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Contrast the Lord's greatest aquatic disasters by taking this quiz

The Bible story of the Great Flood is as legendary as the tale of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. As a good Christian, you should have learned the details long ago. But do you really know the whole story? Find out how the plausibility of the Great Flood compares with that of the former Iraqi threat by taking this quiz. Get the correct answers  by clicking here

1. Did God consider the Great Flood necessary to correct His own mistake?

A. Of course not. God is omnipotent and never has and never will make a mistake.
B. No. God planned the Great Flood from the beginning, even before He created man.
C. Yes. When God found out how evil man is, God was sorry He had created man, repented, and vowed to slaughter mankind (plus all the animals).
D. None of the above.

2. Was the Great Flood, itself, a mistake by God?

A. Trick question, again. God doesn’t make mistakes.
B. No. A total cleansing of the Earth was necessary to eliminate evil from the planet.
C. Yes. God meant to destroy only humans and not the animals.
D. Yes. After violently slaughtering everyone, God suddenly realized that mankind is inherently evil, prompting God to promise never to violently slaughter everyone and everything again.

3. Were Noah and his family spared from the Great Flood because Noah was fair and perfect?

A. No. All human beings are inherently sinful. Only God is free of sin. And God recognizes that.
B. No. Noah was pervert who, some time after the Flood, got so drunk, he stripped off his clothes, fell asleep in his tent naked, then cursed one of his sons for looking at him.
C. Yes. God considered Noah a just man and perfect before the Great Flood.
D. B and C.

4. How many of each animal specie did God order Noah to take aboard the ark?

A. There was no specified number. God simply told Noah to take an even number of each specie – an even number of males and females.
B. Exactly two of every animal specie – one male and one female.
C. Seven members of each clean beast and fowl.
D. B and C.

5. How long did it take Noah to load the ark with members of every animal specie in the world?

A. One day.
B. One month.
C. One year.
D. At least 10,000 years (assuming, conservatively, it took only five minutes to board just one male and one female of each specie, and assuming very conservatively, only 50 million species inhabited the Earth).

6. How big was the ark that housed the hundreds of millions of animals from all over the Earth?

A. The Bible is silent as to the ark’s size.
B. Less than 200 yards long, 33.3 yards wide and 20 yards tall.
C. 100 miles long, 50 miles wide and 200 yards high.
D. The size of at least three Rhode Islands.

7. How many bay windows did God have Noah place within the ark so the countless animals could breathe?

A. Trick question. The Bible does not specify the dimensions of the ark.
B. 1,000 windows on each story, with each window at least 10 square feet.
C. One window of 18 to 24 inches.
D. None of the above.

8. How long did the Flood last?

A. 40 days.
B. 150 days.
C. Both of the above.
D. Neither of the above.

9. What effect did the Great Flood have on trees?

A. Trees cannot survive completely submerged under water for that long, so, of course, all perished.
B. The trees died, but theirseeds undoubtedly survived, thereby resulting in new trees several decades later.
C. Trees survived or regenerated themselves within seven days of the water subsiding.
D. None of the above.

10. How did God react to Noah’s sacrifice of members of every animal specie after the Great Flood?

A. God appreciated the sentiment.
B. God enjoyed the smell of burning flesh.
C. God was angry that Noah had risked extinction of various animal species.
D. God was angry so much meat went to waste.



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