October 1999

Self-avowed Pope loving Mary worshipper and rich little Catholic mama’s boy, JFK Jr. fell from the sky recently, into a watery grave. His plane got to 2,000 feet off the coast of hoity-toity Martha’s Vineyard, when he started what he thought was going to be a descent to the airport. It turned out to be a double-barreled nose-dive straight to Hell.

Liberals are still trying to make sense of the ‘so-called’ tragedy, while it makes perfect sense to the Godly. God was John Kennedy’s Co-Pilot on that flight. With that plunge, Almighty God showed that clan that breeds like rats, the Kennedys, the price of renouncing the true faith and being Pope-loving Catholics.  At the funeral, Ted Kennedy, an admitted Catholic, looking down at the water and recalling Mary Jo Kopechne was heard to say in a grating Boston accent, “Sending pretty girls to a watery grave is nothing new for a Kennedy, but I can’t believe he was stupid enough to go with them.”

Pastor Ebeneezer Smith of Landover Baptist Church, offered these words of comfort to the Kennedy family, “You symbolize everything that is wrong with this country. You are a clan of drunks, liars, womanizers, and hypocrites. Rose Kennedy has had more Catholics pass through her than the Vatican. God has it in for you folks. Ted Kennedy is gonna choke on a sandwich, and end up in Hell before the next election. I couldn’t tell which sister little Johnny was married to anyway. Because the Lord took them both, we can only assume they were both taking Johnny.”

Both the Kennedy Family and the Vatican (Which are basically the same devil with different haircuts) condemned The Landover Baptist Church for providing a Godly, Biblical perspective to the tragedy. 

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