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This information is provided solely to members of
Landover Baptist Church pursuant to clause 8(D)(iii) of the Landover Baptist Secured  Tithing Contract. All adjustments  made through the Direct-Withdrawal Tithing ® program are noted.  If you are not a member of Landover Baptist Church, you are unauthorized to view this page, your ISP number will be traced and you will be served with a lawsuit for invasion of privacy within 30 days of viewing this page.

Pre-Audit Attendance For Last Week Projections Discrepancy Adjustment
Sunday School Attendance (293)
151,319* 18 families fined $250 each for truant children
Sunday 8:30AM   Services (10) 
Mrs. Pritchard died on Saturday
Sunday 10:00AM Services (14) 
Overflow due to allowing unsaved to stand in the back for $75 as a revenue-generating test
Sunday 11:30AM Services (1) 002,302*
Invitation Only
Sunday Platinum Tithe Reception Services 
Sunday 6:30 PM  Service   (24)
074,477* Perfect attendance
Sunday Pay-Per-View
2,327,945* Thank you Heather Hardwick for appearing on the Crouch’s Show again to push subscriptions
Wednesday Night Service  (22)
099,736* 7 families have been fined $150
Wednesday Pay-Per-View
821,535* Shout Glory!
New Satelite Members 
095,666* Those unsaved telemarketers may be going to Hell, but they’d know how to sell a sin to Satan! 
New Prison Members
Before folks get all alarmed, this is just an “accounting entry” done for tax purposes only
Youth Group Tithes
21,812* The Hawkins brothers and sister, Becky, spent the last two months in jail.
Recorded Witnessing for Christ by the Congregation Pre-Audit Numbers -
Door Step Visits 000,002 -
Christian Mall Center 8,074,228* -
Prison Visits 000,001 Mrs. Pritchard, who is now dead, visited his unsaved son
Visits to the Poor
The Ladies of Landover visited with all the residents of Canaan Condominiums to discuss “Glorifying the Lord through Better Decorating.” 
Deacon Visitation  24 hour video monitoring $12,450 in fines. You know who you are.  Names will be published in the vestibule.
Judgment against former church member, Dora Denkins 236,500 ON APPEAL
Tithe/Donation Records  Tithing Contract Quotas Adjustments made by Direct-Withdrawal ® Tithing Plan
Platinum Tithes  SEALED SEALED
Silver Tithes (+)$342,327,780* (+)$123,544*
Bronze Tithes (+)$186,263,955* (+)$73,221*
Tin Level Tithes  (+)$41,076,477* (+)$07,454*
New Member Fees (+)$4,060,120* -
Application Fees (+)$2,010,900* -
Misc. Income (+)$200,925,000* -
Ladies Foundation (+)$1,120,000* -
Mens Lodge (+)$3,120,000* --
Youth Paris Retreat  (+)$259,002* --
Anti-Catholic Foundation (+)$930,000* -
Homosexual Reparative (+)$1,627,344* -
Lost Lamb Shelter (+)$002,000* -
Lottie Moon Love Offering (+)$000,150* -
Kindred Retirement (+)$001,230* -
Creation Science Museum (+)$4,627,000* -
Overseas Missionary Relief Fund (+)$000,050* -
Gospel Tract Ministry  $2,899,210 -
Pastor's Expense Report $17.5 Million (est.) -
What Would Jesus Do? Thong Sales (+)$1,314,000* INCLUDES TWO MONTHS OF TAX FREE INTERNET SALES

Expense Report available only to members in Platinum
Circle with full voting rights. Records also Secured by IRS.

*These figures based on median of reported collections
from November 2002- December 2002 in the year of our Lord.

()=#of services or classes



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