A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received October 2003  (unedited and in original form)

I am reporting this site to the FBI, I can't believe you're talking about killing witches and that the government is going to support you ?? What in your HELL is wrong with you children of the corn freaks anyway???? You make me sick, and you are the DEVIL!! anti Christ for sure--you will be hearing from the FBI and maybe they can shut you up and shut you down~

Celtic Moon, Hawaii

Wow! I read the 10 Halloween Tips for Holyweeners and I am in awe. I can't believe what was said in these tips. I don't know exactly what you all are trying to prove but some of the tips are horrible. I myself am christian but I dont believe you should treat these young children in this way. What you believe is your beliefs and I dont think you should torture these childrens that don't know any better but what there parents have taught them. You all should just lock each other in the house and put signs or avoid the people who go to your house. That would be the best thing for you to do. By you all saying these things it makes christians look bad and I know many many christians who wouldn't do something like this. Thank You for your time!


This site and the views expressed are everything that's wrong with Christianity today, and does nothing but to further the hatred and intolerance already all-too prevalent in today's society. I suppose it doesn't matter, though. We won't be seeing you when our time's up, anyway. Enjoy your stay in hell...

Ben Pinneo

Dear Pastor,

I just read your article entitled, "Scooby Doo: Turning Kids Onto the Occult!" and found it to be quite enlightening. I do take two exceptions in your article as incongruous with stating that you placed this as a "message of Christian love and experience...". My own experience has shown that, yes you can stereotype femenists, but it is not only not truly reflective of the diversity in appearance, but it tends to render your article less effective and irrelevant to some when people's own experiences do not match up with your generalization. Theefore, I take exception with the line, "hide the fact that feminists are nothing more than ugly-looking women with glasses who are always reading books and bossing people around."

I also feel that, again, one lessens their argument when the distraction of a personal commentary on someone is included in such important information you provide. Herein, I refer to the refernce to Rosie O'Donnell as a,"human hippo."

Neither comment respects the basic human dignity of people and is neither reflective of how God still sees these humans, children of God, nor does it express "true Christian love and experience."

Again, I did find your article useful. Please continue to do your good work as you are in my prayers.


Patrick O'Donnell SFO

"Freehold, Iowa - In an act that can only be described as pure evil, a rabid young Wiccan girl wearing a black cape burst into the Landover Baptist 11 a.m. Sunday morning church service and flung the bloody carcass of a headless black cat across 297 pews. Pastor Deacon Fred ducked just in time as the abomination splashed into the baptismal pool, spattering chunks of animal flesh and water over the white robes of a horrified Christian Seniors Choir visiting from Des Moines. Pushing a frenzied crowd of screaming parishioners aside, Church ushers acted quickly and detained the Devil's harlot for questioning in the sanctuary basement before taking her to the furnace room. "

The above incident is the act of a seriously disturbed person. Not a Wiccan. Wiccan's do not approve of killing anything, let alone vandalising a church! In fact, the description of a Wiccan (as described on your site), is totally inaccurate. Most Wiccans look just like any Christian. They also do not encourage anyone to hate Christians. They encourage all to be respectful of the beliefs of others. In fact, many will acknowledge the fact that Jesus of Nazareth existed. They will acknowledge the fact he performed miracles. They would also know that Jesus was known for his tolerance, even of sinners. Afterall, He did sit down to dinner with publicans and sinners (publicans were thought to be the lowest form of occupation). He even befriended Mary Magdalene (who was a harlot).

As for the Jews (who by the way believe in the same God) are you going to persecute them as Hitler did? Who's next...negroes? Are you going to burn a cross on the lawn of every Jew, Wiccan, Buddhist etc because they do not believe as you do? I do not think Jesus (or God) would approve of such an act. When God proclaimed "Thou shalt not kill", he meant it. A loving God does not tell people to go out on witchhunts, or incinerate non-believers. It is up to HIM to judge. Not you. Believe what you will, but if you go around telling falsehoods and killing people, you will open yourselves up to being judged by Him later. In the name of Him...think about what you are doing! I would hate to see you suffer eternal damnation because of your actions!

Most sincerely

Susan Mary Proulx

I was searching for ideas for christian Halloween decorations and I came across your website. One of the ideas for Halloween was "Feed almonds to your Christian family dog for the two months leading up to Satan's birthday, Halloween. Follow him around with a pooper scooper. Carefully place the dog-filth in Almond Joy candy wrappers. Sealed in plastic, also insert a Bible verse. At the end of the Bible verse, in very small type, provide a warning not to eat the "candy." That way, wicked children who choose candy over the Word of God will get exactly what they deserve! "

I don't think that is a nice thing to do. Do you think Jesus would have done this? W.W.J.D.?

You, O Lord, I put my trust... Psalm 31:1

Roberta Neves

So I have a question...is everyone in your church mentally challenged? Or just the people who write the articles on your website? I just wanted you all to know you're fucking crazy. This is THE single most rediculous article I have ever read. As a young HOMOSEXUAL ATHEIST (OH NO!) I can pretty much promise you that I would get to heaven (if there is such a thing) long before ANY of you ever would. Just reading your bullshit assures me of this. You truly are bad people and I'm sure Jesus himself would be ashamed to have you. I dont even want to dignify any of the things you have ever said with an argument. Just know that you are horrible people, and the only people who DONT think so are the dumbasses who actually belong to your cult. Feel free to write me back, I'd actually be ammused to hear what you have to say. Thanks for you time=)

Chad Michael Kesler

University of Missouri


You are the biggest bunch of morons I have ever seen. How do you live with yourselves? Don't you ever step back and think about how retarded you are? Why do you believe in god? Because your mom told you to? Because he "came to you in a vision?" I know why, because you are too dumb to reach your own conclusions.

Do you think I'm going to hell? I sure hope not. But then again, I know for a fact that I'm not, because hell doesn't exist. You know how I know it doesn't exist? Because it's fucking impossible for it to exist. You a-holes. Look at you.

Sincerely, The Devil (Matthew G. O'Brien, UIS Student)

I was reading on your website about your Hell House, which I think is not a good idea as a ministry. When I visited some family in Tulsa, Oklahoma last year, I went through the GUTS Ministries Nightmare house, which sounds similar. It was not a good experience. They did things that could be considered traumatic. At one point, a man in strange makeup walks up to you holding a very realistic fake rat just to get a reaction. I am slightly embarrassed to say that I did evacuate my bowels and urinated a little bit as well in my underwear when he approached me with the rat. I began crying and found it difficult to talk as well, which is understandable when faced with this sort of fear-inducing gesture. I had to leave at this point and walked back out the entrance as the group I was going through the house with laughed audibly at me. This experience was horrible. I complained by phone to several people who helped put the Nightmare house together, and was met with one apology but mainly snickering, which I could hear clearly over the line, though they tried to hide it. I plan on recording my next conversation with them so that I can have proof that they do not take my complaint seriously. Anyway, I urge you not to continue your Hell House, as I am sure that many people like me will have a very unpleasant experience and might even file a lawsuit against you.

Austin Milbarge, MENSA Member and Certified Genius (IQ 160)

Dear Pastor,

The Pagan group that I belong to and I are sending you love and understanding. Thank you for confirming, from your harsh judgments, that my choice to belong to the Pagan Faith is truly wonderful for me.

Ignorance = Fear. Again, we send you love and wonderful energy.

Bright Blessings,

Chris Taraskiewicz

Dearest Pastor: 

I am very appalled about the President Bush promoting Islam: I wish he was as committed to promoting Jesus as he is to promoting Islam . How sad that after spending billions of dollars and the precious lives of our solders in Afghanistan and Iraq the oficial religion is going to continue to be Islam. He just wasted all those resources to keep the same terrorist regime. I hope that as his counselor you can remind him that The Lord put him in power for such a time as this: to promote and to glorify His name not the name of Islam. How sad that he seems to think that his compromising with Islamics is going to help him in any way. The only good thing I can say about the followers of Islam is that they don't go around compromising like we Christians do; no wonder it is the fastest growing religion in the world. Maybe we should learn from them to be faithful and true to our Lord Jesus instead of being cowards who are always trying to be politically correct outside of the church. This type of compromise has changed the nature of our nation : One that was one under God to a nation who is trying to accomodate all types of idol worshippers to the point of having to even negate our own Lord Jesus and His commandments. I would tell you to use your time wisely now that you can. If we continue compromising this way, your website and your church, as well as all of the other Christian Ministries will soon be illegal. May God's Holy Spirit give you the wisdom that you need to advise the President and may God open his heart to follow it. May the Lord guide you.


Ellen Prentice

Rev. Norm Vogel -[norm.vogel@verizon.net]

I read your artical on Wicca: Intoxicated by Christian Blood. It was aweful. How could anyone print a manual on how to spot a Wiccan and trap a Wiccan and use the fact that you say you are a Christian. What about "judge not". To "Pastor" Deacon Fred: For your information I know for a fact that Wicca is not a group of Christian blood suckers. They do take baths more then once a month, they wear clothes of all colors, they even study on there own to get good grades. I would suggest that the next time you do an article with valueble information, you have some. They are not around to harass "True Christians", cast spells, throw hexes, or commit bizarre hate crimes against the true body of Christ (Baptists). And Baptists are not their sworn enemy. You have really out down yourself. I happen to study Wicca and I go to Christian church every week. I am a member of my church and I participate as often as possible. My closet is filled with many colors, I bathe daily, and I believe that Christ is my Savior. I am a saved woman. I don't ever drink blood. (most wiccans are vegetarians) And I don't hunt for Christian children. I am a good person. You on the other hand seem to be the devil in disquise. You say that you are a Christian but your action speak louder otherwise. You are uninformed on what you write and mainly uneducated in anything but your own stupidity. I would be ashamed to have such nonsence on a website that represents any church. Should you need any inlightenment on a subject that you obviously know nothing about, please feel free to contact me via email.


There is only one reason that a "church" would have to put a disclaimer on their website, restricting it to 18 and older, and that is that you are not serving god, you are serving yourself!!!

Can someone who says to torture kids who are out trick-or-treating really be a christian? You are pro-life I presume...? How can you be pro-life and pro-murder at the same time? You can't! I don't believe in celebrating halloween either, but if someone is apart from Christ, shouldn't you help to bring them to God, not scare them away. You are a sinner as much as they are, and who are you to judge them. The bible says for us not to judge others, for that is God's responsibility, not ours.

You people are not being "Christ like", you are far from it!!!

How is someone supposed to become a Christ believer if Christians(which you CLAIM to be) are unwilling to support them? Did Christ only spend his time with believers? NO, if he did, He would be the only Christian! He spent the majority of his time with the lowliest of sinners, like you and me!

"Boasting 125,000 members". Just a question, doesn't the bible repeatedly tell us not to boast? Maybe you don't know! Try reading it before your next sermon, Harry!!!

I don't know where to stop.

You are no Christian, but maybe someday, our Lord WILL call you, but you will have a lot to make up for here on earth!

You will be in my deepest prayers!

Colter Davidson

To Whom It May Concern, I was recently browsing through your website (which resembles a tabloid, surprisingly) and came to the conclusion that its developers and all those who support it are the most ignorant people to walk on God's Earth. As a Roman Catholic, I took special offense to many of the things posted on your site, especially the "link" between sodomy and the Roman Catholic Church. If any of you went to college, which I'm sure none of you did, I'm sure you'd know that sodomy has been extant since the beginning of civilization, and was not "invented" by the Catholics. Also, I am a real American and Christian, and thus, believe in tolerance, racial and religious. Thus, the acerbically racist remarks made by the kingpin of ignorance, "Brother" Harry Hardwick, about Kobe (not "Coby") Bryant stung me as an affront to the American ideals that have been instilled in me since childhood. There are many other horrors I viewed on your site, but I won't mention them as I don't want to spend too much time dealing with complete idiots such as yourselves. In conclusion, I'd like to thank you for reminding me why religious fundamentalists are a cause of many problems in this world. In the Middle East, it is fundamentalist Muslims, not unlike you, who commit horrid acts of terrorism against innocent people in the name of God. Although you are not killing anyone, you are reversing the process of human intellectual improvement and living your lives in a way which I cannot believe God approves of, as you believe. I hope that none of you procreate and continue to create horrible people who will live horrible lives as fundamentalists bent on destroying the haven of freedom and tolerance that Americans have worked 227 years to build. Good day.

Proud to be a Roman Catholic and free American,

Henry G. Wittenzellner

To whomever you may be....

When I first stumbled across your website I, like most other people, thought you were a legitimate religious site. As I read further I became very offended and decided to try to find a physical address for this so-called "Church". The more I read, the more I realized (or hoped) that this site is a joke. A very bad one, but still a joke. Thank God it was verified in your message to people that want to email you.

I don't know why you have wasted your time creating such a horrible parody of Christianity. I grew up surrounded by the Christian, Baptist, and Pentecostal religion my entire life and have never seen a Christian-based religion practice anything even remotely close to what you are making fun of. So what exactly enticed you to make fun of the world's largest religion? Not only is this the worst thing I have seen on the internet (and I have seen everything!) , but it is the most disrespectful, ignorant, disgusting, blasphemous, distasteful, and moronic thing I have ever seen in my entire life. You couldn't even possibly be Wiccan because I know people who practice the Wiccan religion and they wouldn't dare be as disrespectful to another religion as you have. I am not a "baptized Christian" and do not attend church- but I am extremely disgusted by what I see here. And the worst thing is that people that stumble across your site think it is real and may not even take the time to realize it is a parody.

The one thing I can say for people like you to think about for a LONG time is that I WOULD RATHER BELIEVE IN GOD AND FIND OUT THAT HE DOESN'T EXIST THAN TO NOT BELIEVE AND FIND OUT THAT HE DOES!!!

Personally, I hope your entire computer system gets a horrible virus and you have to shut down!!! You are disgusting people!

Melissa Caudill

I am a long time Baptist. My father was a preacher as was my grandfather. I found your website and have to say that I am totally appalled at your website or to say that anyone who does not believe what you do will burn in hell. Dress code???? The LORD our GOD does not care if you are in a suit or rags...What is in your heart only he knows.,.. Judging people is as much a sin as anything else except to deny Lord Jesus as our Savior. Romans 2 . I will pray for you and your congregation and hope that you will see, that God loves us all unconditionally!!!! You can be at church every time the doors open, be the nicest person you have ever met, do all good deeds, where only Armani suits and still go to hell if you do not know Lord Jesus as your personal Savior and invite him into your life. I guess poor people who can't afford your church will be in Hell???? I don't think that is in God's plan. I am embarrassed at even thinking that a Baptist church might possibly be leading people away from our Jesus!

Yours in CHRIST,

Kimberly Cheek

Boy you guys prove 2 things:

1) A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

2) You really don't want any email

Here is the truth: God sends people to Hell for one reason - for rejecting His son and the ultimate sacrifice He made on the cross.

Anyone who can look at Jesus bleeding and dying for their sins and reject or scoff at Him is the only kind of person who deserves to burn forever, and they will - make no mistake about it.

Is that you?

I found your site on the web and read quite a bit of the information and sermons by Pastor Hardwick. I live in Oklahoma and I was wondering if your services are televised and when. I am very interested in learning more about your doctrines. I am a true Christian and have given my life to God. But yet I feel that there are things lacking in my life, and wish to remedy them and be a better Christian. Any information would be appreciated.

Theresa Johanning


I read your article on wiccans and how a young wiccan girl came to commit the act of blasphemy in your chirch! This I to do condemn, and is in my opinion not the work of a wiccan (i would say a satanist, something which is totally different), or at least the work of an INSANE wiccan!

You see pastor, I've read and talked to alot of wiccans, and I know - as well as you should do - that the one message the wiccans to like to communicate the most is the message of LOVE! And that again is the same message as you Christians would like to communicate. So I think it is sad that one wiccan has given the wiccans in your community such a bad reputation. The work she did was not at all WICCAN, it was the work of evil forces.

On the other hand one could say the same about your article which condems, attacks, and spreads hate towards what you call your enemies ("one shall love ones enemies, by the way...").

The article is written with hate and condemnation as motivations, something I hope you will avoid doing in the future, because this both tells false facts about wiccans, and secondly communicates a false message about Christians! Take Jesus as an example - did he ever hate or condemn in such a away? If he did - please tell me where to read so, and I'll offer my interpretation of his views.

At last (if you have bothered to read all this), I welcome (gladly) any discussion/comments to this - and if you'd like I'll inform you on the real FACTS about wiccans and those alike!

May the lord be with you,

Uti Anima

Robert Axelsen

I've told an entire website about you jerks, and we're getting a rebelion on! But I'm not going to tell you the name, I am smarter than that! You'll probably put a virus in one of the coolest online Pokemon games! About that thing you said about banning the Pokemon movies in the US.....it can't be done. At school I saw a video about the Bill of Rights. There's an amendment that you can't ban something due to religion or it being offending. So can you guess what that means? Crapover can't ban it. It also means your not unstoppable, because you were just stopped.

Ryan Cells

PS I don't care if you pin this and my past emails to your site and call it evil, at least put it in your mailbag. So good by and have a rotten day. :p

Please take the word Christian out of your title, because you are anything but Christ-like.


A pro-life, anti-homosexual behaviour, bible believing devout Catholic


Dear Pastor,

You are absolutely 100% insane and I really hope that you and all of your friends at "landover" find serious help. There is not one thing even remotely accurate about your teachings or about the website that I just visited. Do you actually think that God cares what you're wearing? You say....."Clothing is perhaps the most important thing about being a Christian!"?? .....um........WRONG!!!!!!!!!! You're stupid if you think that clothing is important to God! "Hugging? Huggins is wrong? What is wrong with you??? dancing is wrong??? And then you have the gall to say at the end........."If you do not have the same beliefs as we do, you are going to burn in Hell forever." Guess what mister..........If you do not do some serious repenting right now, YOU are going to burn in Hell for acting so important and judging people. That's God's job..NOT YOURS!!!!!!! You have the wrong idea about God and so does your whole crappy church!!! Get some help. read the bible. and try asking Christ into your life so he can show you how stupid you've been........... Now, don't you ever think you can judge me!! I dare you to respond back with your judemental crap, cuz i'll tell you where you can take it. I really hope you find God. Here's my contact information.

A person who is very angry at you,

Danny Koerber

In reference to your Mother's Day Card that says you can't be a disciple if you don't hate your mother. Is it not one of the Ten Commandments that says "Love Thy Father and Thy Mother!"

YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS! Get your head out of your ass and READ THE BIBLE.

You are praising one of your pastors or whatever you claim to be for shooting another man 51 years ago, because he wouldn't accept the Lord. It is not anyones place to judge whether a man should be killed or not for his beliefs. That is God's job and that man will have a judgement day. I believe that another one of the Ten Commandments says "Thou shalt not kill!"

And keeping the unsaved out of church. That is the most wrong thing that I have ever heard. How do you expect to save people if you won't allow them to attend a church service?

When you read the bible, is this what you get out of it? Maybe you are reading it wrong.

From the information posted on your website you are more satanic than godlike!

God does not want us to hate anyone. Show me one passage in the bible that tells me to hate someone!

I hope somebody shuts you down, so you cannot poison anymore innocent minds with this evil crap you have on the internet.

Patricia Anderson