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We DARE YOU to put the Word of God on your desktop!  
Instructions: To download one of our free True Christian® wallpapers, simply choose your favorite one and click on the appropriate size.  Once the image is downloaded into your internet browser, to add wallpapers to your desktop in Windows 95/98 and NT - 1. Place mouse cursor over the image. 2. Right click the mouse button. 3. Click, 'Set as Wallpaper' using the left mouse button once. 4. Your wallpaper is now set on your desktop! Praise Jesus! If you are using a Macintosh: 1. Place mouse cursor over the image. 2. Hold down the mouse button until the mini menu appears. 3. "Save Image As" saving the image to your hardrive. 4. Open Control Panel "Desktop Pictures. 5. Click remove picture and then click select picture. 6. Load new wallpaper from hard drive. 7. Then, "position automatically" for wallpaper. Glory! Now stand back and watch as your family, friends, and co-workers drop their jaws in shock when they see how well you know your Scripture!

Stone Disobedient Children!
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Steer Clear of the Unsaved!
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Utterly Destroy Evidence of Other Religions!
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I Will Spread Dung Upon Your Face and Corrupt Your Seed!
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