January 2000

Man on the Moon or the Devil in Hell?

The title of this movie alone suggests just how secular (i.e., Satanic) this nation has become.  For the last time, there is no man on the moon!  God made each of us in His own image and sent us to Earth when that whore, Eve, sinned.  He sent us to Earth.  Not Mars.  Not Venus.  Not the moon.  Earth!  In order to believe there is a man on the moon, we would have to believe there were other people God created, or that people existed independent of God.  Either belief contradicts everything the Bible teaches.  Hollywood can make all the demonic, anti-Christian movies it wants, but the fact remains  -- there is no man in the moon.

Furthermore, this movie provides no proof to the contrary.  This movie provides no evidence of people living on other planets.  Instead, this is merely another liberal movie glorifying the lives of people possessed by demons, in particular, deceased comedian Andy Kaufman and the actor who thought he was Andy Kaufman, Jim Carrey.  For those of you who don't remember, Kaufman was a comedian of the '70's and '80's known to be possessed by not one but many demons.  And the movie doesn't conceal this.  In fact, the movie begins by showing that Kaufman was possessed as a child.  In the first scene, he is jumping up and down on his bed, talking to "people" we cannot see -- demons in his bedroom wall.  And that was just the beginning.  As an adult, he had multiple personalities, instilled by Satan, himself.  He was a cigar smoking, liquor drinking, hideously mustached comedian named Hank Hill, whose life consisted of cursing and sleeping with prostitutes.  He was also Vodka, an illiterate foreigner from some unknown country, though a country undoubtedly dominated by Catholics.  He had many other schizophrenically induced personalities, too numerous to review here.

Kaufman's life consisted of making a mockery of God.  He disobeyed his parents, slept with whores, danced on a regular basis and, get this, he actually wrestled women for sport.  Even though he wasn't married to any of them, he nonetheless slapped, spanked and body slammed women.  He ultimately shacked up with one of the women he had wrestled.  In short, he stood for everything God hates and Satan adores.  Had he not died, we might understandably conclude he is the anti-Christ.  Fortunately, God eventually became fed up with his shenanigans and his love of Satan and struck him dead with cancer, as God has done to so many sinners.

Jim Carrey was the perfect actor to play such a debauched individual since Carrey, himself, is possessed by demons.  Carrey, who was named after the Sissy Spacek character of the same name, has more personalities than Sybil and more faces than Eve.  So confused is Carrey with his own identity that he is not even aware of his own race, as is evidenced by his starring role on "The Living Coloreds," an appropriately named television show by and for colored people.  One need only watch a few minutes of Carrey's recent movies to know that he still thinks he's black.

This movie is a travesty and a tragedy.  It starts with the ridiculous, Satanic premise that there is a man on the moon and then proceeds to offer no evidence in support.  It glorifies the work of the devil as performed by two of Satan's minions--Kaufman and Carrey.  Landover members are forbidden to attend this film and are encouraged to join the protests already begun outside Freehold's downtown theater




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