Creation Science Quiz!

Objective: Using the Holy Bible as your guide, correctly answer each of the following scientific questions. After you are finished, check your answers by by clicking here

1. Why are there clouds in the sky?

A. Heat causes water on the Earth to condense and rise into the atmosphere where it forms clouds.
B. Clouds are God's footprints in Heaven and are made up of the dust from his feet.

2. Why are some people blind, deaf, dumb or handicapped in some other way?

A. These deficiencies are deliberately inflicted on some people by God.
B. Most of these problems are caused by defects in the genetic make-up of an individual which are random and presently inexplicable.

3. What causes thunder and lightning?

A. God's will. Thunder is the sound of his bellowing voice. Lightning is a deadly force He deliberately hurls at various places.
B. They are the product of clouds colliding. Thunder is the sound the make and lightning is the electrical current produced.

4. Why do we sometimes see rainbows?

A. The colors are caused by the refraction of light which is inherent in the aftermath of a large downfall of rain.
B. God has them occur periodically to remind Him that He has promised not to brutally kill all the men, women, children and unborn children of the Earth again.

5. What causes tornadoes to form?

A. High and low pressure weather fronts collide, causing a whilrwind to form in the upper atmosphere which sometimes extends to the ground.
B. God uses tornadoes to kill sinners when He wants a quick result, as opposed to the somewhat slower means of plagues and pestilence.

6. Why are some women unable to have children?

A. It is their punishment for being adulterers (whether they admit the sin or not).
B. It is the product of fallopian tubes that are not fully developed or complications with the uterus that are the result of various medical phenomena.

7. What causes earthquakes?

A. Intense heat in the Earth's core causes platelets to collide, thereby shaking and splitting the ground above.
B. God inflicts earthquakes on sinners when he is really angry.

8. Why do rivers and springs sometimes dry up?

A. Quite simply, this is the product of the sin of those nearby.
B. The condensation of moisture from the bodies of water into the atmosphere outstrips the amount of rain needed to replenish the bodies.

9. Why do certain areas of the world experience drought?

A. There is an imbalance between water evaporation and rainfall, often caused by a lack of proximity to substantial bodies of water.
B. This is one of God's many punishments for sin.

10. Why are some men afflicted with hemorrhoids?

A. The affliction is yet another of God's countless methods of punishing sinners.
B. Hemorrhoids occur when veins in the rectum enlarge from straining or pressure.

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