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Hollywood’s attempt to plunge this entire nation straight into the gutter hit a crescendo in recent years when the entertainment industry began using subliminal messages in movies and television shows covertly disguised as children’s entertainment to convey its depraved message. Godly Jerry Falwell was the first to discover this scheme when he reported that Teletubbies’, Tinky Winky, with his purple color, pink triangle hat and purse was the creation of radical homosexual activists who seek to convert our children to lives of sin. The same was proved conclusively about Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie. Landover exposed the homo-loving Disney company’s efforts to promote sexual promiscuity with the release of the pornographic flick, Dinosaur. But whereas these productions conveyed their Satanic messages secretly, there is nothing subtle at all about the latest program to attack True Christian® values. Nickelodeon’s Rugrats, made to look like a children’s cartoon to divert the attention of mainstream society, is nothing more than an obscene skin flick created to satisfy the most vulgar and depraved cravings of society’s most deviant sex addicts. 

Everything about this show appeals to the most prurient of interests. The surname of most of the show’s characters is “Pickles,” which is a euphemism for the male genitalia (along with “Sprout,” the nickname given to the main character by his grandfather). This is probably the least vulgar innuendo of the show. The main character is a baby named Tommy, who is seen in every episode wearing a diaper with no pants. The diaper always appears full, extending far from the baby’s rear, undoubtedly delighting pedophiles with scatological fantasies. Tommy’s little brother is named “Dil Pickles” to drive home the attraction to the male anatomy. Worse yet, Dil’s only activity is to suck on everything he finds, including his own foot. (No fetish is left unsatisfied.)

Tommy’s best friend is a sissified nerd named Chuckie, whom other children describe as a “fraidy-cat,” terrified of everything, particularly clowns. His bright red hair and square glasses only add to the pantywaist image, indisputably designed to promote and glorify the homosexual lifestyle. Susie, another friend, is the show’s effort to appeal to certain viewers’ chocolate fantasies. The fact that she is missing teeth serves only to convey her sexual role.

Even S & M is not left out of this obscene production. All the male children are terrorized by a butch girl named Angelica. She physically and verbally abuses the little boys, yet they keep coming back for more, frequently begging her to join them in their “play.” Angelica inherited the dominatrix role from her mother, Charlotte, who is every feminazi’s dream – head of her own company with a personal assistant named “Jonathan” (not John) whom she constantly bosses around on the phone.

Not surprisingly, the show goes to great pains to blur gender distinctions. Two twins, Phil and Lil, look exactly alike and do and say everything the same. The only clue we get of their gender difference is that only one wears a bow. The twins are there to convey the appalling notion that there need be no difference at all between boys and girls.

Even the adults are portrayed in depraved fashion. Tommy’s father, Stu, is unemployed and spends all his time in the family’s basement, making “toys” (the show cleverly never reveals what these so-called “toys” really are). Phil and Lil’s dad, Howard, constantly visits Tommy’s house, spending all his time in the basement with Stu, purportedly looking at Stu’s “toys.” (At least, the producers have the decency not to show them in action.) Because the fathers are busy with their “toys,” they never watch the children, who defy their parents’ orders and get into all sorts of trouble – another attack on family values.

Lest any sex fiends feel their quirks are unrepresented, guess again. The show has a lesbian. While Phil is playing with Stu’s “toys,” his wife of convenience, Betty, spends her time with other women. Betty is the stereotypical bull dyke – she speaks loudly, loves sports and wears a bandana around her head in every episode. Even bestiality is portrayed. On the show’s website, Tommy discusses his dog Spike by saying, “He lets me ride him and crawl on him and taste his food.” (Surely we don’t have to tell you what “food” is a euphemism for.) It should come as no surprise that when the producers converted this obscure cable porn into a movie, they set the film in gay-Parie–the world’s most renowned city of sexual depravity, second, perhaps, only to Sin Francisco in terms of pure depravity.

We are fast approaching the point when only the End Times can save our families from Satan’s grasp. Our demon-infested liberal society would gladly ban Joe Camel from the airwaves if he’s seen smoking a cigarette, but promote him as a valuable educational tool if he was enjoying the company of another male camel. With such perverted values so dominant, the answer is for every True Christian® to keep that television set off. Don’t allow your children anywhere near vulgar networks like Nickelodeon, Boom and the Cartoon Channel. Put your children’s noses in the KJV Bible, where they belong.



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