Wrath of God Quiz!

Objective: Correctly identify how many people God had brutally slaughtered in each of the following settings. After taking the quiz, you can find explanations of the correct answers by clicking here

1. How many people did God kill in one day for having premarital sex?

None. God doesn't kill people for such an unfortunate error in judgment.
God once killed a rapist for having premarital sex but no one else.
None of the above.

2. After God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, how many of their own people did they kill, at God's behest, for declining to give God His due?

None. God would not order His people to kill each other.
10. The number of people who chose to follow Satan.
3,000 spouses and siblings in a single day.
Just two dozen total over two weeks.

3. How many Israelites did God kill to punish David for counting them?

None. How could counting people be a sin? The census bureau does this every 10 years.
The difference between the number he counted and the actual number of people.
All the people who were not counted.
70,000 people through pestilence.

4. How many people did God slaughter in a plague because they had the audacity to question the judgment of Moses and Aaron?

None. God would not kill people simply for questioning the judgment of mortals.
14,700 (plus 250 He burned to death with fire).
Only two people who tried to harm Moses and Aaron.
A plague occurred but no one was killed.

5. How many Israelites did God slaughter in a plague for whoring around?

None. God would not kill people just for sinning.
One or two.
A plague is a natural phenomenon, not brought about by God.

6. How many members of other races and tribes did the Lord deliver to be slaughtered by Israel because he favored the Israelites and was prejudiced against other tribes?

None. The Lord doesn't play favorites.
10,000 Canaanites and Perizzites.
10,000 Moabites.
B and C, to name but a few of the tribes the Lord delivered for slaughter.

7. How many people did God kill in Sodom and Gomorrah for engaging in homosexual acts?

None. God loves all his children, including his gay ones.
Just the ones who engaged in acts of anal penetration.
Every single living thing in the communities.
Just those who actually practiced sodomy.

8. How many Assyrians did God kill after their king and his servants made fun of God?

None. God is not so fickle He would kill people just for being disrespectful.
Just the blasphemous king and his servants.
None of the above.

9. How many Israelites did God threaten to kill when the tribe abandoned Him?

None. Killing is not God's way.
All of the heads of the household but no one else.
Just those who abandoned Him.
90 percent of the population of each community.

10. At one time, when God became particularly disgusted with the sin of man, how many beings did He kill?

None. Sin is inherent in humans. God wouldn't kill people for an inclination he instilled in them.
All those who committed repeated violations of the Ten Commandments.
Only those who engaged in the most egregious acts imaginable.
Every living thing (children and unborn children included) on the face of the Earth (except those few residing on an ark).






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