September 2003


Surfin' the Net With Jesus!

September, in the year of Our Lord, 2003!


Summer's over for those of us on the surface of this planet, but it continues for the libruls, demoncrats and feminazis who have been sent to Hell! Our Godly weather report says that temperatures in Hell average 1,000+ degrees, night and day! GLORY! God is so good, to roast His enemies over and over, regenerating their flesh when it burns off their bones, day after day forever more! Glory! That is love in action! Send in money now!

God is working miracles, and soon He'll shut down the modern Saddam and Gommorah retail stores! You can't anger God for too long before He smites you, you librul heathens! Praise God for George W. Bush! Only the stupid libruls are against his bold plan for America!

America's Heroes are going to put a stop to your librul nonsense once and for all! You libruls and homosexurals who spoke out against our Godly President will soon be hunted down and shot for treason, and I can't wait to see you burn in hell! Homosexurals are trying to destroy marriage by demanding it for themselves. We will stop them!

What the libruls fail to understand is that True Christians are once again in charge of this Godly Nation. You don't like it? Well, go to hell! We are in charge, and we are doing God's will, and you and all your librul tax-and-spend friends can just SHUT UP, because you don't matter! The adults are in charge now! You evil homosexurals will just have to find your own country to move to, and then we Real Americans can BOMB it. Repent!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! (Thanks to Bill O'Reilly for giving me that rhetorical tool. He's a damned Cathylick, but at least he shuts up the "educated" libruls!) Folks, if you don't know Jesus, you don't know nothing! Praise God for those of us who are smarter than you stupid libruls! If you would just shut up and let us control your lives, as God has ordained us to do, you'd be so much better off. But, no, you want to wallow around, being stupid and living your own "dreams," like the rest of the stupid libruls. You'll never see a True Christian Republican doing that!!

Mel Gibson will clear up everything soon enough. What a Great American he is!

Folks, just put your trust in the church, and shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP about your own "problems." We True Christian Republicans are sick of hearing you whine!

Why don't you PRAY instead? Of course, God hates you libruls and "unemployed" as much or more than us True Christians, but at least He'll listen to you for a few minutes before telling you to go to Hell.

That's infinitely more than I'm willing to offer, you librul heathen.

Well, I'm off to observe the votes in the California Recall!

In Christian Love,


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