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The Bible is loaded with verses restricting our activities and making even the most mundane of human reactions a sin. But if you carefully scour the Good Book, you’ll discover that countless exceptions to these commandments literally swallow up the rules. Find out how you can do just about anything your “id” tells you to do by taking the License to Sin Bible Quiz. After taking the quiz, get the correct answers  by clicking here

1. Murder is a sin, unless your victim is:

A. A homosexual.
B. Spouses of a mixed marriage.
C. Someone who urinates on partitions.
D. Any of the above.

2. Intolerance toward the handicapped is a sin, unless the discrimination takes the form of:

A. Not allowing them to approach the altar of the Lord.
B. Expelling them from the community.
C. Barring men with damaged testicles from entering the church.
D. Any of the above.

3. Cannibalism is a sin, unless you eat

A. Trick question. Cannibalism is always a sin.
B. Your children, infants, friends and self when God destroys everything else so these are all that are left to eat.
C. A person who is already dead, if you’re very hungry.
D. B or C.

4. Murdering your own child is a sin, unless your child:

A. Spoke to you with curse words.
B. Encouraged you to join a faith other than Christianity.
C. Is killed in the name of Jesus.
D. Any of the above.

5. Self-mutilation is a sin, unless:

A. You remove a body part that has engaged or is about to engage in sin, such as slicing off your genitals to remain a virgin.
B. You don a tattoo in the shape of a religious symbol, such as a crucifix or angel.
C. You take action that results in no permanent body changes, such as a man shaving his head or trimming his beard.
D. Any of the above.

6. Rape is a sin subject to the greatest of punishments, but is easily overlooked and forgiven if the victim is:

A. A captive in war.
B. A slave girl.
C. Someone you’re willing to marry with a father you’re willing to pay.
D. Any of the above.

7. Savagely beating another person with a weapon is a sin, unless you stop just before your victim dies and the victim is:

A. One of your domestic help.
B. Your own child.
C. Either of the above.
D. None of the above.

8. Abandoning your family is a sin, unless:

A. It is a family you have out-of-wedlock.
B. It is a family originated by a mixed marriage (e.g., your wife is a foreigner).
C. You abandon them so you can spend more time praising Jesus.
D. Any of the above.

9. Homosexuality is a sin, unless:

A. You’re in a permanent, monogamous relationship with your boyfriend.
B. You’re one of God’s favorite children, and you have many wives in addition to your boyfriend.
C. You’re a woman making love to another woman.
D. Any of the above.

10. Killing someone is a sin unless your victim is:

A. Any wiccan.
B. A stranger who has the nerve to approach you.
C. A virgin raped in the city.
D. Any of the above.





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