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The Bible is the final authority on everything. We cannot argue with any part of the Bible any more than we can argue with God himself! God has "laid down precepts that are to be fully obeyed" (Psalm 119:4). If we disobey, we will surely fail (Matthew 7:24-25). Take this 10 question quiz to see if you've been deceived by human knowledge. Get the correct answers  by clicking here

1. How long can a person survive without oxygen?

A. Three minutes.
B. Ten minutes.
C. Thirty minutes.
D. Three days.

2. What causes some goats to be striped or spotted?

A. An unusual pigmentation of their coats.
B. Cross-breeding with zebras and other animals with such characteristics.
C. Placing striped or spotted tree limbs in goats’ watering troughs causes their babies to be born striped or spotted.
D. None of the above.

3. How many legs do insects have?

A. Six.
B. Five.
C. Four.
D. Three.

4. What type of animal is a bat?

A. A bat is a mammal. It births and nurses its young.
B. A bat is a bird.
C. The Bible is silent on this subject.
D. None of the above.

5. Who named all the animal species?

A. No one. 10 thousand new species of insects are discovered each year, and each lacks any name under any culture.
B. Adam.
C. The naming occurred over many years.
D. None of the above.

6. How big did God make the stars in Heaven?

A. Stars are at least the size of planets.
B. Stars are typically the size of two large planets.
C. Stars dwarf the size of planets.
D. Stars are tiny little objects of light, so small that every star in the universe could easily fall onto the ground of Earth.

7. Into what shape did God make the Earth?

A. Round.
B. Flat, with four corners.
C. Oval; basically egg-shaped.
D. None of the above.

8. How long did it take Noah to place at least two of each of the more than 50 million animals species on his boat?

A. Trick question. It would be impossible to place over 100 million animals on a single boat, even with the technology of today, especially since the various species are indigenous to habitats that uniquely exist throughout the seven continents.
B. Approximately 600 years, the amount of time Noah lived before the Great Flood.
C. A single day, meaning an average of 1,157 animals boarded the boat every second.
D. None of the above.

9. How big did God make the sun?

A. Like the other stars, the sun is the size of countless planets combined.
B. The sun is roughly equal in size to the Earth.
C. The sun is about twice the size of the Earth.
D. Our eyes don’t deceive us. The sun is no bigger than it appears when we look up. In fact, it is so small that a single cloud could prevent it from bringing any light to the earth.

10. How high above the ground is Heaven?

A. Heaven exists independently of our perceptions of height and distance. It is a place we cannot imagine.
B. Heaven is, at most, a few hundred feet above the ground, because people building towers before the discovery of electricity almost reached it.
C. Heaven is billions of miles beyond the Earth, and is beyond even the stars above.
D. None of the above.



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