Halloween Tips

Trick or Tract: Are You Ready for the Devil's Birthday?

"We Gonna Fight Satan!"

On Halloween night, 950,000 Chick Tracts will be air dropped by plane into non-Christian towns and cities across Iowa. The tracts will canvas an 800 square mile area covering 14 counties and 12 cities. Landover Baptist Church has made the largest gospel tract purchase in  J.T. Chick history. The sole purpose is to make the gospel available to everyone, so they will know what is going on when they die and go to Hell. "We want folks to be aware," Pastor Ebeneezer remarked, "that when they die and stand before the Lord on judgment day, and he points his finger toward the lake of fire, he wants them to jump in!" This huge event will be complimented by our Halloween Hell House, and a groundbreaking trick-or-tract evangelism night involving 5,000 youths from Landover Baptist and local evangelical churches.

Children, age 7-14 will be fighting the Devil on his own birthday! They will make a mockery of this Satanic holiday by dressing up like Jesus and terrorizing unsaved youngsters across four counties. Christian youths through the power of Christ will unite together as Godly intimidators. They will tear off masks and pull at the costumes of unsaved individuals, cornering Satan's adolescent army on the street and and confronting them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The older Children will threaten to take candy away from little pagan boys and girls, unless they sign a paper saying they will go to church on Sunday. If they refuse, their candy bags will be taken and emptied into a sewer.  Unsaved children who do not cooperate with Christian boys and girls will be taken to a darkened area. There, they will be presented with a personal and intimate depiction of Hell on Earth. "We hope to have these unsaved kids so frightened out of their wits, that they will do anything to make it stop." remarked Youth Pastor Marty Richards, "It is a beautiful thing to see a teary eyed child take out a pen and sign his name to a confession of sin, and make a promise to attend church."

Landover Baptist Church humbly requests that all credit for this event be given to God Almighty. "God gives us the boldness we need to confront trick-or-treaters on the Devil's birthday," a Landover Christian boy, age 12 noted, "It's fun to scare people and get them saved. My daddy tells me that what we are doing makes the Devil really, really mad!" 

For information on how your church can turn The Devil's Birthday into a night of evangelism, or if you'd like to read a chick tract, visit www.chick.com






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