Plight of Women Quiz!

By now, you should have already learned how God expects women to behave by taking “The Role of Women Bible Quiz".  Now, find out what God thinks of women and how He has designed their existence. Click here or below for answers.

1. What is an appropriate way to describe a woman in a second marriage?

A. Polluted.
B. Treacherous.
C. Adulterous.
D. All of the Above.

2. Are women considered holy?

A. Of course. All of God’s children are holy.
B. No.
C. It’s hard to say. The Bible says all men are holy but is
        conspicuously silent about women.
D. None of the above.

3. An attractive woman who sleeps around is like . . .

A.Trick question. God doesn’t make judgments or comparisons about
B. An attractive man who sleeps around.
C. A jewel of gold in a pig’s nose.
D. None of the above.

4. Why did God make childbirth so painful?

A. This is not God’s doing. The laws of physics dictate that anything as
         large as a baby cannot exit an orifice of the body without causing
         injury and consequent pain.
B. God wanted to discourage rampant sexuality and the delivery of
         unwanted children.
C. God decided to punish one woman’s disobedience by making every
         woman for all eternity suffer.
D. None of the above.

5. Are women generally moral?

A. Answering either way would be to engage in stereotyping –
        something God would never do.
B. Yes.
C. No.
D. Approximately half the women are and half are not.

6. Is a woman entitled to a share of her deceased father’s or spouse’s estate?

A. Yes. Children of both genders and the widow share equally in the
        deceased man’s inheritance.
B. Only if she is the daughter and has no brothers. If there are any
        male children, they get the entire estate and the daughter gets
        nothing. Neither does the wife.
C. No. Devout followers of God leave all their money to the church.
D. None of the above.

7. What are some things women cannot stop thinking about?

A. World Peace.
B. Clothes.
C. Jewelry
D. B and C only.

8. What can a woman expect whose husband angers God?

A. Nothing. God evaluates everyone’s conduct separately, regardless
        of marital status.
B. God will have the couple’s male neighbor rape her.
C. She will soon become a widow.
D.None of the above.

9. What adjective best describes a woman’s act of conceiving a living human being?

A. Wondrous.
B. Miraculous.
C. Unsurpassable.
D. Sinful.

10. What connotation does God associate with the term “woman”?

A. None. The word simply describes a female human being.
B. Greatness. Women bear children and are thus the beginning of life.
C. Beautiful. All women are natural objects of beauty.
D. Weakness and disgust. Being called a “woman” is as shameful as it









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