December 1999

"God willing, you will not be able to buy or sell ANY product unless you have the mark of the cross," Pastor Ebeneezer Smith told an eager church audience this week. "By January 30th 2000 we expect that every member of this Church will have received a mandatory security cross on their forehead or left hand. The crosses will be imprinted by church security and will act as a method by which we can tell who is and who isn't saved. Praise God in Heaven!" Landover Baptist Church has to thank Global Monetary and the folks at IDCHIP.COM for providing this technology at an affordable price!

We have had trouble lately with uninvited, unsaved persons visiting our campus with ill intent. They buy from our Christian stores, and lounge about in our Christian malls, always up to no good, and most certainly looking for trouble! It has become difficult for us. We are taxed by so much deception. Since our church membership has reached the 125,000 mark, it has become harder to recognize who is and who isn't a member just by outward appearance.

Pastor Ebeneezer Smith and a 665 member church council decided it was time to 'track' church members using the latest technology. The cross mark was developed by (a Christian organization). The cross will be placed under the skin in the forehead area or under the skin in the left hand. Church members will not be able to buy or sell goods unless they have the mark. The mark is a security chip which has the ability to subtract or add to a church members bank account. Pastor Smith notes, "We need not carry cash or credit any longer. You just run your forehead or left hand over the scanner, and it will work just like a credit card. The mark of the cross is extremely convenient, and we thank the folks at for developing this wonderful Christian tool."

The procedure is painless and each church goer will be given the option of 'head' or 'hand.' Although the crosses are not detectable to the naked eye, each cross sends out a radio signal to others who bear the mark. The signal is a pleasing sound, a cherubic 'God bless you!' will be heard. When an unsaved person passes by, there will be no signal for a minute and then a voice will be heard inside your head that says, "Beware! unsaved person, use extra caution and avoid if possible!"

We believe that churches everywhere will take heed to this. This is the future of Christianity. Building a better and safer world for those who love the Lord and follow his commandments. We are certain that this will eventually be used as an evangelism tool.. and unsaved people will be eager.. if not 'forced' to receive this mark in order to buy and sell products in this Godly Christian Nation.



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