July 2009

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Home Based Christian Business Opportunity!
Sissy Kits
, Inc.

"Opening up a world of hurt,
meant only to heal"

Providing Christian Parents With De-Sissification Tools Since 1909

Our Ad Below (As Seen In Over 200 National Newspapers)


Sissy Kits

Mission Statement:  "We are a 100% American Christian company, developed under constant and direct guidance from our CFO, the Lord Jesus Christ from his office in Heaven. Several prominent Pastors along with Freeholders Against Gay Schooling™ were blessed with a fabulously divine vision during a church potluck dinner over 100 years ago.  Our chilling concerns over the "Modernization of the American Family" led us to a very lengthy prayer.  The result of that historic prayer (answered by God just yesterday) culminated in what we believe to be America's first "Home Based Business," Christian or otherwise!

Sissy Kits is and always will be (Lord willing) Baptist owned and operated since 1909.  We were instructed by our living maker, Jesus Christ to develop a single package of tools to assist parents in the process of De-Sissification.  If you are interested in participating in our newly ramped up bulk e-mail spam ministry, please contact us at the address below.

Sissy Kits™
Christian Business Partnership Request
218 Soulwinner's Court Warehouse
Freehold, Iowa 89654

If you or your family has a suspected pre-sodomite, please send a certified check in the amount of $149.00 + $473 processing and shipping fees to the following address:

Sissy Kits™ 
Discipline Starter Kit Request
218 Soulwinner's Court Warehouse
Freehold, Iowa 89654

Or e-mail: SissyKits@landoverbaptist.org for more details.

*Note: The tools you see in our advertisement above are included in the updated 2009 version of Sissy Kits™.   If you'd like to see earlier versions of Sissy Kits™ please watch the Antiques Road Show on PBS as it comes to Freehold, Iowa during the last week of October, 2009.




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