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Can The World of Star Trek Help Americans Understand Muslims and their Culture of Terror?

A Special Media Report

True Christian™ Star Trek fan, and Sunday School teacher, Geoffrey Mullins, thinks so. Most fans of the popular television series, Star Trek, are already aware that the show's creator, Gene Roddenberry, gathered ideas for his fictional Klingon species during a trip to the Holy Land in the late 1960's. After only a cursory viewing of an early episode of Star Trek, Landover Baptist Pastors were shocked at how closely Roddenberry's Klingon characters resembled Arabs, in both their features and mannerisms. "I'm not a big fan of Mr. Roddenberry," says Landover Baptist Pastor, Deacon Fred. "But our opinions are very similar when it comes to Muslims. Being a Jew, Mr. Roddenberry knew first hand what it was like to be persecuted by such a filthy, backward race of warmongers. My guess is that he couldn't come right out and say what he felt in public, so he used the television series, Star Trek, to get his views across. Only an unsaved idiot would have a hard time seeing how obvious it is that Star Trek's, Klingons, are actually Arabs in disguise. I understand it's harder to tell with the new series, because they started to get politically correct and had to change the makeup so it wasn't so obvious. Well, you don't need a degree in Theology to see how clear it still is. In fact, I think the new makeup does an even better job of bringing out the demonic nature and character of the Arab people."

Sunday School teacher, Geoffrey Mullins, has incorporated several Klingon-filled Star Trek episodes into an eight-week Bible based media study on Muslim culture and behavior. Landover Baptist is the first church to use Geoffrey's study in their senior high school Department. "Our Christian children are getting most of their information about Arabs and Muslims from the media," says Mullins, "and the media is biased toward Muslims. It often paints them in a positive light. What we like about Star Trek is that they just tell it like it is. The show's writers don't tip-toe around the negative facts about Muslim behavior. They don't even try to hide how silly the Muslim religion is, or how Arab people, for the most part, are nothing more than a pack of bloodthirsty dogs, hell-bent on destruction.  Star Trek even accurately depicts the Arab language as something that sounds more like a baboon trying to hack up a ball of phlegm than it does someone trying to communicate using words."

Students are coming away from the Sunday school program with fact-based knowledge about Arabs that they can use in the real world. They are excited about what they are learning and are very vocal about it. One student remarked, "Arabs drink wine made from blood, and they are always talking about killing people, and how much they hate everyone else, and how glorious it would be to die in battle. Osama Bin Laden does the same thing, only he doesn't have a funny shaped forehead." Another student argued, "Arabs won't ever change, not even a million years from now. They will always be uncivilized. They eat platters full of live snakes, for crying out loud!  Yuck!"  Yet another student pointed out,  "Even after an Arab like "Worf" was integrated into civilized culture, he still struggles with his basic animal instincts and he has all sorts of stupid religious baggage he can't let go of.  I don't see how the rest of the crew can trust him; they act like a bunch of liberals.  I'd never turn my back, if I was on that ship."

Studies show that Mullins' Star Trek seminars help keep the short attention span of Christian high school students in check. Students are so interested in the television show, that horseplay during Sunday school has decreased by nearly 87%. Mullins reports that nearly all students attending his classes can successfully answer over 100 complicated questions about Muslim behavior and mating habits after the program is over.









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