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From Query #001 (Landover Historical Society Archive)
Above: The Landover Temperance League (1933) "Prohibition in All Things," Ladies Parade Float.

Front row: Sassy McFarland, Imogene Sharples,
Helen Haightworthy  (Mother of Judy O'Christian),
Zula Scrimshaw

Back row: Mildred Tack  (Mother of Georgia Sue Gaines), Sadie Purser, Rosie Anne Teagues, Mamie Percy Cantrell (not visible because she had fallen off the truck), Beryl Scaggs  (not visible because Beryl was behind Imogene Sharples, who was so wide three of her Negra farm hands could stand behind her for shade on a hot day).

*About: Our Church's  most dedicated members of the  Temperance League witnessed to all as they rode the lead float in the "The Christian LOVE (Ladies Overthrow Vicious Evil) Parade."  The parade was organized to show the righteous indignation of True Christians to the repeal of Prohibition. Toddlers Judy Hateworthy (the future Mrs. O'Christian) and Georgia SueTack (the future Mrs. Gaines) were in the truck cab, clutching miniature New Testaments to their tiny bosoms, praying for guidance for their fathers (Harold Haightworthy and Buford Tack) who were having a very difficult time navigating this crepe-covered flatbed in spite of a cleverly engineered periscope.  (For years, Buford was believed to have actually cursed at Harold for saying "turn right, no left, that's right, no, I mean that's ok, I mean left.")
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