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Landover Baptist Bible Punishment Quiz: Part II

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1. What punishment does God mandate for anyone with a different religion?

A. None. God accepts all his children, even those who believe in dirrerent deities.
B. Death of the nonbeliever (man and woman, great and small) and everyone in the community.
C. Purgatory.
D. None of the above.

2. How did Jesus punish those with different religions?

A. He struck them dumb.
B. He smote them and had worms eat them.
C. He had the apostles kill them for Him.
D. All of the above.

3. Pharaoh, alone, made the decision to imprison the Israelites. How did God punish this lone individual?

A. God killed every firstborn child of Egypt, including the firstborn of people imprisoned by Pharaoh as well as the firstborn of cattle.
B. God struck everyone in the fields, man and cattle, with hail.
C. God struck every single Egyptian with boils.
D. All of the above.

4. How does God punish complainers?

A. In no way. While they should not complain, since it is only by the grace of God that we are here, our just and loving God does not punish people for this act.
B. Their prayers will go unanswered for seven days and seven nights.
C. The condition of which they complain will be magnified tenfold.
D. God will burn the complainer, and everyone residing anywhere near him, with fire.

5. How does God punish those who have no knowledge of him?

A. This is ridiculous. If they haven't heard of Him, God certainly wouldnít punish them.
B. He does not punish them until they know of Him. If they continue to disbelieve after being informed, He strikes them with plagues.
C. Their crops do not produce and their animals do not reproduce.
D. He sends lions to maul the ignorant to death.

6. How should we punish whore-committing nonbelievers in a manner that will reduce Godís otherwise unrelenting wrath?

A. Donít judge them or toss stones. Leave the judgment to God.
B. Stone them to death and bury their bodies in a single grave.
C. Evict them from the community, and if they are family members, dissociate from them forever.
D. Kill them, and hang their heads against the sun for God to view.

7. What is Godís punishment for adultery?

A. None. While adultery is a sin, God forgives sins rather than punishes them.
B. The adulterer is to be killed.
C. The adultererís partner is to be killed.
D. B and C.

8. How did God punish a man who kept the Ark of the Covenant from falling off its cart and being damaged?

A. In no way. What that man did was a blessing in that he protected a sacred object.
B. Because the ark is holy, what the man did was wrong, but God did not punish him for it.
C. God smote him dead.
D. The ark burned his fingers, thereby signaling to all not to touch the ark, even to protect it.

9. What is the punishment for having sex with an animal?

A. None. God forgives all sins.
B. Death (of both the man and the animal).
C. Reasonable compensation to the beastís owner to restore cleanliness.
D. Mandatory counseling.

10. What is the punishment for someone who anoints a stranger with holy oil?

A. Absolutely none. God encourages us to bring everyone into the fold and would therefore be pleased with our anointing of those we do not know.
B. They are to be denied access to holy oil and may not participate in any future anointings.
C. They must admit their sin to the entire congregation.
D. They are to be banished from the community.





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