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Lucas' Jar Jar Sex Candy Toy Prompts National Boycott of Toy Distributors!

Shame on You, George Lucas!

America should be shocked! Under the guise of family entertainment, George Lucas has created a device by which youths are instructed in the ways of ungodly sex! His latest Jar Jar Binks toy contains a 10 inch push-up tongue made of strawberry flavored candy. The tongue is shaped like a male sex organ. It is hard, and has a flushed red color, suggesting a youngster wrap his or her mouth around a fully aroused genital. Parents across the country are purchasing this 'innocent' novelty for their youngsters, completely unaware of it's demonic nature.

One mother brought the toy home for her 3 year old son. She had no idea what it was, because the demon's mouth was closed when she purchased it. She turned her head for an instant and when she looked back and saw her boy sucking on the sex tongue, she fainted dead on the spot. It took a team of four paramedics to bring her round. The boy was punished, and the candy destroyed.

This toy was created for one purpose, and one purpose alone! That is to train a generation of children in the ways of carnality! One need only glance at the toy to see it's true intent! As an institution ordained by God it is our responsibility to this Christian Nation to expose such horrors.

We cannot stress how dangerous this toy is. It is not only shocking, but hundreds who have seen it have been sickened unto the point of nausea! We are asking all God fearing Americans to take a stand against this blatant attack on youthful innocence! Please join us in our fight to keep God's country clean from corruption.
Remember that Satan is an angel of Light! He comes quietly into your homes,
creeping, lured as a suckle to the sweet lips of youth. "Touch not the unclean thing!" the Bible tells us. Well, we found an unclean thing, and we mean to cut it off, before our 5 year olds start asking questions that most Christian adults would never dream of asking!

Please use the list below to contact National toy stores, and toy distributors. Tell them that you will no longer shop in their sickening, disgusting, perverted stores until the abomination is removed from the shelves! Tell them they have a sex toy for kids ages 2 and up in their stores, and decent people will not stand for it! Click Here for full size image of sex toy. You will be shocked!
Contact These Stores by Clicking. Once you are there, send an e-mail complaint! These are the main pornographers, contact your local toy stores as well! Don't shop there till we win this Christian Battle! Praise!


Glory To God! Because of our Christ-Like efforts, Wal Mart has decided to remove the demon from store shelves! We would like to thank concerned Christians everywhere for joining us in this campaign against pornography! See the letter our Pastor received below.

Dear Sir,
I am sending you this letter in regards to the email we got about the Jar Jar Binks Candy Tounges. I am very sorry you feel this way about this product & I would like to know the store location that you shop at. If you could provide me with the address, city & state of the store I will call the store & have them pull the product. Thank you for your time.

Carolynn Hayes
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Impulse Merchandising

The Landover Baptist Church would like to thank Mrs. Hayes and Wal-Mart for taking a stand against George Lucas and his Demonic attempt to corrupt youthful innocence. As of this day, all Wal-Mart stores in Iowa have had the candy sex tounges removed. Mrs. Hays' number is available to any bold Christian who would like to call her -upon request. 


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