A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received December 2003  (unedited and in original form)

I Will Pray for YOU What A shame. Why take the time and energy to write such fiction. You have got to be kidding. You give Christianity a BAD NAME. It does say in the bible YOU WILL GO TO HELL FOR Mocking our Lord and Savory. May Christ our Lord take pitty on your soul.


Way to pay attention! I have to ask...you, obviously, have full time access to the Internet so you are not completely shut off from the rest of the world, right?

Then what in the name of all thats holy did you THINK Return of the King was about? We aren't talking about some odd little underground feature film. For the last three years, it has been documented as one of the greatest films ever made, both in quality, size and granduer.

How the heck did you confuse this for a movie about Christ?

This is why stand up comics make fun of religion....

Karl Zimmerman

To Whom it may Concern,

I am a student in college and I have been researching the D.C. Sniper. Today while researching I ran across your web page and had some questions and concerns. First of all I do believe in Salvation which can be given by none other than Christ Himself. I also belive the KJV is the only Holy and inspired word of God. But how in this world can you sit there in your church and say " ONLY THE SAVED WELCOME"? Does your church not have a soul-winning program. Not to be rude but " Clothing" is not the most important thing about being a Christian. SOUL-WINNING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. (Matt.28:19) And yes a person is still saved if your dress standards are different than what YOU believe. Where in the Bible does it say Clothing is the most important thing in the Christian walk? I don't know what your church's main goal is; but my entire main goal in life is to see more and more people saved. * Not to judge the unsaved.* I would really like a response to this letter just to maybe understand what your church's beliefs are.


A concerned Independent Fundamentalist Bible Believing Christian - Marcy and Mike Wokurka


I was horrified when I read the article entitled Return of the king is not about jesus. You should be ashamed and should not call yourself christians. The text contains references against jews and homosexuals which is outrageous. Christianity should be the perfect example of tolerance. you should never call your self christians because you don't deserve that. Jesus told us not to judge other people , even sinners. "who has no sin cast the first stone.

fuck you all for your hypocrisy.

Robert Attard

P.S I hope you die a horrible death so you can rid us of your stupidity.

Deacon Fred,

I saw your picture on the internet. Are you really as ugly as you are evil? There is nothing Christian about you or your cult. Again you are nothing but a red neck ugly thief who preys on weak souls.

P.S. I bet you stink because you are the closest thing to a piece of shit I have ever seen. God have mercy on you for the lives you destroy.


In your "santa is satan" article, you said that God gave satan his own place to rule called Hell. As a ‘’pastor’’ you should know that satan was given the earth to rule and live; satan fears hell just like anybody else, for he is doomed to eternity there as well.

Pat Reilly

I hope all of you are reported to CPS and your children are taken from you. How sick!




Annoyed with Hipocritical Christians.- Kristen Cohen

Hello Pastor. I have read some of your articles on how to overcome the God of the Moslems: Allah as it is known, which does not even exist as a real God. As I am a born from above Christian I have taken the same attitude as our Lord Jesus, who also overcame the war Lord Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews, by giving His Life for all who follow Him in the regeneration. We overcome the anti---Christ through non-resistance, and we be like Jesus who only acknowledged His Father who also raised Him from the dead.

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, (non--resistance)and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness. And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life. Little children, keep yourselves from idols.( faximmiles, copies of the real) Amen.

May the Love of Jesus our Lord keep your heart in a state of Grace.

Pastor Anthony den Hartog. Melbourne Australia.



ROCKY - Grayroc

Hi. I have checked out your website and find some issues on it repulsive.

For one, You don't want unsaved people coming close to your church. What is the church for, then, if not to save the lost?

That doesn't make sense to me. You can't say you don't believe it because it is on your web site. How can you call yourselves Christians when you don't want any unsaved folks in or near your church? Why do you think God gave us churches? Those are buildings where we might invite sinners and the unsaved inside so we could share the good news of Jesus Christ. We should not shun them! And the way your women dress, their dress must go to their ankles, not just a bit below the knee. They should not wear makeup of any kind and or jewelry. They should also have their arms and legs covered at all times while in public. Also, it is a shame for a woman to worship without having her head covered.

That is how I believe. That is Bible! God does not punish ANYONE! If someone does something against God's word, He withdraws his spirit from them untill they ask God to forgive them. And then He will. He doesn't punish them with fire and such, like your website states.

Also, if you don't like someone, you shouldn't pray to God to punish them. You must pray FOR them TO God, and ask God to show them the error of their ways.

What Bible to you people study from?

Sertainly not the King James Bible, otherwise you people would know what I said is right!

Please write back. As, what you people call yourselves, Christians, you are obligated to write me back.

As one Christian to another, I am very conserned about where you people stand. Where do you get your info from?


this website is immoral and wrong. Jesus is no joke. This is very disturbing. I will be pray for you.

Leslie Patterson

I read you article on red bull and i just have to say that you need to find a hobby. I have never seen a more pathetic attempt to get rid of a product someone doesn't like. I find it extremely hard to believe that this energy drink has anything to do with teen pregnancy. I have 2 children myself and i am 20 years old. It wasn't some drink or drug that convinced me to have sex, it was me. You can't possibly think that blaming a drink for pregnancy could be a reasonable approach. You want to blame anything, blame the people doing it. That drink doesn't put a gun to someone's head and tell them to have intercourse, they do it on their own free will. That's what life is about, free will. And as long as there are morons like you forcing your beliefs on people there will be an lack of peace and understanding.

Zachary Thompson

You are nothing more than a modern day group of Pharisees, It was for you that Jesus prayed from the cross.

Father,forgive them for they know NOT what they do. Wolf in sheeps clothing, you will no sooner step foot into heaven than Moses did into Canaan. You know nothing of Christ's love and compassion. Rightoues anger iswhat a true Christian would feel after seeing a glimpse of your website. May God have mercy on you and let know one be led astray by your hypocrisy and blasphemey.

Jessica Bullard

This review of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the most absurd critical reivew I have ever read. Please tell me that it is a farce and I can breathe more easily.

Sean Berry

Dear Pastors, friends and the Congregation of Landover Baptist Church,

I've read through your web site and beliefs and have never been more proud to be an Episcopalian (even with our current issues). You're racist, ignorant and manipulative. Charles Manson, the Black Panthers and Nazi's possess for morals and ethics that you do. I pray for you in hopes you really do find Jesus before you parish.

I spent much of my youth growing up around the Baptist church and I'm not blind to the beliefs of the church, you however are and that's very disappointing. You are putting a very bad mark on the church and Christianity as a whole. I find much comfort in knowing that YOU TOO will sit in His judgment. I wouldn't get too overly confident if I were you about the outcome on that one! Bring sunscreen.

thank you for your time,

Heather Page

ps--as for your "If you don't believe what we do, you're going to hell" claim. YOUR beliefs don't mean shit, God's does.

Concerning your article:

"Satan In Your Chimney"

You have to be one sick person to even print something like this.....I am a Christian, And after reading this, Am ashamed that there are people like you that "claim" to spread GODS word.... When if fact, You really need to address the demons you yourself have inside ..This is obvious by reading this article!!!!

Cheri -hartsnhalos

I just want you to know that I explored your site for a religous tolorance class, and wanted you to know that you people are frightning, sick, warped minded individuals. You are the reason the world is falling apart. Your unwarrented fear of hell and cult like jesus talk is causing life on earth to become worse than any hell ever imagined. I was born and raised Christian but people like you have turned me agnostic. You think you are doing good, by speaking the gibberish words of an ancient book based strictly on circular logic, but in doing so you are promoting religous intolorance, and in a way genocide for people who arent as mentally ill as you. Love life, love yourself, but leave everyone else alone. If im going to hell for being agnostic well so be it. Ill see you there.


Before you read this, I don't mind what you do with this e-mail... go ahead and publish it on your website or anything you want, but reading the following means that you will keep my e-mail address, as long with my name, and my occupation, disclosed and for your eyes only. If you do now wish to do that, do not read the folowing.

First off, I just want to ask what you where thinking when you said all the santa's in the malls are hobo's, drunks, and have cigarette discolored lips??? As far as I can see, that is far from the truth. Do you want to know how I know that? First off, I am in the United States Military, and many people from my unit, along with myself, volunteer every year to play santa at christmas parties and malls..... and I know many other people who have jobs who still play santa just to make some extra cash, to help support their family. And do you know what I and most of the other ones have in common?? All of us are christians. I can name about 20 people that I know that do this.

And about those hobos..... seeing the you are a christian, hasn't the bible taught you that you are not suppose to judge others? You don't know what happened in their lives, or why they are homeless. Their house could have burnt down and lost everything they had. Or they could have been layed off from their job, and couldn't get another one, especially after 9/11 when the economy went down. And alot of them, if they had a choice, they would rather have a real job and a home. But as soon as they get down that road, how are they suppose to go anywhere? If they go into a department store, or McDonalds, to get a job, do you think the manager would hire someone who has worn the same clothes for a month, and haven't even taken a shower in longer than that?

So instead of madmouthing these men and women, how about helping them. Bring them in, feed them, let them use a shower and a razor, and even give them some clothes, so they can get their life back on track. I done my research, and your unit is about 125,000 strong, at least that is what your website says, could be even more by now so if everyone dontated about $5.00 a month extra, that would give you about $625,000 a month..... now I think that is plenty of money to help the homeless, even open up a apartment building to let them stay in for a few months while they get their lives going. I am very much certain, that God would rather have you helping these souls, especially as the ones that have drinking problems, rather than bad mouth them and think they are a disgrace.

And now to the satan is santa part. I have no say about this. I don't think that satan is santa, or that is how it was created, but I do think people do have the wrong idea about what christmas means. I still do my gifts for my family and my soon to be born child will be getting gifts, just because that is now an American tradition, one I have celebrated for years. But, I still know the true meaning of christmas, Jesus's birthday, and I still celebrate that. So, why don't you also go out and teach people this... not "guesses" that santa is satan.


have a wonderful time burning in hell for the twisted psychotic translation you have on the holy bible.

Mark Rine - A TRUE Christian!

Dear Pastor

We believe a dear family member is possessed by demons and we were directed to you by a friend who believes you can assist us.

My name is Melanie Adams and currently reside in England I have an aunt who we think is demon possessed. She resides in South Africa. Although medically she has a bi-polar disorder, her outbursts can be very vicious and selfish towards her loved ones. Her ravings are interspersed with half truths, which makes us thinks that she knows exactly what she is doing.

My cousin has sent her pastor to pray for her, but I am not sure whether there are specific talented people, who can help her with this problem.

How will we know whether it is genuinely a mental problem or demon possession? She refuses to take prescribed medication and often has relapses.

Please advise.

Thank you

Melanie Adams

You know, J.R.R Tolkien was a devout Catholic and his stories had very little religious background. They were more based on WWII and Hitler’s reign over Europe. If you're going to put something up and call is blasphemy then you should at least know what you're talking about. I'm not sure where you got the idea that the hobbits were evil and that Sauron represented God, and that Jesus had anything to do with the whole movie, but assuming such things is blasphemous. Whoever wrote this and put is up is the perfect example of Gollum. You're too drawn in by the power of your false beliefs that you're simply too petty and pathetic to see the truth. If you truly were religious, you would see Sauron as the Devil, the Hobbits as innocent creatures destroying their temptations to sin (the Ring), and Aragorn/ Human's King, as Jesus. He led the people to victory and an oncoming peaceful era. You're all sick people to even assume such terrible things as you did. Advertising underwear with Jesus on it blasphemous, and so are you. By the way, have you ever heard of a made-up story?

You're all idiots.

Yulia Adams

I am one of those Pentecostal women that your site is talking about and we do not believe that you can not cut any hair on your body. We do however believe that our hair on our head is the crown and glory that God has given us to show our strengths as a women. We also keep our hair long to show our submission to our father. What may I ask is showing your submission? Would it be the short skirts that half of the women wear into Gods holy of holies or would it be the makeup that they wear to cover up what God has blessed us with? We are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Just because we do not chose to look like the world that makes us ugly. Maybe you should be asking God to forgive you if you are truly a Christian.


Lynn Matthews

I'm terribly sorry, but I don't agree about the Two Towers

You made me break down and cry. Why? Because... that movie was nothing of the sort. It was about good vs. evil and good triumphing. I terribly dislike the fact that you were saying EVERYTHING in the movie was of a sexual background. It was an EYE!! IT BLINKS!!! You say that the director is fat, living in his mother's basement and playing that silly game. He was not living in his mothers basement. He's directed MANY movies and I bet you've seen them Unless you think that all movies not rated G are perverted and directed my Satan. Get out a little, LIVE! Eat drink be merry! Love God like you do now, but you seem to be the twisted one. I don't know you, but I'm going to say what I think should be said. You're the pervert. I know for a fact that J.R.R. Tolkien wrote this story to show a battle of good verses evil. Showing that no matter how weak the person, and no matter how strong the evil, one could beat evil. In other words, no matter how weak the person, and no matter how strong the temptation of sin, one could beat the devil. "Get thee behind me Satan", anyone can say it, and be triumphant. You're thoughts on this movie, and novel, are ridiculously out of wack! The two towers are not penises. They don't look it. My whole family read the novels and thought nothing of the sort that you did. Again, I say I don't know you as a human being. I know that you're trying to do what you think that God would want, but I too am a devoted servant of the Lord; a born and raised Missouri Synod Lutheran. I don't curse, I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, I don't do anything that the Lord says not to do. Yes sinning is apart of me, but I love Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God just as much as you. However, I must say, your insults to the Jews and homosexuals are rather disturbing. Jews love God. Granted they aren't following Jesus, that doesn't mean the Holy Spirit isn't watching them. God watches all of us, even if we don't love and care for God, He loves and cares for us. Being Jewish isn't a sin. You used it against Leonard Maltin. He didn't have to read between the lines because it was not there. Now, for the gay part: I have a neighbor who is gay. I have two actually. One is a flamer who has a BUNCH of different sexual partners. The other is a devoted Christian who does not sleep with men because he knows that God doesn't like that. So he chose to keep away from that kind of sin. All sins are equal after all, so he chose to limit the amounts. He's an outstanding person. Hate the sin not the sinner. Not all gays are bad. I hope I didn't get to abrupt. My intention was to say how I felt about this subject, it hurt me more than you'll ever know to see how God's words twisted, and to see a good movie be bashed. I personally think that this site goes overboard on things. But that's me. As long as you're happy with who you are, and you believe in Jesus Christ, it's good enough for me. If you would like, email me back. I'd be willing to have a discution on subjects related to this; Christian to Christian; not Baptist to Lutheran, because in the end, it does not matter what religion you are, it matters what you believed in that'll get you into Heaven. Good day and God Bless....

Kate Jacobson

To the seriously mad Paster ‘the real devil’ Wilkins who deserves to be cast back down into the pits of hell from where he came !!

“Baptist Boy Attempts to Plug Himself Into The Matrix by Inserting His Penis Into a Lamp Socket!”

If this story is true (and I suspect coming from America that it probably is) then this is another example of a heinous act being done in the name of ‘religion’. This is also a good reason why everyone should stop practising ‘religion’, at which point our planet would be an infinitely safer place to live.

How many perverted, sick sadistic acts through-out history can be attributed to religious zealots like this dangerous son of a bitch !? I dread to think… god (and I sure hope it isn’t your sadistic one) help us all !!

One last thing:

How can you equate watching a film to drilling some poor fucker full of holes !!?? Only in the name of religion !!

Get a life !!!!


you are NOT a good church. Those who cannot understand that Jesus is the Savior are protected, and go to heaven when they die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, once saved, always saved. If you lose your salvation after you backslide, then all of us are unsaved because we have all sinned after asking Christ into our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa Mattingly

its Andrew again. i went back and read your site, and i cannot belive you charge $50.00 per person to go to your "church". and $200.00 for showing up late!!!!!!!! you know what, the larger churches are, the more its just a social meeting place and a place where you are taught bull-shit!!! a church is not supposed to ask for money if you show up. you are supposed to tithe (may be spelled incorrectly). and its supposed to help saved people become saved. your church is not following gods rules and commandants as you says it is.

Warren White

Please read this to your staff....

I recently went to the congregation website and i must say i am inspired... I am very inspired and filled with he light of the holy spirit... I am a member of a local Baptist church and i must say it think your Ministry is ... a fat crock of shit... thats right I said shit.. God never said i could not cuss... I was inspired to send you this after i saw how baseless and ignorant your beliefs are... I am not one im im merely expressing what the rest of the Christain world ( and probably The Lord himmself). I must say ven the corrupted Catholic Chruch of the middle ages doesnt come near the idiocy of your CULT... which is exaclty what it is... i know there are conspiracys you heathen... no every unsaved person is controled by the devil as you said on this page to the left .


Now that seems to be contradicting somwhat... if lucifer does infact control every unsaved person then why in the hell would he ever alow them to accept Jesus into their heart...

Also i was most sickened by your unimaginatively immense stupidity when it comes to infants... merely saying an infant is "possessed" merely because her/she is cross-eyed or has large ears....Do you seem to understand that aslo that a baby cannot even begin to fathom God ro understand the complexity of religion and worship...ever heard of science you fiend... wait i bet thats worldly and evil as well... guess what dip-shit it is what makes you entire radical gathering possible in the first place...

and the girl that Nsync killed... why did your God fearing follower alow her to go in the first place

your movie reviews are completely offset... i wonder if any of your viewers actually see them so they can make theri own opinions instead of being told waht to think.. adn about finding the secret message in the Matrix Revolutions he used Adobe Photoshop.. you say... no shit dumbass all he didi was find a cheap font and added the text.. how would Adobe photoshop find anything within a piece of digitized information why dont you ask whom ever found that exactly how the hell he got that to show up.. what methods.. obviously you dont understand so why do i try............

Well obviously this will not be herd... you wont listen i dont know why im wasting my time.. wait now i do the Holy Ghost entered me and wanted me to show you what a bunch of dumbasses you all are your members and staff for falling for the lies and your twisted interpretation of God's Word.. you sickos and violent degenerates who claim to be decons and pastors need to do your followers.. the rest of the World and most of all God a favor... wrap your lips around a 12-gauge load a slug or buckshot (your choice) and enjoy the heat of the place your going....


People like you give Christains a bad name. You are why people will go to hell without hearing the Word of God. Enjoy spening eternity with them.

Kim R.

In response to your article on the evils of breastfeeding, please reference the article below which summarizes the scientific research on the risks of infant formula use. The use of infant formula doubles a baby's risk of death as compared to breastfeeding--wouldn't that be considered the real evil?

I appreciate your efforts to keep our children moral, but this is one issue where you've missed the target.

Thanks for your consideration,



I think that what you have to say about Catholics is absolutely hilarious! I mean, I've never seen more ignorant writing since I read Martin Luther's writings on why all Jews should be put in cages. The fact that you don't even have the balls to admit that you have no idea what Catholics take as the truth astounds me. And further more, what kind of hole are you living in to think that "The Lord of the Rings; The Return of the King" had something to do with Jesus, not with the very popular books by Tolkien? You should really get out of your "sacred" surroundings and take a good hard look at the world. If you are going to sit there and insult the Catholics instead of working on your own spirituality and helping the poor and converting the non-Christians, then you might as well just declare yourself a paean. Catholics are on the same team as you. Sure they might have some different beliefs, but all denominations do. You can't actually bicker and moan about the petty things each denomination does different. They do not worship Mary. They see her as being a holy being because she bore the Son of Man. Obviously not even you would think that Mary was an unholy slut. Wouldn't you agree that someone you saw as being holy was worthy of being asked advice. That's basically all Catholics do. It's like one of your congregation coming to you to ask for spiritual guidance. Although I don't think you should have the right to lead anyone, I'm not going to judge. If you actually call yourself "saved", then I think you need to stop hating everything that's different from you. That's ignorant, selfish and sad. I can't believe you would try to instill the same hatred into your congregation. You will answer to God for your hate. Even in your heart you know you aren't loving your fellow man. If Jesus said "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and you claim to read the Bible, then I ask you....How could you miss that part? Hate isn't what God wants, and the fact that you instill it is beyond pathetic. There's a circle in Hell for people like you, and sadly it's one of the closest to Satan.

Tanya Roloff

My fellow brother, I can assure you through scripture, that lots of your beliefs are clearly false and wrong. First of all there is no such thing as demon-possessed people! All miracles and signs were accomplished through Jesus, and through apostles. As I'm sure you know, miracles do not exist anymore today; Paul explains in 1 cor 13:8 that these miraculous gifts will be done away with, when the perfect comes (the bible) for we wont need them anymore.

Also, I find it interesting how you will not welcome those are "unsaved." Jesus says in Matt 28:19 "Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit." Which is our duty as those who know the truth. Matt 9:10-14 explains how Jesus was dining with sinners and tax collectors (those are "unsaved", and as he was questioned by the pharisees what he was doing he told them how he came to save not the healthy, but the sick ("unsaved".) Mark 16:15, "He said them, preach the gospel to all nations. Wouldn't all include the unsaved?

Brother, it doesnt matter whether a person is saved or not, all are welcome to hear the gospel, which of course you preach at your church. One who is unsaved, might recieve encouragement from the saved saints he/her encounters at a church service. Matt 7:1 says, "Judge not, lest you be judged your selves." Who are we to judge these "unsaved" that they will not have a repentant heart after hearing the gospel?

And this allowance of masturbation to men of 65 years of age and older? Matt 5:28 " And I say to you, whoever looks on a woman to lust for her commits adultery in his heart."

I didn't catch the part where it says unless you are 65 or older.

Brother, clearly you need to do more research and study within your bibles, do not preach false doctrine! And why is it that you fine people for all those rediculous reasons? If a brother cannot make it to church on time who are you to decide that he is to pay you? If he pays does this wash away his sin? Or does asking the Father above with a repentant heart forgive you of sin? You need to let go of the pride and authority which you think you posess, and remember to love the Lord your God with all you heart, mind, soul, and strength.I hope your not a money making orgazination, that is dangerous. For church is not a money profiting buisness, but a meeting place to gather and break bread and sing songs and worship God, with other saints. Love and edification of the saints, not fines and condemning one another.

Feel free to respond to my email, I would appreciate that.

Josh Poitras

Dear Pastor

I read your article on the internet on ‘Finding Nemo’ by pixar and Disney.

Although the disgusting stench of homosexuality, and sexual sin in our society are as you say responsible for the larger portion of our social problems. The witch-craft and evil undertones of a lot of Disney’s work, Pixar, and Harry Potter for that matter have done damage to our children – do doubt.

I have recently become convicted of a lack of focus on the part of Sheppard’s on God’s glory, the sheer delight of leading a congregation to reveling in a sweet appreciation of God, I encourage you to read a book called “The pleasures of God” by John Piper.

Not for doctrinal, or theological gain but rather for a renewed your appreciation of God, his character and his Glory.

I have seen the film. Nemo’s father was married, and loved his ‘female’ wife dearly. She was killed, and he raised his one surviving child on his own. The blue fish is female. And the male blowfish is one of five other fish trapped in a fish tank. The most supportive of which is a ‘female’ starfish.

The strongest message in the film is the fathers triumph, and ultimate cast as the heroic

Conqueror archetype. The son looks up to the father in the end and essentially a father-son respect relationship develops which is essentially counter-homo-sexual since the latest research shows that most homosexual males were members of a female dominant household which distorts the natural order instituted by God where the male is the head of the home.

My love for the great commission, has brought me to write this mail in the hope that God’s elect are not lead in to a unnecessary concentration on “issues” which may not exist, rather than spending all their time admiring and enjoying, & glorifying God which is the sole purpose of our existence.

My sole caution in this mail is not to criticize, it is important that opinions are voiced. I just want to encourage you to address real issues when they arise, like blatant witchcraft, and ”Matrix” like allusions to an alternative savior. It is dangerous to your credibility as a faithful servant of the Lord to search deeply and make ‘assumptions’ and make statements about things which may not even exist in the first place. Teach against homosexuality, but put the glory of God first.

Remember God is in control : not you.

We live in a fallen world, and if you look hard enough you can find fault with anything and everything which is a product of it. We are sinners, God is good, and Homosexuality is wrong. Which one of the three should be your priority.

I will continue to pray for you, and your ministry.

Graham Davis

leanor hjelms

Just because you were buttfucked as a child and it so called "scarred you" does not mean you can use the name of the lord as a scapegoat. And by the way I am Agnostic, if you have a problem with that bring it on. Besides you are nothing, and I believe that those that have posted on this site are right. You are nothing but a fake, you just like the attention.

P.S. By the way come here to Texas, I doubt you would last a month.

P.P.S and no this is not a death threat, at least not from me

Clayton Delong

I can not believe you call yourself a Christian, everything I read on your website is from Satan himself. The unsaved are not welcome? How do you expect to let people know the Gospel? Accept Christ and get a free cell phone? How many times do you cuss during a sermon? Sir, you are gonna bust hell wide open. If you think selling what would Jesus do thongs is gonna get you to Heaven, you are certainly bound for hell. You need to start with yourself by asking Christ to come into your heart and forgive you because you are a sinner, then you will see how crazy you are.

Barbara K. Bailey