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Landover Baptist Bible Punishment Quiz

Objective: Answer questions correctly to prove you are a True Christian. After taking the quiz, you can find explanations of the correct answers by clicking here

1. What punishment did God say is mandatory for an unruly child?

None. God is loving and forgiving and does not believe in punishing children.
Mandatory time-outs
Stoning To Death
Deprivation of privileges; grounding

2. What is God's punishment for women who wear showy jewelry and clothing?

None. God does not believe women should be punished for flashy appearance.
A strong admonition against such vanity
Ugliness, misery and death.
None of the above

3. What is God's punishment of those who overeat?

None. God does not believe people should be punished for overeating
Death by plague
Health problems caused by obesity
Depression and feelings of guilt

4. What did Jesus say happens to those who have premarital sex?

Nothing. While the Lord does not condone this, He does not punish people for doing it.
Frequent performers are struck with venereal disease.
They cannot enter Heaven so they must wind up in Hell
They have difficulty coping in loving relationships

5. What is the punishment for a single mother having a boy out of wedlock?

None. God doesn't punish single mothers who conceive out of wedlock
The woman may become barren after childbirth.
God will be disappointed in her behavior, and that is punishment enough.
The woman may not be punished but the child and his descendants will burn in Hell.

6. What has God done in the past to children who make fun of unattractive people?

Nothing. god understands the immaturity and indiscretions of toddlers.
He made them feel guilty about their taunting, inducing them to apologize and repent.
He sent an angel to tell them all of us have characteristics that others find unattractive
He sent bears to maul the children to death

7. What punishment did God promise for promiscuous women?

None, as long as the woman cofesses and repents.
Cut off their noses and ears, burn them in fire, take their children & strip them naked.
They will lose interest in sex, thereafter recognizing the foolishness of their ways.
They will become depressed and lonely

8. What does God demand happen to those couples who have sex during the woman's time of the month?

Absolutely nothing. Sexual relations between husband and wife are unrestrained.
They will conceive a child during intercourse.
They are banished from society and not permitted to interact with civilized people.
They will have nightmares and unpleasant thoughts for a while.

9. What punishment does God mandate for a man who rapes a virgin?

The rapist shall be stoned to death.
The rapist shall be beaten then burned alive.
The rapist shall be imprisoned.
The rapist and his victim shall be married.

10. What did Jesus do to those who failed to sell all their possessions and give every dime to the Lord?

Nothing. That would have constituted socialism, and Jesus is not in favor of socialism.
Nothing. Jesus does not punish people for greed. They should simply repent.
Jesus struck them dead.
Jesus caused them to lose their wealth in the future.






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