May 2000

By Mrs. Judy O'Christian (Co-President, Ladies of Landover)

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Greetings, my True Christian® friends!

I am writing this month's column from a brand-new computer... a few days ago, while using my old computer to rebuke the sinners that surround us, I got an error message. It seems that my computer contained some "unsaved" files! Thank goodness I'm a True Christian member of the NRA!

Getting the Devil out of schools is still a hot issue for us Christians! But I am pleased to report that JESUS took over an entire school last week! GLORY! That will keep the ungodly militant homosexural activists from confusing children as to the difference between men and women. And, once properly schooled children grow up, they will of course support The Republican Party Platform, and as True Christians today's kids will also demand school vouchers! After all, this is still God's country, and the liberals just don't get it!

As for the ungodly liberals, evilutionists and homosexurals, God will take care of them, all right! And America will once again be safe for law-abiding Christians! False teachings such as liberalism and evilution will be outlawed once and for all! There will be no more Confusion!

And we will one day rid the world of all homosexurals, too, with the help of True Christians!

Oh, but we True Christians will be persecuted! Christians are under constant attack! And for what? We have always been respectful of our fellow man!

Here are a few Godly Links!

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At least the heathen Mormons are teaching their children right!

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