A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received March 2004  (unedited and in original form)

I don't know if you are the devil or are really just ignorent. As far as salvation is concerned your current sermons and attitudes are paving your way to hell, with the rest of your congregaton. God is LOVE, not hate which you portray in your sermons as well as everywhere else on your site. At first I thought your site was a joke, but to my disgust it was very real. God Bless, Mike

Michael Vargo

To Whom It May Concern: Get Behind me Satan! You people are clearly of the devil!! May Christ have mercy on your soul!!! You are the ones who are going to hell, if you don't stop the evil you are doing. If you are telling me that I am going to hell, than I will save you a spot! Let God arise and his enemies be scattered for you are his enemy!!!

Nikolas Yzeic

I can't believe that you have the audacity to scam kids with your "free playstation". My son brought this to my attention, and yes I can have gone to the local media.

Cynthia Santos

I was browsing through the internet looking up information on christian dating. I was trying to get some stuff together for this upcoming sunday night for my (9th grade guys.)

That's when I come up on your website. The first thing I noticed was the fact that it said "The unsaved ARE not welcome." Im struggling to understand why you would put a "christian" website on the internet if you DID not want any non christians to see it. Then to say they are unwelcome? Are you unfamilar with Matthew 9:12 where it says "Healthy people do not need a doctor-sick people do." And the dating tips for men. If anyone were to follow those tips, the girl would surely up and go. Not to mention the part on "taping your penis." As a fellow baptist I don't come with complaints, only with concerns.

Matthew 18-20 Be blessed

Chad Matthews

Greetings in the name of the one and only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

What you people are doing is disgusting. How dare you make a mockery of truth about God, the Bible, and give a negative image about true Christians. I happen to be a Baptist minister (since 1985) and have never seen such a disgusting thing as what you are doing. You reword the truth, make it look like all Christians are closed minded, and make it look as if Christians think they are better than everyone else. It is your so-called church that is doing evil in the eyes of God.

Bishop Dr. P. Bradley Carey
Fellowship of Christ International

Dear Landover, I would just like to announce to others that you are one of the Anti-Christ's Minions, and that everything written goes completly against the BIBLE, and I am disgusted that you would find any of this humorous, you need some serious therapy. Even an atheist would'nt give though to going agaist God, because if you arn't a believer, then what's the point of all this non-sense, only an antichrist would publicize such hatred. Do your selves a favour and go find a new hobby, God have mercy on your weaknesses.

Christian Believer.

You know what at first when i saw the thing about the play station 2 i thought wow that's something really nice. But you know what you are just sick The main thing God tells us to do is to love our father and mother and you know what you really are a Horibble saintanic driven person. Who is trying to rip off people through there kids and its wrong . Terribly wrong. Just so you know i am not a parent I am a young adult. And you know what I love my parents And I love God and guess what if you don't change something in your heart your not going to like where you are going to go and its not up. So please if you have any heart of all get rid of that site and change your motives. Because you know what god also says pray for your enemies so guess what im going to pray for you . Im going to pray that you find out the truth and not your twisted thinking.

In Christ,
Mary Jackson

I came across your site, I was shocked that a church would be selling items of poor taste. How could a church, be selling thongs with Jesus on them. Think about it. It is poor judgement on your part.


This web site is shocking. If you think you are doing good to the world, the fuck you're not. YOU are the ones that need to open your eyes and be saved, because what you are doing IS sin.YOU are the ones going to hell!!!!!!!! and i do not fuck'n care what you think. This is America, land of the free, how are we supposed to create an environment suitable for everyone if your SINFUL site is just.......i can't even finish..........long story short......................................... YOU NEED TO BE SAVED


"Wrong you unsaved moron"!? What the hell is wrong with you people? I've never been to such a rediculous site in my life!! You people are going to burn in HELL for what you tell people! I hope you are pay for this!

Brittani Sheldon



You must be crazy to try to talk children into taking their parents credit cards and checkbooks.

What ever happened to "Honer thy parents"? Not "hate thy parents". Your church should be closed down and rot in hell!!

I dont expect a reply from chicken shits like you, but keep in mind, My children LOVE their parents and Jesus at the same time.


was reading your website for my theology project and your beliefs project the wrong things. You think that if someone sins they will automatically go to hell? If a woman uses a tampon? Have you never heard that we are all born with original sin and total depravity and we ALL sin, but that is why God sent his Son for us. To save us all from sin and the devil. What you are teaching is false documents of the Bible!

Robert Kluever

This is the worst web site I've ever come across. So dishonoring to the Lord Jesus Christ. It's a system of legalism. Trying to get kids receive Jesus by saying that they can have a free play station 2 if they do so. Nonsense. You're a disgrace to the Lord Jesus. You're worst than liberals. I'm a fundamentalist too, but I don't follow doctrines of man but of God as revealed in the Bible.

Clothing is perhaps the most important thing about being a Christian.

Is that what you believe? God thinks otherwise, it's the Heart!!!(1Sam 17:6).

If you do not have the same beliefs as we do, you are going to burn in Hell forever.

I will never have the beliefs you have because your beliefs are man-made and what you're saying about others should be for you. (repent from all man-made beliefs and stick to the Bible). May the Lord have mercy on all you Pharisees! There are so many things that make me vomit when I read them (there all on these web site). Reconsider your eternal destiny. You're serving the wrong Jesus(that's yourselves). (Maranatha).

Djali Buck

I came across your web site and all I have to say is Ha Ha Ha very funny - NOT!!!

Parody is right - but that's OK - it does say in the Bible that in the last days there will be may false prophets - deceivers. Satan is the greatest deceiver of them all - guess you want to try for second place.

You probably get a kick out of all the angry emails you get - sorry you have nothing else to do with your time AND life.

Well, not to worry - I know the truth - I am free. It is quite obvious that either you just want a big laugh at the sake of those who truly love Christ, are a Satan worshipper in disguise, or are truly lost.

I only hope that you will be enlightened by what the real truth is - not your own version - before your time comes - you know that death is somethng none of us can escape (that is unless we are here during the rapture).

I want you to know that I am not an angry Christian about your web site - actually, I feel very sad and sorry for you. I am always telling my daughter not to become angry over people's ignorance - instead to feel sorry that they are the way they are and to pray for them. Guess I'll take my own advice and do the same for you.

May you and your congregation (if in fact there really is one which I doubt - I think it is all made up just to anger sincere people who love Christ) find and understand the Truth of Jesus Christ. Adios. Vaya con Dios. :)

Deborah Montellano

WHEN did GOD abdicate His position and give it to you?! I cannot believe how on one hand, you say you believe all the Bible, and then take over the position of God, in your dictatorial attitude!! WHERE, in God`s Word, do you find the name Baptist Church ? The church belongs to Jesus Christ, who bought it with His own blood!!!!! Should not the name give all the glory to Christ? I am truly amazed at your "mindset", which can`t be found in the Bible!!

In Christ,

I am a PROUD Catholic and stumbled across your so called sermon on the internet regarding "Why do Catholics worship Mary?" Out of curiosity I went into your web site and saw all the "hatred" posted on there. I will be praying for your soul.

Lorra Swang

I recently read the story someone wrote on the boy who played with dolls and I felt physical pain for that little boy. How could a church abuse this little boy when there are obviously so many things already wrong with his world? I am a Christian, but I don't think I would ever darken the doors of your church because of what the article says and your logo that says Unsaved are not welcome. Our job as christians is to help those who are less fortunate than us. Please reconsider your harsh beliefs and try to help that little boy instead of trying to make him what you think he should be.


It is clear to any reasonable person who reads this page ( http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news1100/science.html ) that its author is ignorant of such things as science and has no business publishing such nonsense. You should be ashamed. Hundreds and thousands of scientists have spent their lives in the pursuit of knowledge and truth and the attributes of our creator. They are diligent in their pursuit of truth and are very careful to present the evidence required to call their findings the truth NOT science fiction. Their proof is well documented so that anyone might validate its authenticity. They base their findings on fact. What do you base your statements on? Please realize that it is not God that you have placed your faith in. You have placed your faith in a book written by men. It is not God that you have faith in. You have faith in the men who wrote the book called the bible. They tell you that it is the word of God and you believe them. They tell you there is a devil and you believe them. They tell you that God kills children and you believe them. You do not know them are anything about them yet you still believe that what they say is the truth.

Yes, there is a God and he is good and powerful. No man knows what comes after death whether it be heaven or hell or nothing at all. Any man who says he knows is a liar including the writters of the bible. It was not Godís intention for us to know what comes after death. If you look around at God's creation and you see all that he has given us asking nothing in return you will see that he would never cast his own creation into a place such a hell.

I was raised and baptized in the Christian church and have been subjected to the same sort of brain washing that you have (apparently) been subjected to. I was fortunate enough to over come my Christian influences. There is no Devil. There is no hell. Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead nor did he heal the sick. He was, I believe, a very good man and most likely a Deist. If Jesus were alive today he would have nothing to do with the Christian system of belief and would likely be against it.

There is no doubt that there is a God and that God is as incomprehensibly powerful as he is good. The bible incorrectly describes God as being wrathful, vengeful, jealous and angry. Those are all human characteristics and traits and should never be used in describing God. God is a being whoís power equals his will. No, he possesses none of the frail human weaknesses described and you are hurting yourself if you believe that he does. You are hurting man kind if you teach that he does. If you compare all of Godís creation such as the moon, a sun set, a child, a flower or the wind it is easy to see that the bible is not one of Gods creations and should not be seen as such. The bible is blasphemous to God. The bible is a lie. You have been taught to believe the bible as the truth and that is the only reason you believe it. Your God given reason and logic tell you everyday that it is not true. You have been deceived, all though I doubt that you were intentionally deceived for your teachers were taught to believe the bible to be truth as well. The sooner you realize that God is real and that the bible is not Gods word but manís word the happier you will be. God gave you your reason and your logic and expects you to use them to there fullest. You have never heard the voice of God talk directly to you and you know deep down that this is true. If you say that it was Godís voice that you heard and not your own voice then you are lying to your self. You can read the truth about the bible here. ( http://www.deism.org/ageofreason.htm ) Read it with an open mind and heart and with out fear of retribution for there will be none. You are free to believe what ever you will but are best advised to believe the truth. http://www.deism.org/ageofreason.htm

Your brother in humanity,

I've never seen anything like your website! It's not only sad and ludicris, it's blasphemous. I'll pray for you and those like you. This website shouldn't even be allowed to exist. Free speech or not, it's vile.


you guys are sick fucks.

you think you're preaching god's word? Jesus came to earth and forgave. He taught love and kindness above all. And hitting your child, no, abusing your children and stuffing socks in their mouths? Lets see, can you imaging jesus doing that?

You are the people who will rot in hell.

I truely hope no one actually believes this is a true Christian website. I donít think Iíve seen one thing on here that comes close to what Christians and/or Republicans actually think. If you want to hate us, fine, thatís your problem. Mock us? Go right ahead. This is a nation of free speech. But please, donít twist and distort it and try to pass it off as some sort of sick reality.

I donít care. I donít have to ever look at this site again. I can argue for hours if thatís what you want. Feel free to email me (extracted) or send me a message on AIM (extracted) if you want to argue, or ask any questions about the truth. All I want is to make sure that people donít actually believe this and get quite the wrong impression.

The real question here, is are you happy? Does this make you feel better? Do you have anything worth living for?

Loryn Manoa

I am sorry to see that you choose hell over heaven. You must know that there is no party in hell. You are being decieved by the father of all LIES.

I am praying for you and your enemies and they are in your own back yard. Not us christians

May God have mercy on you if you continue this kind of behavior.

This is total blastphemy and God will see to your demize if you continue down your path of destruction.

In Jesus name forever

To Pastor Deacon Fred

I would first like to say that I am a true Christian and I put the Lord Jesus first when it comes to all matters. I read your article regarding the 2000 Olympics at http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0900/olympics.html and I must say, it sounds like perhaps you have had a difficult life yourself. I think it is quite possible that you've struggled through out your life time especially with modesty, is this the reason why you became a pastor? And that's okay I see nothing wrong with it and I'm happy that you have followed the Lord. Though, what the French team did by racing across the soccer field with nothing on was wrong. And because the Olympics does involve diving, swimming, wrestling, and bodybuilding, does this mean we should ban it? NO. What Janet Jackson did during the half time, do we ban football? NO. No where does it say in scripture that sports are a sin. It is what you view as a sin and you must deal with it yourself with the Lord. You see Pastor, the Lord has put us here to follow Him, to have faith in Him and to be free and to love Him and for Him to love us back. The Lord did not put us here to suppress us. When it comes to men's diving, perhaps you need to further research this and understand why the swimwear is required. I'll save you some time, to make the most littlest splash as possible is who wins. It is obvious that anyone who wears swimwear down to their knees will lose in a diving or swimming match. There is nothing wrong with the swimwear that both the men and women wear, it is of moral values. They are not G-strings or thongs and the Olympics would never allow this. In fact, many Christians participate in these sports and they too view the same objective. Moving onto swimming, the purpose for the swimwear is all in speed. Compare a brief swimsuit with trunks down past your knees, who's going to win? Wrestling, the same thing. You said that the wrestling apparel reveal the men's penises. What would you like for them to wear, jeans? The purpose of wrestling is all in the moves and to pin down your opponent. Is this a sin? No. Perhaps they could wear a little more apparel under their wrestling apparel but it is what they feel comfortable with. I think it is safe to assume that you are struggling somewhere with sports and I also believe you need to pray about it. I feel the Lord has spoken to my heart. I know many Christians that are also involved in bodybuilding, are you going to say this is a sin? I hope not.

You see pastor, EVERYTHING IS A SIN IF YOU LOSE FOCUS OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND NOT PUT HIM FIRST. No matter what you do in life, put the Lord first and do not lose focus of him; many of these Christians athletes that participate in swimming, diving, wrestling and bodybuilding are there for a purpose, to stand out and say they are Christians and they've accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. And for you to stand up and say lets ban it, well, you are sinning. Why? Because you are judging. What you are saying in your web site and how you are coming across indicates to not only myself but family and friends that you are judging the Olympics and these athletes; and I must say, shame on you. Furthermore, I am a little offended by what you mean by "real Christians". Are you saying that because you view the sports mentioned above are a sin you are considered a "real Christian" and I am not. If so, brother in Christ, you do indeed have a real problem and I will pray for you. We should not judge others but keep our opinions to ourselves; and by what you've said in your web site, you are judging others.

I am being 100% honest with you pastor, I feel the Lord has directed me to your web site and He has spoken to my heart so I may address you this in this letter. Considering that the web site is about four yeas old. I think you will be happy to see that many of the men's swimwear in the swimming competition now days are of bikers outfits developed by the Speedo Corp which is made of new technology so the swimmer may swim faster; which is great...whatever works for the athlete is what counts...AS LONG AS THEY REMAIN FOCUSED ON THE LORD. I will pray for you. Thank you.

Darren Naath