February 2009

60 Second Sermons

The Satanic Origins of St. Valentine's Day

Where: Landover Baptist University ~ Department of Elementary Home School Education

Advanced Home School Teaching 452 (Satanic Holidays and Secular Festivals)

Who: Artist, Home School Enthusiast and Visiting University Professor, Rev. William (Billy) Stanley

Use: This item is fully approved by the Christian Home Schooling Association of Iowa and should be provided as a mandatory educational tool for all Baptist Children, ages 6-11.


*All historical documentation and references (300 AD - Present) regarding the True History of Valentine's Day are available to Platinum Tithing Members of the Landover Baptist Church Community at no cost. If you are a Christian scholar and need references for a project, research paper or other, please send our Church Historian a 5-page synopsis (of which we will have the copyright to publish) along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and a check for $479.99.  God Bless!





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