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Easter Traditon

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Landover Baptist Palm Sunday Preparaton:

The Landover Baptist Pre-Palm Sunday Leaf to Cross Sewing Assembly Line

True Christian™ Palm Sunday Tradition

Freehold, Iowa - Landover Baptist Ex-Catholics (Recovering Pentecostal Mexi-ricans) work through the night to sew imported, (so-called: endangered)  Hawaiian Haleakala Palm leaves into small Christian crosses. The Palm Crosses will be carefully handed out and placed onto the Godly lapels of Platinum and Gold Tithers who attend the Major Donor's exclusive Palm Sunday 11 AM morning $2500/plate church service and Christian leisure fellowship dinner, sponsored by Morton's Steakhouse - Freehold Iowa.  Additional Palm leaves (we've been told all beetles have been removed this year!) trucked up from Daytona, Florida will be distributed to churchgoers during the 8 AM, 9:30 AM, and 11:30 AM Palm Sunday services at Landover Baptist's satellite chapels. 

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