January 2009

60 Second Sermons

Bo's Law

Bo's Law States:

It is impossible to tell through the internet whether a person or organization is legitimately Atheist or is simply a person or organization making fun of Atheism.

Bo's Law In Detail:

Bo's Law relates to Atheism and the difficulty of identifying legitimate Atheists and their organizations because it is so hard to tell fake Atheism from the real thing. The law also works in reverse because as Christians, we know in actuality, there is really no such thing as "Atheism." So in fact, "real Atheists" can also be indistinguishable from "fake Atheists" because there are people and organizations who claim to be Atheist, while we know that is quite impossible, since there is no such thing as a real Atheist.  All sane and rational people believe in God, whether they deny it or not.  The Bible says that people who say there is "no God" are "'ivveleth (ihv-vel-LETH)" which translates to "mentally insane" (Psalm 14:1)  Thus, people who claim to be Atheists are suffering from a mental delusion that can be cured in many cases by steadfast prayer, and/or mild electro-shock therapy coupled with approved medications prescribed by an authorized Christian Psychiatrist or experienced Pastor. 

So the dilemma is: Are the web-sites and blogs that claim to be Atheist, really web-sites created by Christians who are parodying Atheists or by people and organizations who are so deluded to think they are Atheist, but in fact not, and thus lending to the extended parody of Atheism and mental delusion?

A Few Examples of Bo's Law:

The Friendly Atheist Blog - This blog has a picture of a smug looking brown-skinned fellow, who looks like he was photo shopped. He calls himself, Hermant, thus lending to the confusion about his natural origins as a human (Herman) and more subtly as an insect.  The parody becomes completely obvious if you save "Hermant's" picture onto your computer, and zoom in on his mouth very closely, you will see there is a slight grin on his face.  Also, his left eye is much larger than his right eye, which is probably just the result of poor photo-shopping.  "Herman-ant's" (as we refer to him in our lectures) blog attracts thousands of other so-called Atheists who post responses to his articles (which at first glance appear to be questions about the world from an Atheist point of view). The blog appears to be authentic, but after close examination it becomes apparent that the creator is actually a Christian (a mild-mannered gentleman with a "Hello, My Name is Hermant" name sticker on his lapel was spotted at the Southern Baptist Convention in Jacksonville, FL a year ago with a tape recorder) who is parodying Atheism. The readers on the other hand are legitimate people who think they are Atheists, while in fact they are not, because according to Bo's Law, that is impossible.  The blog is also hosted by, "WordPress," a well known Christian blogging corporation dedicated to spreading God's Word by "pressing" through the internets. 

The Secular Web (formerly Internet Infidels) - The creator(s) of this site changed the name recently to make it appear more legitimate. The parody was initially too obvious as they linked to hateful Atheist paraphernalia, blasphemous quotes, and hosted a forum where people with names that would quickly give away the parody like; Infidelxxx, and Satanatheist would post hateful quotes about Christians. Since the site had a makeover, they now present unsuspecting readers with an "Honorary Board", a "FAQ," and even claim to have a "501(c)(3)" association. These items make it far more difficult to distinguish the parody.  Even more disturbing is the fact that young children who are searching for legitimate meaning in life, may stumble upon the site and be presented with a barrage of research, data, facts and other falsities which supposedly support human reason and logic. The credo, "a drop of reason in a pool of confusion" is a dead giveaway to Christian intellectuals that the site is created by real Christians.  The credo refers to "a drop," and the site presents thousands of "drops."  Learned followers of Christ know that "a drop" means, "The Holy Bible," but to those readers who are not well trained in the faith it appears confusing. One can only pray that the site creators allow for the Secular Web parody to be more obvious lest they cause little ones to stumble in their walk with the Lord.

Formalizations of Bo's Law

There have been numerous attempts by legitimate Christian organizations to formalize the various concepts that Bo's law has been used for. Although Bo's Law itself works for the greater good of Christendom as a whole, it oftentimes could lead Christians astray or enrage them toward imprecatorial prayers (Bible-based prayers for evil or misfortune to fall upon others) which would in turn have a devastating effect upon a fellow brother or sister in Christ who is utilizing Bo's Law for ministerial purposes.

Origins of Bo's Law

Bo's law was originally developed at the Landover Baptist Center for Creation Science Research by Dr. Bo Jenkins. Dr. Jenkins was on the U.S. Senate Fellowship House of Directors for 8-years. He also served as a secular media consultant for President George W. Bush's Department of Faith.  Dr. Bo Jenkins is currently the Dean of the Department of Creation Science and Biblical Biology at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He also serves at Liberty University as the tenured Professor of Astro-Creation Physics.

Test Your Knowledge of Bo's Law:

Three of the following seven web sites are examples of Bos Law, while the others are serious attempts by mentally deluded people or organizations who really think they are Atheists!  Good Luck choosing which!  Please remember that however amusing some of these sites might seem to you as a Christian, mental illnesses like "Atheism" are very serious! 


*Please note that this short test is taken directly from Dr. Bo Jenkins' mid-term exam for Christian graduate students of Astro-Creation Physics at Liberty University.  We regret that we can not give the answers to this test of "Bo's Law" online for legal reasons. We can however, provide you with a hint:  The third letter from the second word in each verse from the book of John, Chapter 5, KJV 1611 version.  Provide phonetic arrangement starting with names beginning with "B" in Chronicles Chapter 4.  Use the multiplier provided in Malachi 2:3.





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