Landover Baptist Mail Received November  2001  (unedited and in original form)

hello, im a freshmen student and i cant stand the series. i mean some fantasy books are ok, and some are horrible, but most are written for the "older" kids. but I read a chapter of harry potter in a disney adventure magazine and i cant believe how evil it is. i mean it makes the lord of the rings look heavenly! and the main character has  a devil sign on his fore head. what will teachers think when kids go around drawing devil signs, thinking they are drawing the harry potter symbol... well i believe in boycotting harry potter so thank you for standing against putting satanic literature on children's book shelves.

I received the link to your site from a friend who told me I would be stunned. He was right. I am shocked that members of the Homo sapiens species can be this utterly STUPID! After reading the filth on this site, I am ashamed to be of the same species as you.  You call the world blind but it is you who are hiding your eyes from the truth. Do you honestly not see that you are of the same ilk as the wretched excuses for human beings that commit acts of terrorism? Or are you simply trying your hardest to convince the rest of us that you are good people so you can convince your selves? You think you are the only people of value in this world, that all others are below you at best, evil in many cases. That is the height of arrogance, and ignorance. It is people like you who are responsible for the problems of this world. I have much more to say on this topic, however to iterate it before an audience of such sub standard intellect is simply a waste of time. To make the point short, I find you and people like you offensive, moronic and I hold you (by “you” I mean all religious fanatics, after all that’s what you are, fanatics) responsible for most of the problems we face as a world. You make me sick.
Steve Hopkins 

Dear Sir or Madame:

 I recently stumbled across your website whilst surfing on the net. I, as a God-fearing Christian find it very offensive. Your site is a horrible joke! It does not properly depict the true beliefs of Christians. What you have there is very slanderous to all Christians. At the very least it is false advertisement. I will be contacting the Christian Coalition in a matter of moments, in hopes to ban your website. Just think to yourselves how many people your site may turn away from learning the truth about the word of God. I at first thought the website was for a real church. If not for the text at the bottom that says "parody" I wouldn't have ever known it is fake. You are fooling people with this. It is a serious matter. May God help you.


Matthew Pierce 

I am writing you this email because I just visited your website, I have never come across such a hateful, ungodly website in my life. At first, I though it must be a parody, a joke.....but as I read further, I realized it was a church website.  Unlike any church I have ever encountered. What drew me was the Harry Potter article. Concerning this subject, I believe the parents of every child need to decide  for themselves whether or not to read these books. These books however, are not Satanic.  They include a very imaginative story  written by a woman in England, who is not a Satanist. Every child has an imagination.  You will never stop kids from dreaming up  stories of being heroes, or flying.  What we as Christians must do, is teach  them how to keep these dreams in line. As for your children acting strange, there is probably more of a discipline  problem, then a "Harry Potter" problem.

As for your disgusting banner at the top of your website stating in large letters "UNSAVED UNWELCOME"......that is not even biblical. It's amazing how your church has grown to 125,000 members. Were they all saved when they came to the church?  If so, I doubt your credibility. You state that you take the whole bible in its entirety....what about the  parable of the good samaritan.....what if the good samaritan had left that  man on the side of the road just because he was "unsaved?"
Instead of your church trying to infiltrate other believers with your  nonsense, I believe it is other believers who need to correct you on YOUR theology.

Having been a born-again christian all my life, and having seen many unsaved  walk into our church and become a believer, transforming their life, becoming a strong christian.....I must disagree with your statement. I don't believe God will bless your "ministry"---if we must call it that.   Jesus would NEVER turn his back on the unsaved.  He died for those people who you will not welcome, the gang member, the prostitute, the druggie, the homosexual.  No, I don't agree with the lifestyles these people lead, but how can you  people, calling yourselves Christians, harden your hearts against them?  You  may be their only chance to know Christ, you  may be the only living example  they ever see, and you would turn them away! I am sorry I ever tripped onto your website.  It angers me, it infuriates  me....but yet, everyone is entitled to their opinion, their  sickens me though, that people could accidentally plug into your website and  take it for truth! You do not teach the truth.

I hope everyone of your 23 pastors (or however many you have there) reads  this.  I hope something changes in their hearts. I am going to pray for the deacons and pastors of your church.  That they would all see the truth.  That they would be empassioned for the lost.  That they would welcome the unsaved with open arms.
I created this email address specifically for mailing this email.  I will never look at it again, nor will I ever respond to any email sent to me. I simply want you to know that your theology is wrong.  It is unbiblical.  And I believe you will find that out when some of you may be left behind.  I say that because it sounds like you people are caught up in legalism instead of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who died upon the cross for our sins, who rose again on the third day, and who will one day rapture his church from this earth.I pray that you all have experienced a saving knowledge of Christ, but if you haven't, I urge you to throw out the ungodly, untruth that you are spreading.

What will happen when others want to burn YOUR books?  Your bible?  Your teacher's guides? If you are so against "Harry Potter," maybe you should pray for the author  instead of burning her books. She's a millionaire.  Burning hundreds of her books is hurting no one. You can't change what she writes. You also can't sensor what people read. I pray that no one ever sees your website, and mistakes it for the truth.


Hello, I am a young christian woman by the name of Ashley, and I would like to comment on a story I read on your site. This story has to do with the movie Monsters  that was created by Disney. I would like to personaly say that the pastor who said those things about the main charactor being a testicle is a highly sick man. I do not see a testical. I see a green circular figure with eyes, ears, legs, arms, and a mouth. God forbid anything to be drawn in a circular form because the dear old pastor and his sick mind might think it looks like one of his testicles. It disturbes me to even think that a pastor could even think about things as sick as what him/you whoever said. He sounded like an immiture teenager saying, "oh my look at those baseballs, they remind me of testicles. It is funny how a preacher can preach about not judging people, but he himself judges whomever he chooses. Obviously I am more mature than the priest who said the awful things in the article. It is disgusting to even think that a priest could watch a movie (that had no attention of sexual meanings at all) and say, " oh oh oh look, that monster looks like a testicle, I wonder if it is going to dance on its sperm." It is a very disgusting thought that one of Gods people, who chose to spread the word, can sit there and tell stories about how bad a Disney film is because he thinks something looks like what it totally did not intend to be. I hope right now the man who said those things is reading this right now and knows that I think less of him right now, but who am I to judge. Even though by the sound of his great, big, wild.... imagination (what do you think I was going to say you sicko) that he is the one who enjoyed the thought of a testicle, he is the one who probably masterbates over the distugting thoughts that he so happend to know Disney was try to create in our minds. I would like to say what a very unholy man he is for making wrongful and disgustion alligations on behalf of a non-harmful animated film, for the pleasures of kids to enjoy in a fun family way, not in the kind of way the "demon pastor" thought of it
ashley f 

Hi brothers in Christ,

I read about Mr. Frenzo’s hypnotism outreach and I am wondering how I may get in touch with him. I am currently in Westchester county NY and wondered if I was close to your church.

Please contact me at the above e-mail.

God bless.

Peter van Geldern

First off George Lucas is not a pervert you are and who ever thinks these toys are sex related are perverted as well.  Take a good look at the tongue of this "Sex Toy" and a good look at the genitalia of an aroused man the two look nothing alike which means that the parents claiming that George lucas is a pervert are perverted them selves and they probably have dirty magazines laying around the house somewhere and the childrewn found them and looked through them.  You say that our children might or have started asking sick questions we would not even dream of how would they know these questions unless they have actually read dirty magazines.  Do some research on these people and find out how many of the do have dirty magazines or maybe their friends parents have them and the children just got churious.  Do the research before you make the accuzations.  If you do or did not then you are the true perverts.  If you have a problem with what I am saying than tough shit ass hole

Thank you for exposing seeker friendly, ultra-tolerant "Christianity". Yes, much of your scriptural use lacks cultural and linguistic hermeneutics, but the thrust of your articles has a truer picture of the Biblical God than most modern churches. You think you have a lot of questions, but I bet you have no answers. All your theories and assertions must be based on a liberal world view and come from an autonomous mind that cannot account for reason, mathematics, equality, induction, motion, and morality. If you have any answers I challenge you to a dialogue. Most liberals are afraid of the truth, so I will not hold my breath.

Breathing freely in Vegas,
Mike Robinson

Are you aware of what you are spreading? It is known that your organisation isn't a church at all but some diabolic and insaine organisation, I will press charges against you in court, this is not normal to do, projecting as a church like this. You are blaspheming the Name of our Lord.
You will hear from my lawyer very soon.
P. Oidtmann

It is sad to see so much hate derected to-wards your church by poeple filled with so much hate against themselves and GOD.I have seen some of the attemps
by certain so-called Christians to close down your sight/site.How can they call themselvs Christian believers when all they beleive in is a church created by the media jews and fags. They dont know THEY ARE THE ONES SPREDING LIES!!!!!THey say you are just trying to make fun ofo real Christians but I now that you are doing GODS work and you shoukld be proud of your community and the work you do.  GOD go with you.
Martin Heaton

Santa is Latin for saint, i.e, Satan Maria, Santa Domingo... (see Websters

Claus is the Germanic route for Klaus, i.e,  a proper noun, a common name to this day; hence; Saint Klaus.    There is no Olde English derivative for 'hoof-claws.'  You or someone else made that up. The story/legend is of a poor man who organized townspeople into taking in homeless children during a famine.

By spreading dogma that is inacurate and the result of impetuous conversational fabrication and misconception, the result is the deliberate delivery of mis-information which is misleading and confounds the body of Christ into confusion and doubt.  A significant portion of modern exodus from Churches like yours is the direct result of mis-information, which the listener/reader knows in his/her spirit to be untrue.  You mislead the body of Christ because you get impetuous about misconceptions - a focus on self absorbtion (arrogance, self-centered, a general lack of concern and acountability for your words and actions).

If your concern is 'Satan' (which you also misconceive as an individual entity; a myth generated in an epic poem 'Paradise Lost' by John Milton) - you should therefore be concerned about serving up deception and/or mis-information for the purposes of confounding the Church, or your immediate listener/reader.  If you say or write something, keep in mind that you are acountable for the content of what you say or write.

Take your time and do some genuine, bonafied research for a change.

Here is an interesting starting place, a bibliography that can start you thinking clearly - so that you can speak/write with acountability: (all are easily available at; academic texts which are peer reviewed)

The Origin of Satan - Elaine Pagels

I do not believe in any thing you would ever call god and you for this reason hate me, yes I say hate because if you would wish to put someone into eternal sufferings for not believing the way you do that is ludicrous!  you have warped and twisted the teachings and ideas behind what Jesus and other religious figures intended. words fail me at a time like this.  now days people are running around in terror over anthrax and terrorism yet they do not realize the real danger is people like you, and the ideas that promotes: closed mindedness, Semitism, and racist comments.  you are far worse then any terrorist because you are the ones whom create the hatred that fostered the previous events.   you come wearing a guise of good will and you bring only death and haltered.  You are worse then Hitler, you want to not only BAN but BURN books that point out the true flaws in your ideas. your views make no since, one place you says "The Talented Mr. Ripley: Fine Christian Fare" and yet you try to say stone disobedient children! DID YOU EVEN SEE THE FUCKING MOVIE! I seriously doubt so, its about an insane murdering person who does anything to be liked!.... oh wait now I remember when I've seen this.... yeah it was on YOUR PAGE! you try to be liked but you no one wants you around! I say lets not drop pork on Muslims lets drop you insane people. we don't want you, they don't want you, maybe you will be lucky enough to just die in the fall.  but on a more fundamental level, have you actually ever considered taking your head outa your ass and thinking for yourselves for once! if you ever actually bothered you would be astonished to find you look like a bunch of blithering idiots.  I would rather die then to ever sink down to your level and your sheer stupidity boggles the mind. get a god dammed clue and shut the fuck up!

You guys are sick!  THat is the most repulsive understanding of Christianity i have ever heard.  You guys are wrong in EVERYTHING you say, you can't claim to be Christians, because you're not even close.  You are a disgusting, hateful cult that needs to stop hiding under the blanket of Christianity.  You guys need some serious help, because that is the sickest thing I've ever read.  You talk about sex lives and the age of masterbation, and worse, and then tell nonbelievers to go away, because they're going to hell.  Then you say you're Christian.  Did you completely ignore the Bible?  Did you get Eminem to design this page?  And have you noticed how many people are upset with page?  Take a hint, you guys are incredibly WRONG!  Spreading this garbage is worse than being a demon-possessed sinner.  You guys have condemned yourselves.
John Bratt 

You should read the bible a little more and checking out your information which is totally wrong.  Only people can make something bad when Santa is meant to be good I mean the real Santa (Saint Nicholas).  It would be a good idea to check him out and to know what Santa is all about.   For Saint Nicholas is a christian and started one of the first christian churches and so Santa claus would also be a christian, because they are the same person.  Some facts of Santa maybe a little different to make christmas fun for children, but Santa is very much real and knows what christmas really is.  God would be proud of him.  Satan can be anything that people make it too be.  Those people who dress up in Santa suits who come from run down homes are just poor soles who's lives have been ruined for various of reasons such as unemployment.  It is parents duty to take children to places like malls tha! t hire within the company and to stay with the child to supervise.  Just read the bible a little more, because your facts are all wrong.


Hello,Brethren - I have Teenagers interested in coming,this year,to your Ministry called "Hell House";Please email me with directions,Ticket info.times and pertinent information.Thank You for your alternative Ministry for Christ!!  If phone would be more convenient - please call me at (---) --- ----
God bless you Brethren!Amen


I found this website blasphemous when in search of a real church.  If this is a real website referencing a real church, then God have mercy on your souls. And if this is a hoax, it seems as though you efforts in constructing such a blasphemous site would be better spent elsewhere - perhaps in trying to learn what Christianity really is about instead of trying to reduce it to a hobby.


I am appalled to see what lies have taken over you Harry Potter page. This is what your closing sentence was...

Note to all Concerned Parents: We have it on good Godly authority that the 4th book in the series will reveal that the main character, "Harry Potter" actually KILLED HIS PARENTS! with a butcher knife! If this isn't enough to raise the hair on your neck, then you need revival!

This is a lie, how could you act with such childlike behaviour Have you read the book? If you have you will be happy to know that it is  still stated that Lord Voldemort accidenty killed Harry's parents in a fight  to find Harry.

I request you take out such appalling lies!

Anonymous Kc1612280

this is to pastor deacon fred - if i could slap you for every time you made a dumb comment you would most likely be unconscious. how can you sit up there and say that people who speak using slang are living the lifestyle of an "negroe" and preach about it using the supposedly "Godly perspective"? you do not deserve to be in the position of teaching other christians let along any other people. if you had any intelligence what so ever you would know that all types of people who communicate strictly by using slang are uneducated. i wish you would take that bs you are talking about to the nearest "ghetto" so you would get stomped like a sour grape. what you need to do is lock yourself in a bathroom, sit on the toilet, and wait until all your human waste thoughts and beliefs drain out of your megalomaniac body. God has no room for sheeps in wolves clothing so get your mind right and reevaluate your judgments
buster-jamar  James Seay

 To whom it may concern,

Prov 26:5
5 Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.
Prov 14:9
9 Fools make a mock at sin:
Gal 6:7
7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked:

I am sure that you think that you are being hysterical, but my friend, you are treading in an area that is dangerous to your soul.  I know by your words that you are the type right now that is smiling and talking to your screen saying things like- "Close minded 'idiot'!" or how about- "Self-righteous 'jerk'!"  My friend, I am neither, but it doesn't take a space scientist or a theologian to see that you are greatly deceived, and now acting out in blasphemous ways.  I do not know what made you so bitter, but I want to warn you, please do not allow an act or acts of someone else to damn you to a literal hell.  Jesus died for you to save you, not so that you could have a little web site that mocks His holy name.  I realize that you may write me a scathing response, but I had to tell you the truth, even if it is not received...but I hope that you will consider what you are doing.

A concerned Christian,
lynn schuyler 

Hello. I would like to know where the information for the article about the Christian Star Trek Captain was found. So far I have not found the article to be very fitting to the reality of the show.

Matthew  Cimone