February 2004


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!
February, in the Year of our LORD, 2004!

By Judy O'Christian

Note: Clicking on a link will open it in a new window, as long as you are right with Jesus. If you're not, you can just go to hell.

True Christan® Friends (and any who ain't can just go and burn in hell right now!), I had to take some time off after the Devil got into several jars of my pick! led watermelon rinds. But Jesus called me back!

Glory! Jesus has decided to let us live another year! He hasn't come back yet to stomp the Earth flat and burn everything, killing all life to demonstrate His perfect Love, but don't let your guard down! He's comin', and if you ain't ready, you'll BURN! And I can't wait to watch. Love! Unconditional love! Oh, Glory. It warms the heart.

It's a whole new year! Glory, glory, glory! The world is certainly a much better place since George W. Bush took over. Thank goodness them damn libruls are n! o longer in control and the adults are in charge. We True Christians know that Jesus supports the USA 100%, and whatever we do is A-OK with Him. Glory!

Praise the LORD for the fact that He protects our Godly President from the evil terra-ists that would harm our Godly Commander in Chief!

Praise the Lord for Freedom Fries! LORD, protect us from the sex-obsessed libruls.

Bush and the Godly ! Dick Cheney are being sued by 911 victims! Damn libruls! are the REAL terra-ists! True Christians will vote for Bush again! It's the best way to insure Christian abstinence programs get Federal Taxpayer funding! The LORD's Army will win! Even the crazy Jews will bow before Him at election day!

Bush is protecting Americans from the evil Cathylicks! Shoo! Baptists are in charge now! We'll take care of you soon enough!

In Christian Love,


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