February 2000

That might as well be the title of this Satanic, pornographic piece of  garbage. Homos, homos, homos!  We have them thrust in our face every month by some nellie producer who promised one of his many sleepovers last year that he would produce a movie about queers.  Whether it's Eric Roberts mercifully killing himself because he has AIDS in It's My Party, Captain Picard falling all over some illegal alien in Jeffrey, Kevin Kline deliberately breaking a woman's heart in In & Out, or Nathan Lane playing a raging queen in Birdcage (and they call that acting?  Six fire engines couldn't put out that flamer when he's walking down Fifth Avenue), Hollywood is infatuated with homos.  Typically, the mainstream media focuses on comical, effeminate male queers who are to contemporary men what Al Jolson was to Negroes.  Well, now Hollywood has decided to expand its immorality, hedonism and demonism one step further now there are movies about lesbos.

Boys Don't Cry is the story of a macho bull dyke who wants to perform unspeakable acts on her own gender.  So she straps down her breasts and places a sock down her pants (apparently, she wants to emulate colored men) and goes in search of the same sex organs she possesses.  The dyke meets a group of thugs who are pure trailer trash (thus matching her persona) and decides to hang out with them.  The group of illiterate, poverty-stricken, Satanic street urchins then spend their days drinking, smoking cigarettes, shoplifting and generally violating every edict of Exodus.

During her/his/its association with the thugs, the bull-dyke falls in love with a soon-to-be lipstick lesbian who is duped into believing the dyke is a male.  They even have sex (eeewww!), with the dyke using a dildo when the lesbo-in-a-dress isn't looking.  This movie basically stands for everything God hates and Satan loves.

Fortunately, this movie hasn't made it to mainstream theaters.  (Perhaps there is hope for this nation yet.)  Its showing has been limited to artsy-fartsy film houses where Communist hippies in smelly rags hang out.  While it is bad enough that Hollywood obviously has no shame and allowed this movie to be made at all, what is worse is that Hollywood is now praising it!  The secular (a/k/a Satanic), liberal movie critics have praised this movie and especially the bull-dyke star, Ellen Degenerate.  She has won just about every Satanic award offered this year for best leading actress, and many say she is a shoe-in for the Oscar.  The end times are surely near.  Perhaps God will strike the world with calamity in the middle of the worldwide Academy Award broadcast.  We can only hope.

There is one praiseworthy part to this film the ending.  Fortunately, by the end of the movie, God has had enough of the debauchery and takes care of everyone in a good old-fashioned Old Testament manner.  But the first hour and a half of vomiting isn't worth the yumminess of the conclusion.


First 95%   --  F
Ending        --  A






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