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The Bible teaches us that external appearances are VERY important to God. We must use extreme caution while grooming ourselves or God might not even acknowledge us! What is a True Christianģ supposed to look like in order for God to be able to spot him? Get the correct answers  by clicking here

1. What does Jesus say about a womanís appearance?

A. She is to look beautiful and elegant at all times for she is a vessel of the Lord.
B. She is to dress plainly and under no circumstances is she to wear flashy clothes, fancy hairdos or jewelry.
C. Her self-worth should be based solely on subjection to her husband and not outward appearance.
D. B and C.

2. Does God differentiate between menís and womenís fashions?

A. No. God is unconcerned with matters as superficial as what people wear.
B. Yes. Unisex clothing like pants for women and blouses for men is an abomination unto the Lord.
C. No. Both genders must simply wear clothing that covers all unmentionable body parts.
D. Yes. Womenís clothing must be elegant and tidy whereas God imposes no restriction on menís attire.

3. What does Jesus say about menís hair?

A. Nothing. The New Testament does not address this subject.
B. Men who have long hair should be ashamed of themselves.
C. Men cannot change the color of their hair.
D. B and C.

4. How does Jesus say a woman should wear her hair?

A. Jesusí teachings, through the apostles, focused on truths about human conduct and emotion, not superficial matters like hairdos.
B. She should sport a style that makes her husband and her content.
C. She should cut it to keep if from interfering with her facial appearance.
D. She should keep it long so it keeps her head covered.

5. What restrictions does God place on the fabric of your clothes?

A. None. Godís laws are concerned with behavior that is destructive to ourselves or others and doesnít concern matters as trivial as fabric.
B. God allows cotton but not wool because sheep are unclean.
C. God prohibits clothing made of more than one type of fabric.
D. God requires clothing worn to church to be of the highest quality fabric.

6. Which of the following hairstyling practices does God strictly forbid?

A. Shaving the head.
B. Trimming a beard.
C. Plucking eyebrows.
D. All of the above.

7. What is Godís response to women who dress, groom and act elegantly?

A. He rewards them a thousandfold for honoring His name with beauty.
B. He promises them riches in Heaven for treating the body He created with flair.
C. He provides them with husbands who appreciate and cherish their beauty.
D. He smites them, then robs them of their beauty.

8. What fashion statement is God making by having certain people be naturally bald?

A. None. Baldness is a random condition typically caused by the genetics of the human scalp.
B. Baldness can be as beautiful as a handsome hairdo.
C. Baldness is Godís punishment of those who are evil.
D. Beauty is based on the inner soul and not outward appearance.

9. What type of tattoos are preferable to God?

A. None. God forbids tattoos.
B. Tattoos that identify the individual or his family/tribe.
C. Tattoos that reflect a manís achievements.
D. Any tattoos other than those of gods, for such markings constitute idolatry.

10. Which of the following jewelry is worn for idolatrous purposes?

A. None. What people wear has nothing to do with their faith.
B. Earrings.
C. Photograph lockets.
D. Watches.


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