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Brother Harry Hardwick Answers Hate Mail

This is a particularly disturbing hatemail we received: 

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was sent the link to the story on tampons by our church librarian. It was bookmarked in one of the computers that is used by the youth department. She and I are completely appalled at what we have seen and do not find your site appropriate for viewing by anyone, much less teenagers. You claim to be a God loving church and that you are spreading the word of Jesus. Jesus would never condone the things that are printed within this site.

The author of that article in your newsletter is a very disturbed individual. It is not the responsibility of a church of God or that woman to be determining what is and is not appropriate personal hygiene products. It is a shame that you even printed that garbage. Satan is not likely to enter a woman's soul through the use of a particular feminine product. But I belive he has complete and total control of Mrs. Taffy Gaines.  That is perhaps the most offensive thing I have ever seen. The pictures that she has attached is nothing less than pornography.  How can you allow your church members to read such evil? What if a child were to come across this site and see that? 

I would like to contact that woman and ask her a few questions myself. Would she have her own children view such things? If she does then she should have her children removed from her home. It is wrong. The entire site is filled with lies and things that go against the Lord. There is not one thing about this site or that woman that speaks of the love of Jesus Christ. 

Seeing as you are a baptist church I will be forwarding a copy of that article to the offices of the Southern Baptist Convention. I wonder what they will think when they see what you are promoting. It is not love I can assure you that.  This site goes against all that is of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

I hope that in the future that you will put a lot of thought into monitoring what you are allowing on your site.

- Mrs. Nancy Williams

This is Pastor Harry Hardwick's Response From Our Church:

Dear Demonic Liberal,

    Your outrageous, offensive, Satanic e-mail to our Godly church was 
forwarded to me, a guest pastor.  It is amoral liberals like you who are responsible for the decay of this country and the destruction of good Christian values.  People like you, who are blind to the immorality pervasive in our society, disgust me to no end.  I would rather interact with any Atheist than someone like you, who obviously just believes the Bible verses she likes and which are simple and easy to follow.  There is a special place in Hell reserved for those like you who have no respect for basic human decency.

    Furthermore, your post reveals that you are not a very bright demon at that.  Initially, you say that feminine hygiene products are no one's business but a woman's.  Of course, that misses the point completely.  The whole point of our article is to indicate these are not just hygiene products.  They are expressly designed for sexual stimulation.  Tell me, demon, if a maxi-pad had a vibrator attached to it, and we criticized that, would you tell us to leave a woman's hygiene products alone?  The only difference is that the vibrator here is cotton, smaller and not electronically operated.

Second, you say that Satan doesn't live in a woman's womb.  That isn't the point at all, you moronic demon.  When Satan tempts someone to snort cocaine, Satan isn't in the person's nose, but he is responsible nonetheless.  When Satan induces someone to overeat, he is not in that person's bulging gut, but he is responsible nonetheless.  When Satan encourages children to fornicate, he is not in their private parts, but he is responsible nonetheless.  And when Satan encourages a woman to engage in artificial sexual stimulation, he is not in her vagina but he is responsible nonetheless.

Your post seems to indicate that you spend time among children, and that is perhaps the most terrifying part of your message.  I wouldn't trust the child of the most distant of relatives around a moral-less demon like you.  Rest assured, the blind eye you turned toward works of the devil in this lifetime will come to haunt you come Judgment Day.

Praying that society can overcome liberals like you and one day return to strong family values,

Brother Harry Hardwick



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