June 2000

"Dinosaur," the latest propaganda film from the Disney company, tries to indoctrinate America's children with the idea that it's "a-ok" to have disgusting sexual relations outside of a Christian marriage. Once again, dinosaurs are being used to pollute our children’s minds and turn them wantonly to promiscuous, deviant sex acts. Barney taught our youngsters that it was just fine and dandy to be a big flaming sissy who wears outrageously homosexual colors like purple. The creatures in this film take that lesson one step further into the pit of promiscuity. Coyly voiced dinosaurs spew lewd and licentious double (sometimes triple) entendres and give each other “come and get me” looks that would make a streetwalker blush. Indeed, even the most radical liberal can see the unGodly intentions of this filth.

It is a well known fact that no one alive today has ever seen a dinosaur, since God killed them all off in the Great Flood. But this doesn’t stop Hollywood from making most of them look like big long male sex organs. Even the caves in which the dinosaurs live are made to look like the orifice of a woman's most sacred region. All of this, of course, was done intentionally. As if the Discovery channel wasn't enough, now parents have to monitor "G" rated films because Hollywood homosexual cartoonists are once again blatantly attempting to recruit innocent children into their evil lifestyle through the big screen. This vicious attack on America's youth is the last straw! 

As if the sex wasn't enough, the script writers also made certain that the film was as historically inaccurate as possible. Christian creation scientists have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that human beings walked the earth at the same time the dinosaurs did, yet there is not one human being in the entire film. If you can stomach this, then your intestines must be made of solid lead. 

The satanic plot involves a young dinosaur who is continually seeking ever-greater sexual thrills through multiple partners, not caring whether its sexual perversion is carried out with a male or female dinosaur, and that is intentional. It just wants to commit unnatural acts. We don't even know if the main character is a male or female, yet another instance of the liberal Hollywood elites attempting to destroy family values by blurring the God-ordained line between the sexes. This is absolutely disgusting. During its journey, it meets three little monkey-birds (intentionally put there to showcase the false and totally discredited "dinosaur to birds" theory of evolution). These little monkey-birds attach themselves near the dinosaur's anus. It is never explained why. They just hang there through the whole movie, and sexual acts are implied when the characters are off screen. One might think they are just "hitching a ride," but when they take flight, it is obvious that they can fly faster than the dinosaur walks. This whole thing is just nasty. There is nothing funny about it. It is just put there to upset Christians!

The agenda behind this film becomes even more obvious on examination of its marketing campaign. Burger King has joined the indoctrination effort by distributing little plastic dinosaurs that can be piled on top of each other, connecting the male member of one toy to the mouth or anus of the other. A Christian committee was formed to study how these little plastic figurines can be stacked, and found that incidents of perverted sexual acts well exceeded 200. There have been reports of children bringing the dinosaurs to the dinner table, innocently connecting them together in highly erotic ways. Mrs. Tawny Huxton of Freehold, IA was shocked when her little son Timmy attached the dinosaurs together in a grotesque sexual display in front of his grandparents. He said, "look mommy! They fit right together. God made them like that." Mrs. Huxton reports that she immediately seized the figurines from her son and threw them into the fireplace. Her son was immediately enrolled in Mrs. Betty Bowers' C.A.S.H. Ministries  as a preventative measure. 

How blind does the liberal media think we are? We Christians refuse to sit by idly and watch homosexuals in Hollywood turn our children into sex maniacs! They tease the so-called "religious right" with thinly veiled innocence and lure unsuspecting film goers into a den of iniquity under the guise of "family entertainment." True Christians are rising up throughout this Christian nation, ready to defend our children and families from the evil that Hollywood's alliance with Satan has wrought. 

We urge you to contact your Senators and Congressmen and tell them, "NO MORE!" Our next president, George W. Bush, will shut down the satanic Disney's empire of debauchery the day after the November election, but how many more children will be lost in the meantime? How many more lives will be destroyed by choosing perverted lifestyles at the perverse urgings of Hollywood's elite militant homosexual activists? 

The choice is yours, America. It's time for True Christians to take our country back and bring it back under the one true authority: God.

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