August 2000

Surfin' the Net with JESUS! August 2000
By Mrs. Judy O'Christian

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Hello dears!

We True Christians are so blessed! Jesus is doing so much in the world, even though the satanic liberals and demoncrats are trying to push their evil agenda on God's country! The latest polls show that True Christian George W. Bush is leading in the presidential polls, and God is working through Christian ministers like Rev. Jerry Falwell to make sure the election swings the way God wants it to, whether it violates man's silly liberal "laws" or not! GLORY!

Godly Christian Goings-On!

Christians Continue to Fight The Evil Homosexurals!

The Bible, God's inerrant word, is quite clear about what True Christians should do to these heathen homosexurals that seem to have popped up all around us overnight! But the evil liberals will do anything to help them advance their hateful, intolerant homo agenda! Homosexurals are even recruiting animals into their evil lifestyle! But True Christians know what to do!

Here's another true Christian ministry showing Christ's love for the evil homosexurals!

News on GW Bush, our next President!!

Glory! GW Bush has presided over the Godly Christian executions of over 130 evil sinners in only five years in elected office. Bush is truly a compassionate conservative!

Christian timesavers?Good LORD!
Satan at work!!

Here's some evidence of the devil's evil deeds!

Pocket Demons are no match for JESUS!

Animals who know Jesus!!

These birds are right with the LORD!

Evil, evil LIBERALS!!

Crazy, satanic Liberals! What will they do next?

That's all for this month, dears!

Remember, Jesus and I are watching you!

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