A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received June 2004  (unedited and in original form)

Hey, nice website. It is very well put together and thought out. However I do have a minor suggestion. As Christians it is our duty to accept all others, regardless of differences. It is for this reason, and because I feel that you may be inadvertently perpetuating a stereotype, that I would suggest changing the part of your banner that says that the unsaved are not welcome. Christians should welcome everyone. Thank you for your time.

Desi - HanusKat@---.com

I have a few questions. How old would Penny be right now? Is Landover a Southern-Baptist church? Did Justin and Penny actually go out, on dates, or have any real contact? Penny was 13 when she did her self in? I think that you, and your church, along with Penny's family are among some of the most ignorant scum of the earth that I have ever, ever read about. Your thoughts?

Jason Abis



AMY - Areuweird2@---.com

Your writings on the the ice age are an embarrassment to Christianity. I suppose i could rip into all your shallow meandering thoughts based on nothing but your own opinion of the bible. Friend the ice age did happen, and maybe more than once.

Maybe you need travel to say, Idaho, Washington or Montana and see first hand piles of glacial rubble, that some in those places call mountains. You could pick some wood or other debris from cliffs near the bottom of these mountains.

You might then wonder how did it get there? Glacial rubble in my area is 800 to 1200 feet deep. Go to Salt Lake City, and see the water line 1000ft above the valley floor.

Oh but of course you would say the flood. Maybe the flood caused the ice age! Maybe you should at least base some of you thoughts on the physical facts so you don't look like a narrow minded extremist.

no charge, Steve McKinney

I reported your site to the FBI,you make a mockery out of the Lord Jesus Christ. One day you will stand before the almighty God and you will be judged. You promote hate,your from the pitts of hell. You call yourself a pastor.I am going to get alot of my family and church family to make complaints against you. dont be surprised that you dont get sued! Rhonda


Dear whomever, Is this website real? I mean... are there actually people like you in this world? I wouldn't write and ask unless I really wasn't sure if you people are being serious or if you're just joking around. Black people commit more sins because their penis holes are bigger??? And there are over 150,000 of you?! This astonishes me. Please write back so I can know what kind of world I am actually living in.

Pete Laffin

3:55 PM - I read in your website that you go by the whole bible. I am very glad to hear that, so do we. As I kept reading I realized when you were telling someone how to be saved, you preach that all they have to do is recieve the Lord as thier personal savior through prayer of repentance, and about God's grace. Also when you mentioned the more you sin the more he forgives you, and about being able to be saved the last second of your life. First of all I would like to speak the word about these issues. To be saved according to John 3, you must be born of the water and of the spirit or you can not enter into the Kingdom of God. This scripture ties in with Acts 2. It is all summed up in Acts 2:38, Repent, Be baptized in Jesus name, and you will recive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Jesus died, was buried, and rose again. We must do the same. We must die (repentance), be buried (baptism in Jesus name), and be raised from the dead ( recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost) evidence of this is speaking in other tounges. To be saved you can not stop at repentance you must keep going to being baptized and reciving the Holy Ghost or you can not enter into the Kingdom of God. Many people are going to hell believing they were saved. I am reaching out to you with the truth which is the word of God according to John 17:17. I come to you in love and hoping you will recieve this truth and preach what the apostles taught, not what people want to hear. If you preach any other doctrine they will go straight to hell and you wil be responsible for thier souls for preaching to them another doctrine. Please take heed to these words and preach the truth. The grace of God is not a licence to sin. We are to be holy set apart for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Patrick Duran

[editor] 6 Hours Later... 






Upon coming to your site, I first thought that it was a joke. I read the page about the evils of Harry Potter and I could not believe that you were serious. However, I then proceeded to read more on your site and found all sorts of things from book burning and support of Bush. I then realized that this site was not a joke. How is Harry Potter evil and also a part of the devil’s plot? I see no references to the defaming of Jesus Christ and it does take a Christian outlook having the holidays of Christmas and Easter. Also, the “good guys” in the book are young children who wish to fight evil and help their friends. All in all, they pretty much try to do the right thing. I just cannot see how this book is evil and devil related. If you could, please e-mail me and let me know what I do not understand. Thank you very much.

Frank DiSpirito


I was browsing for a good Christian site and I stumbled upon the Landovers Baptist Church site. I simply must ask- due to the shocking amount of intolerance and references to satan- Is this site a joke about intolerant, homophobic satan worshipers cleverly disguised a christians. I have barely seen a trace of the site mentioning the awesome powers of christ, rather the opposite the site is basically reinforces over and over that the Landover Baptists' think of satan as being the center of their faith. If I am mistaken perhaps the site could give the lord some credit where credit is due.

If this is in fact a legitimate site- I do apologize for this misunderstanding but I do stick by what I said. There is by far enough hatred in the world without this type of horrifying intolerance. Jesus said "Blessed are the peace keepers, for they shall inherit the earth." I feel that more effort to be peaceful and loving is in order, so that we may all earn that inheritance.

May God bless and keep you-


I will pray for each and every one of you there. To misrepresent our Lord in this manner - this shakes me to the core. You are not of God - you are of the evil one. I work for a church and you in no way represent the teachings of our precious lord. You are very misleading - immorality, coveting of worldly goods and manipulation to get people to know the Lord is an abomination in the sight of the Lord.

~Theresa Mancuso

Dear "Pastor" I was just reading the artical http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0504/oralsex.html and thought that I should email and let you know that youth and adults around the world arn't stupid. I was amazied that someone would write this, above and beond beleiving it. I'm trying my best now to swear, but I'm having a very hard time. I am a firm beliver in science, and you have no right to use the word. You should be ashamed of yourselfs.


Your treatment of the effeminate man was as evil as he was. Deacon kicked him in the head? Are you people insane? I don't condone him for a moment, but your disobedience to Christ is inexcusable because you should know better. You returned evil for evil.

Bruce Sheldon

Your website is a complete embarrassment to Christians worldwide. I cannot believe someone claiming to be a Christian would spew the lies you do on your site. I cannot even begin to suggest any way to clean it up other than take the damned thing down and destroy it. Your site is full of blasphemy, lies, and attempts at brainwashing young minds. Again, I beg you, please remove this blasphemy from the web. I hope that your false teachings go no farther than they have, but even so, at least some of us can be comforted in the fact that blaspheming liars like yourself will never see the kingdom of God.

Jonathan Patterson

how can you people be so stupid, honestly. it's a shame that you can prance around this world of ours with such a closed mind. it's ludicrous to say that someone who has been infected with HIV from birth is not welcome into your church. it's also preposterous to say that someone who has an attraction to people of his own gender has no right being in your church as well. do you realize that God, if there actually is one, is omnibenevolent, i mean... surely you've heard the term, and maybe you've even preached about it a couple of times, but have you ever sat down, and thought, outside the realm of insanity that you reside in, about whether God would love every human that he created, regardless of such minuscule details as sexual orientation... come on now. bible was written by man, or at least interpreted by man. the passage in the bible that talks of how a man should not lay with another man is clearly a reflection of how society thinks about these sorts of issues. don't you think that the translation of the bible has been modified over the years in order to gather a more solid base for the christian church to stand on, by appealing to people's sense of comfort and socially accepted behavior?

i think that by taking such a ridiculously in-your-face view, you are only showing thinking people of the world that you are not a thinking pastor, and churches like yours not only give christianity a bad name, but they also deter people who would otherwise fear god, away from him. are you really being productive, or even being reflective upon yourself with what i'm suggesting to you in this email?

what if God was one of those people who you told could not come into your church. what if it was your ultimate test... and you said no. God accepted everyone... do you think that God's wrath would be taken out on somebody that he created in his own image? God's wrath will be taken out on you if you continue to brainwash people into thinking that your ways are those of God. If he exists, he's shaking his head at you in heaven.


Hi, I'm not sure who you have writing these quizzes but their inaccuracies are unforgivable. Haven't you heard the term, "age of reason"? Who's the nut case who decided children go directly to hell? It certainly wasn't God or Jesus. Have you all heard about reading the bible, Chapter by Chapter and Verse by Verse? I grew up Baptist but left that religion when I discovered David was greatly loved by God for his dancing and Baptists don't believe in dancing! And by the way, the only UNFORGIVABLE sin is hearing of Jesus and God and REFUSING to believe, choosing instead to follow the evil one. God knows what is in our hearts and whether we have been sealed to him through our faith. If we "backslide" and don't keep his commandments, we will suffer the consequences in this life and the judgment in the life hereafter but we will not be condemned to the lake of fire for messing up and breaking commandments if we repent of it and ask his forgiveness each time we sin. Man is not perfect. If all men were sent to hell for any backsliding they do as one of your questions/answers states, then who is in heaven? Certainly not Moses, Aaron, Elijah, David, Solomon, etc. How could we expect to get there being the terrible sinners we are? Your web site could offer a lot of valuable information to help people learn about God and what his word says, but please, someone needs to go back to the BIBLE and correct some of these answers. Try reading 20 verses before and 20 verses after the ones you are using for your answers, I think you'll find where you went wrong. We are praying for your eyes to be opened.

In Yashua's Precious Name, Amen.
Mark Prodzinski

9:07 PM - Dear Pastor,

I just wanted to amend you on your "How to spot a wiccan" article.I could only sum it up in two words....dumb fuck.Obviously you have no idea how to spot a true wiccan like myself.And the thing about us cutting up "Jesus Jerky" litteraly had me rolling across the floor.

Unless you have not noticed,the forcefull taking and holding of another being is illegal as is any attempt to remove a person of there religious freedom(that is called an"amendment").

As far as appearence,i am under weight with dark skin.The whole "Black Death" thing is a big misconception.You are the reason i hate all you Christian bastards.I am sure i know more of the Bible than you being raised in church.I am also a Republican who bathes twice a day and have never smoked weed.

I seriously think you need to research what you are talking about.Not the bull-shit you mommy and daddy told you.

Blessed Be,

Erish Yyggal

[editor] Four hours later...

1:30 AM - I have previously sent you an e-mail.Though after reading more on your website i find myself compelled to say i am absolutely revolted.What you do to people is a greater sin than they're accused(Only God shall pass judgement).

You are nothing but a hipocritical,fat,biggot.I pray that God gives you the mercy to burn in hell!it's more than you deserve!It's pretty fuckin bad that you have to torture people to bring them to your God!you are nothing but a perverted abomination to the world God created!

May You Burn In Hell Motherfucker!,

Erish Yyggal
Children of the Dark Moon
P.S. there are more pagans than you estimated.

You people are complete Fucking Idiots thats all there is to it , you all need some serious fucking Help hey e-mail me back and I'll give ya the number to a good shrink . I swear you people need to all just pull out a gun and put it to your head then pull the trigger because if that is Gods will then Fuck GOD , I am sorry you DO NOT Torture children like that hell that chit isn't even something to joke about . YOu all need to Break up your ministry and use all that money to go take your followers and your staff to the Fucking Looney bin . Tell ya what I'll giuve a donation all right here it is " GET FUCKED " I Have already reported you not once not twice but five fucking times to the FBI and I hope and Pray that they NAIL your Asses to the fucking wall . I hope you motherfuckers can run fast cause the FBI trianed Dogs sure as hell can .

SIgned your worst fucking Nightmare

Dark Knight [dark_knight_of_life_and_death@yahoo.com]

Your organization has put alot of work into a flat out scam. It's really good to know that my children aren't as stupid as the creators of your website. I am let down that you and your organization use God to steal peoples money. Your site has been reported.


Ok. so first of all, isn't one of the purposes of the church to seek the lost and disciple them in Jesus. Tell me how u are asposta do this if the unsaved are not welcome. i disagree. i think that one should ask the unsaved to come to church. It is one way of them hearing the gospel. Second of all, what is it with you have to be 18 to view this site. That statement makes the website sound a little questionable to me. makes it sound as if it is hiding something that shouldn't be seen by children. and third, your statement Please note - If you do not have the same beliefs as we do, you are going to burn in Hell forever. if i dont necessarily have the same beliefs as you it does not mean that i am going to hell. and dont email me back saying that i am going to hell. if an individual is saved {has trusted in Jesus Christ for Salvation} than that individual is not going to hell even if he dont believe all that u believe. Oh and last of all whats with the Jesus thong at the bottom of your website? Just to let you know by reading your website i wouldn't want to come to your church.

Abigail J. Bishop

You are a sick old bastard. If I ever caught you grabing a little boy by the hair, & throwing him, I would castrate you with my own 2 hands. You are a crazy old fool, who thinks that cartoon characters on t.v these is out to destroy young minds. Go fuck yourself & continue to watch the news, where you can watch people being killed. You and your fucked up mission is what is destroying the mind of anybody that would listen to your fucked up ideas

Ned Stantis

Dear pastor,

I am writing in reference to your article which states that Catholics worship Mary. Now I don't know if you have children or not but if you do, do you not have pictures of your children hanging on the walls in your house? I have a 10x13 picture of my daughter on my wall and I love her with all my heart, as with my beloved blessed mother. Is not the mother of Jesus to be honnored? Do you not honnor your mother, and do you not expect everyone you know to honnor her as well? I know you have a picture of yourself on your website so do your followers worship you? This is one misconception many uninformed people get about the Church. I don't think any respectable christion, especially a pastor should teach others fallicies about ANY other religion, nor have to belittle another religion to convince the congregation that every other religion is wrong to keep their members. Christianity is about loving all. Not criticism of what they don't understand. What I am wondering is what kind of church you are running saying that every religion besides your own is going to hell. Who are you to judge anyone? Isn't that the job of our heavenly father? Your job as a pastor is helping your congregation get there. The best way I see, is loving and respecting EVERYONE! Even homosexuals that you seem to label as damned! Also as for catholics being a "cult" what about smashing religious art and making a game out of it. That is sick, illegal and EXTREMELY IMMORAL! How on earth could you disrespect our father and mother in heaven with that kind of behavior and make your children do it for fun! I jsut don't understand how that is CHRISTIAN behavior!

Sydnie Buckmaster