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Instead of turning to the Holy Bible to find out how the ever resourceful Lord dismembers and hacks to pieces His beloved children that rub Him the wrong way, kids are turning to cheap imitations.  Fox Television, which is only separated from Satan by the WB, intends to broadcast supposedly frightening images into your Christian living room at 8 PM every Friday night with its new television show, "Freakylinks." Any True Christian will tell you that if its real horror you're looking for, one hour with your head down in the Word of God will leave you with a wet pair of trousers and enough nightmares to last a lifetime.
Freakylinks is the type of funhouse horror that springs from the mind of a drug-addled, homosexual circus clown compared to the very real gore and mayhem that is dealt with vengeance by the angry hand of God.  The Lord is the best at everything He does and children slicing, vomit spewing, skull crunching, blood splattering horror is no exception.  Fox's childish attempt to "scare" our children is laughable and an insult to the power of the Almighty's wrath. Whatever they offer on Freakylinks, God offers something even more scarier in his Book. The Bible has filthy dead children freshly risen from the grave (I Thes 4:16), it has foul demons slamming people around like rag dolls (Job 1:19) and pregnant women's stomachs ripped open so that little babies fly out of them like hot, bloody Pop-tarts.(Hosea 13:16). You will never see that on TV.

Occult activity is for wimps and women so fat and ugly even they call themselves "witches". If you want the real deal, get your feet hot for Jesus!  Anyone who has read the Holy Bible knows that the mutilated corpses and blood drinking rituals that Freakylinks promotes as "scary" would be a welcome relief from the eternal punishment that God has planned for those who reject Him! (Matt 23:33). Turn off Freakylinks, and turn on the Bible! Satan is a sissy compared to the Lord God Almighty, who commands parents to eat the flesh of their children! (Deuteronomy 28:53). He strikes people dead for having pre-marital sex! (1 Corinthians 10:8). The God of the Bible even commands women who are raped in the city to be killed because she probably wanted it anyway or she would have yelled "no" louder! (Deuteronomy 22:23-24). Top that one, Freakylinks! Fox Television is too politically correct and liberal to run a story like that, right out of the Bible.

It doesn't take a degree in Demonology to understand what this program is going to do to our children. Its goofy look at demons and the occult will do nothing but soften a viewer's conscience to the horrors God's bloodlust and the torments of eternal hellfire.  This could do more harm to our youngsters than even those so-called Christians that go around with their liberal propaganda that "God is love."  How can our children prepare for God's fiery wrath when they think our Lord is just some pansy hippy who won't torture them for eternity in Hell?  One pseudo Christian young person (who obviously hasn't read their Bible) watched a preview for Freakylinks and had this to say, "This show violated something deep within my spirit. It was like a demonic creature had strolled into my living room and sat there wallowing in my fear and discomfort. And I couldn't wait to get it out" Bible illiterate (probably homosexual) youths like this get brainwashed into thinking that they have seen demons or experienced true horror. Our prescription? A few chapters in the Book of Leviticus followed by two or three verses in Revelation!

Landover Baptist parents are warned not to take lightly Fox TV's attempt to seduce their children. Once a youngster thinks true terror is just some sanitized television joke, they will no longer be suitably afraid of God's endless acts of bloody mayhem and limb-cracking retribution. Interested parents are encouraged turn off the television at 8 on Friday nights, take their children down into a dark basement, put on some bloody Locust-Horse head masks, read some Revelation and then splatter their children with body-temperature ketchup until they are screaming for God's sweet mercy. This should cure them from wanting to watch the dainty so-called "terror" of Freakylinks, once they know that the true author of bloodcurdling horror is not Steven King, but the Almighty God." 

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