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Pope John Paul II examines the buttocks of Canadian boysJohn Paul II's Message From Hell
Upon his death and descent into Hell, Pope John Paul II sent a message to his countless mourners via Archangel Michael (who translated the missive into English, the only language understood by True Christiansô).  John Paul II assured his followers that Hell isnít nearly as bad as he frequently preached it to be...
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Why Do Catholics Worship Mary?
These folks are still more pagan than Christian. Only now, their favorite goddess is Mary, the...
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Practicing Greek in Rome: The Link Between Catholicism and Homosexuality
Last week, the Society to Cure Ailing Morality published the results of its six month investigation into the historical and contemporary connection between homosexuality and the Catholic...
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Prepare "Goodbyes" for Your Catholic Friends, For They Won't Be Joining Us in the Hereafter
The ways in which Catholics defy Godís word are too numerous to describe in this sermon. So let me just focus on a few. First...
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Catholic Altar Boys, Talk to a Baptist Counselor, LIVE!
We'd love to speak with you and help you set up a financial account with Landover Baptist. You can start channeling all that money you've been sending to support pedophiles in Rome into...
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PDF OFFICIAL LAWSUIT: Landover Baptist vs. Central Iowa Archdiocese of the Holy Roman and Apostolic Church
For more than 40 years, LANDOVER has made periodic and repeated applications to this judicial district for restraining orders to exclude certain individuals considered undesirable from presence around...
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The Scariest Halloween Costume in the Whole Wide World!
Dozens of children are being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and five, newly-blind youngsters remain in serious condition at the Landover Baptist Hospital for Folks Not Ready for Heaven Yet Throughout the still traumatized community, children are suffering from severe psychological shock...
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Satan Calls Another Pope To Hell
Satan's minion here on Earth, the Pope, head of the largest cult in the world (Catholicism) is finally dead and back home with his father, Lucifer, in Hell. It is cause for great celebration among Baptists...
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King of the Mary Worshippers Thumbs His Nose at God and Refuses to Die!
The obvious decline in health of Pope John Paul II, Satanís surrogate here on earth, has True Christian party planners around the globe in a state of panic...
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Despite Hating the Right People, Cardinal Called to Hell
While the death of an unsaved Catholic is never cause for sorrow, this one at least accepted God's hatred of those who sin.  What a shame the leader of...
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The Terrifying Truth About Saint Patrick!
"NOW! Who's NEXT!?" Pastor yelled through a spray of green spittle. He lunged frantically toward the children. "I drove the snakes out of filthy, rotten Ireland Ė and I'll drive you out of your crazy little minds!  BWAA-hahahahah! " he exclaimed...
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Local Catholic Priests in Iowa to Hold Traditional "Boy Diddling Cotest!"
"Apparently, the Catholics just don't give a demon's hocked up loogie about the law anymore," Pastor Deacon Fred told parishoners. "I want the members of the Landover Baptist Church to be clear on one thing..."
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Drunk Mexican Spots Virgin Mother in Bowel Movement
Josť Hernandez was shocked when he found the Mother of Jesus staring up at him out of the toilet bowl...
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Vision of Mary Seen, Asked to "Kindly Leave!"
I don't know what she thought she was doing." Mrs. Swindle reported. "Sitting there, distracting the children from their studies. I couldn't pull them away." Mrs. Swindle said that Mary bobbed...
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Satan Calls Another Kennedy To Hell
God was John Kennedyís Co-Pilot on that flight. With that plunge, Almighty God showed that clan that breeds like rats, the Kennedys, the price of renouncing...
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5 Questions for Mel Gibson, Director of "The Passion of Christ"
Since you are a Catholic, you believe in transubstantiation. This means that whenever you participate in Communion, you actually believe that you are chewing on a piece of Jesus' skin and washing it down with a gulp of His...
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Does America Really Need Another Excuse for Catholics to Get Drunk?
"Saint Patrick's Day is like green beer - something the Lord never intended," says Pastor Deacon Fred. "We always get a little taste of Catholic Hell on this 'so-called' holiday, made popular by Irish layabouts, who seem to think it is a badge of honor to come from an island without snakes..."
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Baptist Boys Seduced by Lewd Attire and Shocking Behavior of Local Catholic Girls
They cut class so they can walk the streets during the day, and they fill up on liquor so they can "get loose" and lure Baptist boys into the alleys at night. Their intent is alarming to those...
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Landover Youths Plunder Local Catholic Churches During One Day Idol Smashing Retreat
To make the outing more of an educational event, points were given to the student who smashed the most number of significant statues...
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Ex Nun's Horrifying Testimony Leaves Church Members Visibly Shaken
Sister Charlotte, called by some the Concubine Whore of Eastern Europe visited with Landover members at our Wednesday evening...
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Catholics Target and Hack Landover Baptist Web Site
Church members were forced to survive on a commercial message board, undergoing attacks from liberals, atheists...
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