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From Query #002 (Landover Historical Society Archive)
Above: The Landover Baptist Sin Posse (1938) "Local Demon Busters Division A."

Front row from left: Henny Binn Davidson Jr., Dan Carver, Deacon Bill Maxum, Officer Eddie (The Breeze) Bruckner

Back row: Chief Manny Tack  (Father of the late Georgia Sue Gaines), Rev. Sam Kidwell, Dr. Orson Pickering (seen through the rear window securing firearms in the trunk)

*About: The Landover Baptist Sin Posse had 12 divisions, the most successful of which was "Demon Busters Division A," seen above. The sin posse worked much like a volunteer fire department. The only difference was that instead of putting out earthly fires, they put out fires that originated in Hell. Local residents would call the Demon Busters whenever suspicious activity was afoot. Division A would respond and be on the scene within 15 minutes. Sinners would flee in horror when they heard the sound of the posse's limousine coming around the corner. If the posse arrived and people were still sinning, they would try to disperse the crowd by using physical force. All members carried wooden baseball bats. They would club sinners over the head until they heard either a confession of Christ or a promise to attend church.  Firearms were used in some cases.

The Landover Baptist Sin Posse stopped smokers, gamblers, drunkards, loiterers, Catholics, uppity colored folks, harlots, young girls in lewd attire, boys engaged in questionable horseplay, male flower shop owners, musicians, artists, know-it-all lawyers, lispers, and sissies, for nearly 50 years. When the Landover Baptist Church got its own state funded born again Baptist police force in 1947, there was no longer a need to have a sin posse.

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