use you for His glory. Right now, you are serving demons and devils, and they have tried to conquer the churches around you, but God said, what heís put together, no man can put asunder. Make it your business to hide your face in shame, and call upon the name of Jesus in desperation, because death is near you, and failure is near you. Hear the prophet of the Lord, thereís no time for foolishness, the Kingdom of God is at Hand. Who ever told you to expose a homosexualís handshake, have you been doing it? Who ever told you to give Glory to Betty Bowers, can she save your soul? Let me make a declaration to you, If you donít clean the house of God up within 7 days, God said that heís gonna bring the walls down. It may not all crumble at once, but God is gonna take his hand of mercy off of you and let the enemy completely destroy you. How long will you be deceived? How long will you allow satanic spirits to run YOUR church. I capitalize your because itís obvious in the things that Iíve seen that Landover is not Godís house, nor is it a place of refuge and edification to the body of Christ. Thatís what the church should be. What do you stand for? How far will you let satan take you before you realize that destruction is just ahead of you. Donít mistake what youíve conned and schemed to get for the blessings of God. When God has blessed you, you arenít caught up in who has the most money, because you realize that without God, YOU ARE NOTHING. And as for this church, YOU ARE NOTHING. You think you have gold, but Jesus is the Purest Gold around. Have you received the Holyghost, speaking in other tongues as the spirit gives utterance. Didnít think so, you know God told me to say that because somebody reading this message has never heard of that. I know im about to mess up your theology, but you donít know the Lord if you have spake with other tongues, because the bible declares that the evidence of the holy ghost is the gift of diverse tongues. You can believe without receiving it, you can be a ďChristian,Ē if thatís what you call yourselves, without receiving the Holyghost. But according to Godís word, you WILL NOT make it into Heaven without the Holyghost. I know that you need it because you do what you do. The holy ghost is not to be mocked nor is he to be ridiculed. And with this site, you have done all of that, giving my savior a bad name. I curse the day you stepped a pulpit. I curse the day you spoke to Godís people. And I declare to you and your church body, that God is sooo soon to come and you better get your business straight. For all you that are reading this, donít let the sun go down on you. Ömany will say Lord I have cast out devils in Your nameÖbut heíll say, Depart from me, I know you Not.

Im Praying for You

Paulus Brown



I am a saved, filled with the holy-ghost, speaking in-tongues 30 year old african-american child of GOD. I stubbled across your website because I was doing a search on demon possession. I expected to get sound biblical advice, but what I got was a cult-based, racists bunch of heathens who truly don't know the heart of the father(GOD). GOD is love and he loves everyone. John 3:16 I was once unsaved, but if it wasn't for his mercy and his love, I would not be professing the love of Christ, today. The bible also says that we do not live by bread alone but by every word that preceeds out of his mouth. GOD is doing a new thing in the earth.Your church may want to catch-up and pay attention to the world. Didn't GOD create everyone and and everything. Speaking as a black person, I am not cursed. According to Jeremiah, GOD knew me even before I was born, thoughts of peace....You can read the bible and get the rest of the verse. Prophetically speaking, I declare that GOD will show your church the error of your ways and that a revival will fall upon your house, and the power of GOD will literally begin to change hearts.

A child of GOD

LaDonna Youngblood

i am severly upset by the content i found on your website. all of your nonsense theories are completely false and utterly hypocritical. how can you write about this stuff and trick people into thinking this is how God and Jesus want us to live? of course, anyone nieve enough to believe this trash would be considered an idiot in my book anyway. but still! you should be ashamed of yourselves and you will be when you have passed onto the other side. get a life, and get the REAL Jesus, because as of now you are all doomed. you are all in my prayers, god have mercy on your souls.


I am a private high school student living near Richmond, VA. 6 years ago, at a private middle school, I was exposed to Harry Potter. At first, I loved these books. I enjoyed entering Harry's magically fun and exciting world every night. I read every book as soon as it came out and I even waited at the bookstore overnight when a new one was released. This all changed around the winter of 2001. As I re-read the four released books over and over, I began to get more and more pulled into the story. I began to realize that this so called "fantasy" world was in actuality very real. I began to perform simple Satanic spells in order to summon Satan into my home to give me powers like Harry Potter. Soon I joined a Harry Potter club at my local private middle school and I discovered that all the club members were doing the same thing. From this point on, I realized what the Harry Potter books were, a recruiting tool for Satan himself. Every Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00, we would meet at the Church tied to my private middle school to perform Satanic rituals in order to cast God from the Church and replace him with Satan. I think we performed these rituals for a fortnight, before the Church's main preacher began recommending the Harry Potter books to everyone. It is of my belief that Satan coerced the preacher into making this recommendation. As I was dragged more and more into Satan's clutches, I put a killing curse on both of my parents; a curse that I learned directly from Satan himself. At first, the curse had no effect. I believed that Satan did not murder my parents because I was not loyal enough to him. I attempted to prove my loyalty thereafter by wandering the streets of my town at night and attacking defenseless animals and attempting to drink their blood. This did not make me ill, Satan made sure of that. Shortly after, my mother died in a car crash. I had proven my loyalty to Satan and he had rewarded me by granting one of my wishes. At this point, my memory becomes fuzzy. I don't remember much of anything for a while after that, but my father tells me now that I was muttering incomprehensible words and acting out in a wicked manner every day. At night, my father had to tie me down because I attempted to injure or kill him and my sister in my sleep. Somehow, my father managed to have Satan release me through a combination of prayer and exposing me to the Bible and the Crucifix. After feeling the loving warmth of Jesus come back over me, I reneged my ways and vowed to do everything I can to stop the spread of Harry Potter. Every day, I fear that my father will be taken from me as a result of the long passed killing curse that tragically stole my mother. I can only hope that my prayers and my pleading with God for forgiveness will be enough to block the effects of the curse. This is my story, use me as an example; don't read Harry Potter. I plead with you, let as many people as possible know of my tale so that they to don't have Satan enter their lives.

Mike Rios

I just had some questions about your website. Why do you feel you need to blaspheme the one and only God of everything. He does Love all of us thats the reason he died. So that we could live. I hope and pray that you will think about what you are doing. Please if you have any questions i would be happy to help.