February 2001

George Bush Touches Teenage Boy

Last week, President Bush appeared at the thank-you banquet for his campaign staff and was going table to table to shake hands with the 1000+ campaign volunteers. He got to one poor lady, who by a brief comment she made, indicated she was a Christian. She was with her 16-year-old son. President Bush asked him if he was a believer, too. He said he didn't think so. 

President Bush then asked, "Do you mind if I tell you how I came to know Christ as my Savior?" 

"Our teenage boy was touched by Governor Bush at a campaign get-together at the church. He was so filled with the Spirit and testimony that he couldn't even sit down for two days! Hallelujah!"

The boy agreed, and President Bush took the boy to one of the Sunday School rooms for 30 minutes to lead him in the sinner's prayer! When President Bush and the boy returned, it was obvious that Jesus had performed a miracle and saved that boy's soul. The boy said, "The President told me Jesus would enter my body if only I asked. Then he showed me how this could happen." The boy was so moved with the Spirit that he was barely able to talk. He stumbled through his words as though he was suffering from lock jaw. Both President Bush and the boy were sweating profusely and sniffling. They were so full of the spirit both could hardly walk! President Bush and the boy exchanged phone numbers, and Mr. Bush told him to call whenever he needed some more.

How glorious to know that our new president is a man that doesn't feel the political pressure to glad-hand 1000 people, but would take 30 minutes of his precious time to lead a teenager to Christ, alone in a darkened Sunday School room.  Praise God for George W. Bush!!



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