March 2000

This monthís topic: Call for Imprecatory Prayer Against John McCain and All Demoncrats 
By Mrs. Judy O'Christian

Dear True Christian Friends, 

Thank goodness that liberal demoncrat Bill Clinton is soon to be gone from the White House! I have participated in so many Christian demonstrations against that heathen, and Iím just tired of having to put up with him! This year, True Christians will elect True Christians (Republicans) into every office in the land. Praise! 

God wants George W. Bush to be the next President of the United States. Thatís just a fact, and every True Christian knows it. Bush has the backing of every True Christian Church in America. Thatís why itís important, my True Christian friends, that we all pray a strong imprecatory prayer, asking God to smite the enemies of G.W. Bush (who are also enemies of Godís Country, America!). Ask God to make that smiting really painful! Plagues, boils and locusts are certainly appropriate. 

Now, as everybody knows, liberal demoncrats are just plain evil. They do the work of their boss, the devil. The latest trick from the militant liberal activists is to declare themselves "crossover" voters (like them that voted for Ronald Reagan, our Godliest President). Donít buy into that lie! They want McCain to get the nomination just so they can run right back over to the demoncrat side! McCain could never get the support of Real Americans! 
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This being an election year, itís important to see the facts for ourselves and NOT listen to the liberal media, for as we all know they are all run by demoncrats and liberals. Count on Christian media to give you the TRUE news! The liberal media has jumped all over the only True Christian candidate in this yearís run for the presidency, George W. Bush. They have accused him of all sorts of horrible things, just as they did to Bob Dole four years ago. The liberals want to elect a tree-hugging, homosexural-supporting, feminazi-loving satanist who supports homosexurals, and they will stop at nothing to do it! 

The liberal media hooted and hollered when George W. Bush gave a speech at Bob Jones University. They had the nerve to claim that BJU is anti-Catholic. Nothing could be further from the truth! True Christians love Catholics! We just hate the fact that they follow a man in a dress who calls himself equal to God! These same silly liberals had the nerve to complain about the fact that another Godly Christian group also supports G.W. Bush! What hypocrites! Letís face it, liberals must be possessed by DEMONS! Liberals reject the fact that America was founded as a Christian Nation at their own risk! 

Gary Bauer was once an outstanding True Christian, but Satan got ahold of him and made him support John McCain. This is wrong, wrong, wrong! Bauer will go to Hell when he dies. Dr. James Dobson knows it, Jerry Falwell knows it, all True Christians know it! Pat Robertson backs George W. Bush too! 

Everyone, please join me in praying an imprecatory prayer right now for the enemies of the GOP (God's Own Party!) We must return America to its Godly purpose. Once George W. Bush gets elected, the first thing he'll do is require that the Ten Commandments be posted in every building in the country! Every school, office, hospital, government building, apartment house, condominium, trailer park, grocery store and boutique! Then, every bus, taxi, truck, car, airplane, train, subway, boat, and especially -- in every bedroom in America! People have to be aware at all times that Jesus loves them! 

Surely nothing less will make me -- and Jesus -- happy! 


Mrs. Judy O'Christian 

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