A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received May 2005  (unedited and in original form)

I don't understand how fellow followers can and do sit around and dream up possible sexual uses for toys and other every day items...Sounds like a perversion within the congregation...We've not come far from the days in Salem or of the Inquisition. I find this to be extremely disturbing...We are talking about adolescence here, it's a horrible time in a young persons life, hormones going haywire, peer pressure not just to do things that parents disapprove of but how to mold there young adult hood. I can remember being a young man caught up in the turmoil, think of myself as an outcast or demonically possessed, only to find out that it is perfectly normal and to hide it or cover it up only causes more pain, there was nothing wrong with me, by body was going through hell. These are not kids being seduced by jar jar binks, these are children dealing with extremely intense adult emotions, feelings, the likes of nothing they have ever felt before. We need to quit shunning these acts and help them to deal with these uneasy times.

I don't mean to pass judgment but it seems that hypocrisy runs rampant through the world, and that is why we all must die, and the lord will have his vengeance on man...We aren't holy, we aren't perfect, we aren't understanding, we aren't forgiving, we aren't forgetting, we aren't worthy of the air we consume, how can we pass judgment, how can we point the finger when the problem lies within ourselves, the devil doesn't need to tempt us, as we are a bigger evil than Satan himself.

Benjamin Young

I recently discovered Landover Baptist. I love the way you get the Christian message out without pulling any punches. That goes doable for exposing Islam for the demonic satanism it really is. I am dissapointed you do not seem to have anything about the murdering Chechnyan terrorists who sloughtered all the little Christian children at the russian school last fall. Make no mistake, the children were targeted for being Christian. The Chechnyans did not take over any of the Muslim schools in their own towns! The photo of the little Christian girl in the hospital clutching her crucifix in her bloody, burned little hand tells the whole story. I first saw this photo on freerepublic.com. See it and cry for all those Christian families who burried their little angels. Thanks to her faith in Jesus, that little girl survived. Please everyone say a prayer for the hundreds who died at the hands of Muslim terrorists. God forbid, it could happen in a school in America.

Your's in Christ

Freja Wodinsdottir

you dudes are some creepy fucktards. and i mean all of you. how can you use religion as a way of profit. anyone who does that is how do you say..."goin to hell". so do you all consider bisexual people as bad a gay people. are they "a goin to hell"? wow, i guess im a heathen. hurry come save me. oh, and i guess bein wiccan is bad too...ya gonna tie me up in your basement and read those pointless bible verses to me, whilst stickin me with a hot poker? wow you all really know how to be good godly people. i wouldnt be surprised if this was all a joke and this entire landover foundation thing was run by a group of athiests. if so, this is quite funny. heh, if so, i would like to have sex with you all, both dudes and chicks, because im a heathen for being an "unsaved" and "bi" athiest. oooh, im a goin to hell. and im loving every minute of it. wow.

btw, let me tell you something, i have learned to curse and spit in the face of your jesus fucking christ. because he really is just an imagined belief. sure he was a real person, who died on the fucking cross...ya know, it wasnt the fucking jews who did it, it was the romans. and they executed alot of people by crusifiction.

and there is not heaven, nor is there hell. there is no god, nor is there a devil. honestly it doesnt take an athiest just to figure that one out. you'll find out when you die. you'll all see. and i'll laugh, because i'll probably be the one who'll burn down your fucking church, and bomb your people's houses and land. and kill all you godly people, and you fucking confused children to put them out of there misery---we dont need more people like you in this over crowded world.

sincerely yours, KITTEN. [Angela Coffell]

Jesus and God do not exists sorry to break it to you.

P.S. Your site sickens me.

A devout and intelligent Atheist, - Arial Rubin





Buddy, you'd better hope you find God for real, before you die, because you are sure headed straight for HELL!!! AMEN!!!


Dear Pastor Deacon Fred, You should be ashamed of yourself. I annot Believe that you are calling your self a Baptist. I know that this website hurts Lutherans, Catholics, Methodist and other non- baptist. But do you know who it hurts worst of all? You guessed it Fundamental Baptist. You are spreading to the world that we are all a bunch of Bigot Racist Catholic hating people. I want you to know sir that our church was not at all elated when the pope died. No we do not support the Roman Catholic Church or its beliefs but we respect that the pope was a man of god and I think that you should. I could not believe what you said about the "Negro" Members of our chruch. Number one no one has called them Negroes since the fifties number two they are children of our god to. You all need to open your bible and look at all the scripture not just that, that backs up your beliefs you are turning people away from Christianity and the Baptist church. I will pray to God that you stop it and think about what you are doing. I also want to let you know that there will come a judgement day and that we all will be judged I fear for all of you at Landover for it will not be the wonderful sentence that you think you deserve. Turn Back from this and Save Yourselves. Come to Jesus do not turn others away.

I hope that you will be saved

Independent Fundamental Baptist


You talking about destroying other Churches because they don't worship like you do. That is wrong. The Bible you read is false, of hatred. Jesus Loved his mother not like you are saying. You talk about Catholics going to hell you and your believes might be the ones God might send straight to hell. Buy the way destroying that Catholic Church was wrong and your students should have been put in Jail. I know if I was head of Police department in town I would look them up for quote sometime. Buy the way the Pope is in haven not hell not like where you are going. Love your neighbor not hate. Love your Mother not hate. I bet you Adolph Hitler was your ideal. The Government will come after you and shut you down. Learn to understand the Real Bible not the one you made up. May God Have Mercy on your Sol, Because your going to need when you die.

adam Livia1e

Why would you waste your time, and it appears lots of your time, doing a website like this??? You appear to be some kind of bitter, short person whose daddy never loved him. Targeting the Christain type people is mental, they've been around since the concept of Christ (2000 years plus). Any belief system you may hold is probably just as retarded. They have no proof, you have no proof. See? I have some advice for you. Go get yourself a girlfriend, then take some holidays together. In other words, get a life losers!


Stan Forbes


I was hoping that you could clarify something. I read the article about Toy Story 2 and I don't see any of that in the movie. I am very careful of what my kids watch and I boycott disney now because of new knowlegde of thier Antichristianity practices. But, I don't see the correlations between the article and the movie and I would really like to know.

Also, I thought I would mention that you have an offensive ad on your sight. The WWJD thong underwear. Well, he certainly wouldn't promote sex. You may want to think about that.

Lisa Lynch

You people at Landover "Church" are pathetic. You mangle the truth of Christianity and try to draw in young kids with stupid offers. What you are doing is illegal and retarded.

Your church is nothing but garbage!. Reading some of the things going on over there is like standing in line at a supermarket checkout lane reading the inquirer, or the star. Brother Harry Hardwick the TRUE ANTICHRIST, Fills your heads with twisted bible verses, A love for being raciest to blacks and women, and just too fat. What I would like to see is your church get knocked down to the foundation and in it's place,A really nice Roman Catholic Church be put there By people that REALLY want to go to heaven. Also stop inbreeding so much down there.......................... it's sick! Just look at Mrs. Betty Bowers


Have wonderful news for you all. Even if I had ever had the intention of becoming a Christian, I would certainly not look to your cult for membership. I have always been amazed by the Christian point of view, because I have always found it to be simply put, idiotic and arrogant. I believe that human beings have evolved beyond the point where we have to look to such horrific and elitist organized religion. When I first read some of the propaganda on your website, I thought it must be some kind of a joke. Intelligent people just donít think that way! I read also about the bible-gun camp, and was absolutely horrified! . I canít believe you would condone dropping young children off in the wilderness to fend for themselves, and guns and the shooting of endangered animals for children! And to think of all the perverts in your organization, all of whom seem to be obsessed with sex and phallic symbols, and the so-called homosexual agenda, etc. It makes me sick. When I read about the grandfather mutilating his grandson for seeing the Matrix movie, and the little girl whoís fingers were cut off for touching herself, I felt like throwing up How can anyone in this day and age, justify these repulsive actions? Even the movie reviews are absolutely hysterical, and wrought with fear of reality. You people may have built yourselves your own little world where you can rule with an iron hand, meting out punishment for thought crimes and dress code violations, and you will never admit that there is a whole big grand world out there, full of people of all colors, beliefs, cultures, etc. I am curious about the young people being brainwashed by you bible-bullies, what will they do when they find out about the outside world? They will rise up in revolt, and be filled with resentment and anger for your having lied to them and abused them. Again, you all seem to be obsessed with sexuality, and are probably all molesters and abusers. Good news for the real world though, you are a minority, and your warlike ways will not be tolerated. You are giving a very bad name to Christianity and America as well. This IS NOT a Christian nation, and your shredding of our Constitution wonít be tolerated. You can not deny people their rights, and unjustly punish them, thinking that it is done according to the bible. The rapture is fiction, as is heaven and hell. Creationism is a lie. These are merely concepts thought up by scared little white men like yourselves. You should really be honest and come out of your self induced closet, you are THE TALIBAN in America. 217 yrs of your garbage doesnít make it right or the least bit meaningful. With the huge amount of money flowing through your greedy hands, you may as well confess to your outrageous crimes. You are all con artists, perverts, and liars.

Carolyn Allen

I just entered your website and was totally blown away by the contradictions and complete lack of biblical knowledge that you and your stafff reflected on it. How is it that you consider yourselves Christ like yet are against all that God has created...i.e; Oral Sex, the Unsaved for starters. I would suggest that you return to God and seek HIS guidance for the Truth of the word. You are being used as the instrument of that which you are trying to keep out of your temple... Satan! You should be aware that even when you keep the unbeliever out of the temple, your "Theology" welcomes satan's traps!!! Ask God for forgiveness and return the people you have so messed up to God... The End is near and the trumpets will soon sound!!!

In Christ... The Messenger... inspired by the discerning Spirit of the Holy Ghost

Noel Sanabria

Satan has taken up stead in your church, find and banish him. Soon he will rise unknown to all under the false pretense of one who does good. His effect will topple your church and destroy His people.

chosen one prophet

my name is rebecca tibbs and not only i but my friend beth kane find your article concerning tampons obserd!!!! seeing that my friend beths father is a preacher we know much better!! how are you as a religious believer to judge someone by what they use for there periods. First off i may say a pad makes you STINK secondly i know i am not going to hell for useing tampons i really highly doubt that God is holding this agianst me and the millions upon millions of other tampon users!!! this is simply unheard of!!! also how are these satanic sexual devices?! i do not use these to masturbate and even if i was there is nothing wrong with relieving my sexual tension... Also i would like scriptures from the bible saying that tampons are evil... not once have i nor my friend nor her father have ever heard of such a thing... this is upserd and i would appreciate to hear back from you as soon as possible

Rebecca Tibbs

You people are pure evil. pure pure evil.

BlueEagle Feathers [blueeagle_s_feathers@yahoo.com]

You said you sell the cheapest plan on salvation for $239.00. I have one that's even cheaper its called the Christ Plan to Salvation and its free for those that are interested. Read the book of Romans 1:2-7 faith and acceptance in Christ. The plan for salvation is listed thru out the new testament , it isn't hidden so only a few can find it. I bet you sell prayer cloths as well.

Calling yourselves independent Baptist is an oxymoron, the two words are sonorous. Baptist have been fearlessly independent but you people are out of the left side of some hellish ballpark. Selling underwear with masturbate thongs and tongues plus other printed slogans and other debauchery print.

You sound more like a cult than anything. Sounds like you have a church dedicated to Satan to me.

You sir, are charge to be the leader of Christ bride not a dictator!

Howard Odem

I just want to say I saw your post on World of Warcraft. Let me be the first to say good luck on your quest on conveying the message of Christ in the online world. I am a 48 Level human priest. What server are you on? How can one join your guild? Can I get e-mails from this Billy Houston? I am eager to learn more about this? 

Brother-in-arms, Jared [Fredrick Barbarossa]

I accidentally stumbled across this website, and I must say,it is the most vile, disgusting evil site I have ever encountered on the web. This is worse than the porn sites, because this site is set up under the guise of Christianity, and it couldn't be farther from it. You people are undoubtedly the worse examples of hypocrites that ever existed. And, you do all this in the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ. I am appalled at the extent you have gone to try to kill the Gospel of my Lord. You WILL answer to God when you stand before Him and try to give an accounting of this debauchery in this most ungodly website. May God have mercy on you all....this is from A true Christian.