April 2000

By Mrs. Judy O'Christian

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Well, the militant homosexural activists are in an uproar again! This time they are targeting their hatred and anti-Christian persecution towards radio personality Dr. Laura because she has the "nerve" to stand up and speak the TRUTH about the evil militant homosexural activists and their disgusting lifestyles. Thank goodness True Christians are willing to stand up for what's right! The evil militant homosexural activists must be stopped, and True Christians are the only ones who can do it. Dr. Laura stands for Christian values!

I am just grateful to have True Christians like Jerry Falwell and Benny Hinn on our side! Benny's wife is surely a Godly woman, too! There's no doubt about it! What could spread the word of JESUS better than a "holy ghost enema right up your rear end!”

Of course all members of Landover Baptist are aware of our church's stand on Dr. Laura. She's a loose woman who would not be allowed anywhere near our church. Still, she has a large audience of True Christians, and she sacrifices her time to spread the word of the LORD about the evils of homosexurals and feminazis. She is also a doctor, and there's a lot to be said for that! And, she supports school vouchers, and we know how important those are! Once we get done dismantling the public school system, children will all go to Christian schools! What a glorious day that will be! On the political front, George W. Bush, a True Christian, has proven he's got what it takes to lead this country back to its True Christian roots!

Meanwhile, demoncrat Algore is still trying to get money out of fat little Boodists like them you see in front of them Chinese restaurants. Shameful! And will the persecution of Christians ever cease? True Christians live their lives by the Holy Bible! Not by the crazy laws of the liberals!

Liberals fail to realize there is only ONE True Church! They will burn in HELL for denying it. Speaking of HELL, the evil homosexurals will end up there soon enough! True Christians will see to that!

Satan Sightings!

Well, them crazy Cathylicks are showing their alliance with SATAN yet again, as they try to help the demonic Cuban child spread his perverted Communist lifestyle in God's own country, America!

Is there anything more evil than Disney? We call upon all true Christians to fight the evil menace! This is a Christian Nation, and Christians are called to lead it! God wants you to contact congress in the name of JESUS! And remember, don't vote for anyone unless they pass the Test! Are they True Christians?

Don't be fooled by the silly liberals who want to siphon your tax dollars to fight the liberal lie of Global warming! It's just a liberal myth! Vote Republican! And whatever you do, Keep liberals away from the polls! They will stop at nothing to persecute Christians!

Good LORD! How far will the liberals go? They rant about Godly Christians inserting fish DNA into potatoes, yet the evidence of Satan working through them is too obvious to ignore! These Liberals want to destroy America! And they are now trying to force the black militant liberals' agenda language on the rest of us! Don't give in, chile!

Till next month, remember -- Jesus is watching, and so am I!

Mrs. Judy O'Christian

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