July 2002

$2.5 Billion In Christian Funds Secured To Develop, "Salvation City."

Freehold, Iowa - Pastor Deacon Fred stands in front of a scale model of Landover Baptist Development Corp.'s newly announced Saved City July 1, 2002 in Freehold, Iowa.

Saved City is a 221,135-acre retirement community designed around the 76-story "Crucifix Tower" Christian office building. Construction has already begun on Saved City's own Christian outlet mall, 3 18-hole PGA-certified golf courses, 4 new chapels with stadium seating and luxury skyboxes, the first Christian NASCAR racetrack, private jet airport, 4 luxury hotels, 2 hospitals (one for residents and another for their help), Town Hall, two Christian movie theaters, a creation science museum, and possibly a small secular library operated out of a kiosk near the new Olympic-size baptism pool.

The retirement condos, which run from $780,000 to $7.2 million will feature private access to the 520-foot marble "Stairway to Heaven," which will allow property owners to begin their ascent to Glory once they pass retinal scanners to assure that they are saved home-owners.

(AP Photo/R. David Duncan III)


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