March 2000

Available for church members only! This handsome VISA card speaks for itself. What a wonderful witnessing tool for those of us who travel to other towns or communities in Iowa.  When you pull out your Christian VISA to make a purchase, you open up an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Low 36.99% Introductory Rate! 

Auto Tithe - Donates 10% (minimum) of the price of every purchase directly to Landover Bahamas Bank, the off-shore Banking Division of Landover International Industries. 

EZ Slide Compatible - The Landover VISA is compatible with our EZ slide offering plates.  You can use them right there in church, when the collection plate comes around.

Satan Guard - For $6.95 per month, Satan Guard will censor the cardholder's purchases. It will not allow the purchase of anything that has a total that includes three consecutive sixes, or purchases of indecent materials or services (as defined by the Board of Decency). 

Advanced Satan Guard - For $29.99 per month, Advanced Satan Guard includes everything in the original Satan Guard but extends the decimal points out to 9 digits! Imagine avoiding three sixes, previously invisible to the naked eye!  Vendors will be shocked when you are able to recognize the demonic numbers and refuse to shop at their place of business ever again! 

Special discounts! Get a special NRA discount when purchasing firearms and ammo! Special discounts when trading with Christian Certified® Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines and Car Rental companies! Discounts on Rapture Insurance when traveling.

Stops sin before it happens! Automatically rejects any purchase that would benefit organizations that support demonic causes such as the Demoncratic party, Tree-hugging environmentalists, secular humanists, witches, satanists, Catholics, liquor companies, companies that employ or do business of any sort with homosexuals, and companies that are open on Sundays, to name just a few. 

If you would like to have an actual photograph of Jesus put on your VISA card, visit The Jesus Christ Credit Card Crucifixion Art Gallery

Landover Baptist VISA designed by Bad Mojo Productions






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