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The Latest Product Line From Landover Baptist

Once you have downloaded a FREE gift, a nice way to say 'Thank You Jesus' is to send a tax-deductible love offering.  Don't know how much to give?  It's easy!  Go to line 27 on your latest 1040 and move the decimal point ONE place to the left!  Then, simply write a check in that amount to "Landover Baptist Holdings (Bahamas) L.L.C."

This Month's #1 FREE DOWNLOAD:  "The Santa Cross Christmas Card!"  [Click IMAGE Below - Save & Print!]
Click Here to Download This Free Card!  Adobe PDF Required to Read and Print!

Click the Links to Even More Free Downloadable Gifts From Landover Baptist Church™ (Adobe PDF Required)

Christmas Card - "Take the focus off of Santa Claus and put it back on Jesus this holiday!"

Christmas Gift Tags - "Say 'Happy Birthday Jesus!' by placing a Landover gift tag on someone's present."

Mother's Day Card - "Tell your mother that Jesus told you that unless you hate her, you can't be his disciple."

Easter Card - "Show an unsaved loved one that the Easter Bunny didn't die for their sins."

St. Patrick's Day Card - "A great way to witness to Catholics who get drunk and worship green midgets on this Satanic holiday."

Downloadable Specialty Items (Adobe PDF)

True Christian® Halloween Masks Book Page - "Download one of our free Halloween Masks! Choose from five designs." 

Invitation To A Book Burning! - "Download this Flyer and get your local church involved in a Harry Potter book burning!"

Demonology Diploma - "Proudly display your Degree in Demonology from Landover Baptist University."

True Christian Voter Guide - "Find out who Jesus wants you to vote for by following these Bible-based guidelines." 

Ex-Negro Ministry - "It's not a race issue, it's a behavior issue and through Christ's love, people can change."

Court Order - "Download Landover's successful legal injunction against the unsaved."

Coloring Book Page - "Download a page from our coloring book, 'Daddy, Why Did Jesus Kill Grandma?'"


Downloadable True Christian® Wallpaper

Shocking Bible Verse Wallpaper! - "Do your co-workers know that God wants to smear dung on their faces?" Download one of Landover's Shocking Bible Verse Desktop Themes!

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