The Role Of Women!

Objective: Determine the correct answers to each question using the ultimate source of Truth (The Bible) as your guide. When you are finished, get the scriptures that back up each answer by clicking here

1. What is a woman's role in the church?

A. A woman's role in the church is the same as a man's to spread the good news of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
B. A woman should preach in church only when given permission by her husband.
C. A woman should minister in church only to other women and to children.
D. A woman is never to open her mouth in church. She has nothing valuable to say and should limit her participation to asking her husband to explain things to her.

2. What is a woman's role in the educational process?

A. Whatever role she chooses.
B. To serve however she can. Women's employment outside the home should be limited to teaching because that is what women do best.
C. Women should never be teachers because they are easily deceived.
D. A and B.

3. Is a wife permitted to follow her own conscience?

A. Of course. Every human being is autonomous, free to make her or his own choices.
B. A woman is obliged always to listen to her husband, though she is free to reject his advice when she knows it is wrong.
C. A woman must obey her husband in all matters at all times.
D. There are no Bible verses addressing a wife's deference to her husband.

4. In God's eyes, who is worth more between women and men?

A. Neither. God loves all His children equally and places differential value on no one.
B. God expressly says men are worth more, and actually provides dollar amounts proving this.
C. Women are worth more because they can bear and feed children.
D. None of the above. The Bible is silent on this subject.

5. What is the role of a widow?

A. Her role is no different than any other person's role.
B. She should be depressed and pray day and night.
C. While she should be saddened by her husband's death and pray frequently, if she does find pleasure, she is fortunate.
D. B and C.

6. How long is a woman unclean after the messy act of childbirth?

A. She is not unclean at all for childbirth is a perfectly natural and quite beautiful act.
B. The woman is unclean until the baby's umbilical cord is cut and the woman and baby are fully cleansed with soap and water.
C. The woman is unclean for seven days for any child she has.
D. The woman is unclean for seven days if the child is a boy, but she is unclean for twice as long if the child is a girl.

7. What are the requirements for a woman's physical appearance?

A. None. The Bible does not discuss such superficial matters as a person's appearance.
B. A woman must dress modestly and refrain from wearing expensive jewelry.
C. A woman should wear her hair long.
D. B and C.

8. Can you trust a woman's promises or guarantees?

A. Yes, because there is no difference between the trustworthiness of the genders.
B. No, because women are deceitful and manipulative.
C. No, because a woman's promise is null and void if her husband disapproves of it.
D. B and C.

9. Under what circumstances are we to spare the life of a married or engaged woman who has been raped?

A. Always. A woman is never culpable in rape, thus killing her would be a gross injustice.
B. When the woman is raped in the country as opposed to the city.
C. When the woman is a slave girl.
D. B and C.

10. In times of war, what is God's plight for women in the captured areas?

A. While the men are to be killed, the women are to be taken as slaves.
B. Pretty women are to become the wives of conquering men who find them attractive.
C. Women in places the Lord gives His chosen people as an inheritance are to be killed along with every other living thing.
D. All of the above.

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